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Section 2, part 2

(1) Amy Przynosch: In defense of the not so busy retirement

(2) Delores Chalmers:  I am embarking on another journey that would not only lift my own spirits, but more importantly help save lives.  In spite of my injury after my race in Savannah last November.  I am pushing on healing and ready to do what my heart desire.  You all know what that is: SAVING LIVES fighting for a cure.  I have lost several family members and close friends in the last two years and this has encouraged me to push on!  I am training for my next event with Team In Training again this year.  TNT is the signature fundraising campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) which is dedicated to battling blood cancers.  Through Team In Training, I am preparing myself to do another marathon Yah!

 The money I am asking you to donate will go towards finding new cures, assisting patients who are dealing with the financial struggles of their disease, and help LLS lobby for better care and coverage of blood cancer patients.  Upon completing my marathon this year I will be doing the race in memory of my aunt, cousin, and close friend love one and other countless others who lost their battle with these terrible diseases.

 I am asking for your help in reaching my goal of raising $4000.00 towards the fight against blood cancers. I am asking you to consider LLS as your charity of choice this year for your charitable gift. Simply go to my webpage (link below) and make a donation towards helping save someone’s life! Thank you in advance for your help and keep checking my website for updates about the race! All donations are tax deductible.




Section 12A, NC events

(1) Playing for Change: Gameathon to Support Helpmate

May 12 at 4 PM to May 13 at 4 PM

Well Played
58 Wall Street, Asheville, North Carolina 28801Join us Mother’s Day weekend to game for a good cause!

We’ve partnered with Wyvern’s Tale, Hillside Games, Comic Envy, Breakout Games and the Game Outlet to support Helpmate and to stop domestic violence. Now we need you to come out and play.

We have 24 hours to fill, so we’ll have giveaways and gaming sessions all day and night to keep up the momentum. See a full list of events and sign up here:

Additional donations for the event from Violet Owl Wellness, UpCountry Brewing, Pisgah Brewing, and Bouchon!


May 12th

4pm Twilight Imperium (6 players max sign up in advance)

6pm Ticket to Ride Mini Tournament (12 player max)

10-1030 Violet Owl Stretch Session

10pm-12pm Play to Win games (Dice throne, Back to the future, and more)

10:30pm Survive the Arena! (D&D)

Create your character and see how long you can survive GM Charley’s sinister arena. Donations can be made to give your character bonuses; But watch out! The crowd can make donations as well to add even more peril.

11pm-12.30am Game Session #1:Game of Thrones, Scythe, Terraforming Mars

May 13th

1am-330am Rpg game #2 (6 players sign up in advance)

1am-330am Game Session #2 : Azul, Century Spice Road,7 Wonders

1am Catan Mini Tournament (Max 12 players)

4am-6am Game Session #3: Free Play

2pm-4pm Well Played Wipeout!
Can you make it through our series of gaming challenges? You’re going to need to bring your A game.




Section 12B, PA/NJ events

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BLAINESWORLD #1125 (Please send any comments to:

Section 1

TJ Shimeld: It is unbelievable to me to post the sad fact that a wonderful magician, Harry Anderson, has passed away this morning. I grew up watching him on “Night Court” as Judge Harry T. Stone, seeing him on comedy and magic specials. He always made me laugh. He was a great influence to many magicians, including Ricky Boone, and we were thrilled when Harry moved to Asheville, North Carolina. It was here, at Ricky’s magic shop, that I met Harry Anderson, and my admiration for the man grew exponentially.

Harry lectured to the Western North Carolina Magic Club, emphasizing to “write it down!” His seeming impromptu, off-the-cuff performances were meticulously scripted. I got to see his full-evening show in South Carolina, after which I was even more impressed to find, still, all the “impromptu moments” were the same in each show, demonstrating that he was truly a superb actor.

Harry and I connected as well in the writing world, as he was a fan of Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow (for whom it was my honor to write his biography). I found Harry had written the opening scene in the script to The Shadow movie starring Alex Baldwin in 1994 (to me, the best part of the movie being the most accurate to the pulp novels). Harry had invited me to his house in Asheville (“the one on the left with the polar bear on the porch”) where I gave him a signed copy of my book and he presented me with a framed Shadow novel from his collection.

I will miss Harry’s words, wit, and magic, and I am sorry there was not more time to get to know the man himself better. Thank you, Harry, for the time you gave.


Section 2, part 2



(2) George Pappas: I already downloaded my data. Removed ALL  apps from my facebook.  Seriously, but not for a specific group I need to be part of of, I would have deleted my account.  Still, have taken control of facbook at least in terms of what I can reasonable stop from potentially being accessed by third parties.  too much data was being accessed – still, I confirmed I was not hacked. Type BFF into a comments section, and if it turns green, you have not been hacked.




Section 12, NC events


(2)  The Importance of Being Earnest
May 4 – May 18
Hazel Robinson Amphitheatre
90 Gay St, Asheville, North Carolina 2

Montford Park Players opens its 45th Season at the Hazel Robinson Amphitheater with this classic comedy by Oscar Wilde.

No automatic alt text available.

(3) Local Magic Shop Celebrates 23 Years in Asheville with Two Days of Magic!

Asheville’s premier and only magic shop, Magic Central, is celebrating 23 years in business on April 28 from 11 to 4 p.m. at 175 Weaverville Highway, Suite L. Its owner, Ricky D. Boone, is planning numerous festivities throughout the day, including guest performers, discounts, and give-aways. Furthermore, The Vanishing Wheelchair, a non-profit that helps people with disabilities, will be dedicating its monthly show, “Magic, Mirth & Meaning” to Boone’s inspirational magic the night before on April 27 at 7 p.m., right next door to Magic Central, at The Vanishing Wheelchair Little Theatre.

Keeping a brick and mortar magic shop in the age of the Internet is a feat in itself, yet keeping it open for 23 years in the same location is truly magic. Yet it comes as no surprise if one stops to get to know the owner, Ricky D. Boone. Boone shares his comedy and love of magic with all who pass through his doors. He not only sells the standard tricks that magicians of all skill levels seek out, but he supplements these with his own creations, that Boone often hand-makes himself. Many people have been inspired by Boone to take up magic as a hobby or profession, and these magicians are magically appearing to help Magic Central celebrate 23 years in business by giving free performances throughout the day on April 28.Boone’s magic shop is aptly named, for he, and his store, are the center around which magic revolves in the area. Boone has played a pivotal role in the art of magic in the Asheville area since he was a teenager. He was instrumental in starting the Western North Carolina Magic Club at which magicians share their secrets, opening Magic Central where beginner to advanced magicians can purchase their magical wares, and founding The Vanishing Wheelchair, Inc., a non-profit that teaches people with disabilities skills in the arts (including magic, of course) so others focus on their abilities rather than on their disabilities.

The Vanishing Wheelchair Little Theatre sits next door to Magic Central and is the venue for several magic and variety shows for the public and is available for private functions and parties. The monthly magic and variety show, “Magic, Mirth & Meaning,” is a family-friendly, hour-long production that features story tellers, singers, jugglers, and magicians. The show continues the second and fourth Friday of each month at 7 p.m., but April 27 will be a special show in honor of Ricky D. Boone and Magic Central. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children, and all money benefits the non-profit. Tickets may be available at the door, but advanced reservations are strongly encouraged since seating is limited. Purchase tickets online at , or contact Magic Central, 175 Weaverville Highway, Suite L, Asheville, North Carolina 28804, or call 828-645-2941,

For more information contact T.J. Shimeld at, 1129 Allman Ridge Road, Morganton, North Carolina 28655. Call 828-443-8414.


(4) Daniel Barber:

Hi Blaine, this may seem like a departure from my typical emails, but it’s all about your (and our!) creative potential.

If you’re not sure what Creation Spirituality is all about, or you’d like to go a little deeper…,

or if you’ve read books by Matthew Fox and would like to hear him speak…,

or if you love a good concert with great writers, musicians and performers…,

or you’re curious about the unusual Cosmic Mass experience (theme: Creation Rising!) – maybe from this week’s Mountain Xpress cover…, 😉

or you’d like to sample from the rich collection of workshops by more than 20 presenters…,

or you’d just like to hang out with other Creation Spirituality enthusiasts who are coming from all over the country to be together..,


check out the schedule and ask yourself if it would be worth it to experience this inspiring and transformative Creation Spirituality vibe while it’s here.

(And if you have a friend or loved one you’d like to share this with, please forward this to them. It’s about Our Community of humans and four-leggeds and winged one and finned ones and tall-standing ones and…

This gathering is a bi-annual event and it travels the U.S., so it’s not likely to be in Asheville again for many more years.

Plus, any chance to hear Matthew Fox speak is a chance to be liberated from ruts and inspired to your deeper potential.

As you see, this event is the cover story of the latest Mountain Xpress (Sweeet!).

There are still a few work trade opportunities worth $125 off the conference fee.

If you want to support this work with a sponsorship, you can help us create and nourish this wonderful event here.

Thank you for all you are and all you do to be a part of Creation Rising in our time. We have at hand plenty of sacred work to do for sacred Earth.

I look forward to exploring ways to con-spire with you!

In original blessing,



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BLAINESWORLD #1124 (Please send any comments to:


Terru Van Duyn’s presentation to Jim Barrett:

I am so sorry everybody, but the Governor asked me to do something, and I almost forgot.  You know I’m already in trouble with about two-thirds of the General Assembly, so I really can’t afford to be in trouble with the Governor as well.

Governor Cooper and I were talking and he said to me, “You know, Terry, I used to be the Attorney General, the lawyer for all the people of the State of North Carolina, and I really appreciate the work that the folks at Pisgah Legal Services do.  Could you tell the staff how much I appreciate it and let everyone at Jazz for Justice know how grateful I am for all the ways they support that work.”

And I said, “Sure, I could do that, but you know we’ll be giving out awards, how about maybe the Order of the Long Leaf Pine?”

And he said, “Terry, The Order of the Long Leaf Pine!  I reserve that for really special people. People who’ve had a big impact on North Carolina. Maya Angelou, and Bill Friday,  Andy Griffith and Micheal Jordan.  People who have made significant contributions to their communities through the exemplary service and exceptional accomplishment.”

So I said, “What if, as a young attorney,  someone worked for 10 years, representing hundreds of individual clients helping them find safe housing, and they also successfully fought for minimum housing codes so that everyone in the community could be safe in their homes, and they helped to establish a housing trust fund so there could be more affordable housing.  Would that merit an order of the long leaf pine?”

He said. “Yeah, that’s really good work, but no – not really.”

So I said, “What if, on top of that, someone became executive director of nonprofit legal firm, and work another 35 years, increasing the capacity of that firm so they could go from helping about 2000 people/ year to more than 15000 people a year.”

And he said, “I get it Terry, that’s important work, but I don’t know that it’s exemplary.”

So I said, “What if that person, as Executive Director of that nonprofit law firm created:

The Children’s Law Project – to represent children

The Mountain Violence Prevention Project – to help victims of domestic violence be safe in their homes,

The Henderson Family Assistance Project – to extend services further in the region

The Disability Assistance Project – to help people who can no longer work can accesses basic income,

The Homelessness Prevention Project  – because you need a home             to be able to work and take care of yourself

The Elder Law Project – to protect senior citizens

The Justice for ALL Project – to help the undocumented in our                       community.

“And what if that person created a medical-legal partnership with Mission Hospital, the call  it HEALS for Health Education and Legal Support.

“And what if, because he knew access to decent healthcare is fundamental to escaping poverty, he created a program to help people get access healthcare through the affordable Care Act.

“And then I said What if this person also had the tenacity to successfully execute a multi-million dollar capital campaign in the middle of the Great Recession.”

And the Governor looked at me and he said, “You know someone crazy enough to do that?”

And I said, “I  know someone who had done ALL of these things, and so much more.”

And to that, the Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper agreed, it would be an honor to bestow the Order of the Long Leaf Pine to Jim Barrett,  for his truly exemplary service and exceptional accomplishments from the grateful people of North Carolina.


Section 2, FYI

(1) Mike Yow: I’m Kickstarting another book in my game series.

(2) Keith Challenger: Sorry but I have to disagree with you about calling Verizon to blacklist annoying callers.

As you point out, you can only add five numbers to that list and these callers are VERY sneaky at calling from what appears to be a local number. It’s much quicker and easier to simply select the number and click “add to contacts” then give it a name; Jackass1, 2, 3 etc is a good one, but I just call them Z1, Z2, etc so I never have to scroll through them to find a legitimate contact (I don’t have any friends called Zack, Zeke, or Zebedee). So far I’m up to Z12 which is far more than I can block by adding them via the method you blogged. 

(3) Pat Hannigan: Re crank robo calls… Boy did I get an education!!!

First when you hear about people and companies sharing electronic search and email information and making a profit on it, we have no idea of the mess we are in….Here is my story…..

First, it seems that whenever I would be on line and look at any kind of home improvement products, or tools or services or for that matter anything related to a home I was being tracked. I did not connect the dots or understand what the issues were till later.. But I would get many many multiple calls from all over the world. I had no idea why they were calling me and targeting home improvement issues and why so many calls… (??) Different phone #s would show up in my phone and different  people would all call me with home improvement offers. And with all due respect I think most of the solicitations were coming from India or some other foreign place. But they were slick. When I would try to call back 99% of the time the number that showed up on my called ID was not in use or it did not allow incoming calls or it was busy. The callers role was to simply get me to agree to have them send someone out to give a free estimate..

So at first I kept hanging up on them or I would ask for their phone # and they would hang up and tell them I was not interested. I even had a few foul mouthed comments from people when I would get them on the phone and waste their time. But the calls kept coming at all hours of the day and night…….The initial problem for me was that whenever I called back the line was dead, or I would get a fast busy signal or it would go dead…So the number on my caller ID was useless.  I had no idea what was going on…And trust me I was getting lots and lots of these calls..And they would call on multiple #s from various area codes etc. So trying to block them was a joke….

Finally I had enough. I figured if I could get someone out to the house I could have them arrested.  So I agreed to allow for them to have someone come out to my house to give me an estimate. Since they were just tele-marketers I wanted to get someone here locally, in person at the house and then I could call the police and have them arrested for not having a license to operate in Newtown. Its the only option I had. The  goal was trying to find out who these callers where and their organization, etc. and where all this was coming from.  I got a call back from a few local contractors after I had agreed to the “free Estimate” from the telemarketer….

And I do think that these local contractors who were calling to come out were local honest business people trying to make a living. These guys thought they were buying good leads.  I got one guy on the phone and told him that I was turning this matter over to the FBI as it appeared he was part of this scam ring. But he was very apologetic and explained that he just buys leads from a marketing company. And they were told that people like me would send in a request looking to have work done and he bought the lead and was simply following up. So the local contractors would pay the bad telemarketing company a fee for my name and contact #. This guy had no idea of the scam going on and gave me the company’s web site, etc that he had paid for the leads. He seemed very scared and in no way wanted the police or FBI involved.

So I tracked the company down… And as much as it could be argued that this bad telemarking company were providing “leads” I noticed that on their web page they were also looking for sub contractors to be telemarketers for them. So I called and got some guy on the phone who thought I was calling in to buy leads. I explained to him that I was on to their scam and if they and all of their subcontractors did not take my name and # off their lists and any lists that they sold or provided to the so called “agents” or “telemarketers” and stop calling and harassing me,  that I was going to have multiple contractors show up at my house and have them arrested one by one and that they would all come after him for fraud.

Then I told him my next step was to turn this over to the FBI and have them come after him and have him arrested. Luckily I think the guy realized I knew what I was doing and that I was onto their scam. And I guess he had sold my name and contact # to so many people he realized that he would have many many contractors coming after him if they came out to my house and were arrested. So he agreed to take me off their list. I told him I wanted it done immediately and he said it will take about a week.  I also told him I wanted it done immediately and he said it takes time. I demanded that he have his agents and subcontractor tele markers remove my name and contact info too!!  I demanded it be done..I could tell the guy was getting nervous and he realized that I was on to him and the potential legal issues he would be faced with.  So low and behold, the calls slowly stopped…And now I rarely ever get a call.

Seems somehow this guy was getting or buying info that I was on line looking for stuff related to the home from somewhere on line. I’m not sure if he was tracking me but I suspect one of the big guys  ( facebook or other company ) was selling this info to him somehow…Maybe it was generic data. Maybe it was just that I was looking at home improvement issues with nothing specific. As I seem to recall that most of the telemarketers started with their offering all kinds of home improvement services….. the telemarketers were calling from some remote part of the world. like India, Russia or Africa… They were just following a script. Part of their shtick was telling me that I must have filled out an info request card and that’s why they were calling. So I told them I never filled out an info request card.. But it seems the company that somehow got my information and what I was doing on the web kept selling my name to multiple telemarketers who were working as agents or sub contractor for them to make calls. Those people had no concern for me or my privacy. They would be paid when they got a  “YES” to have someone come out for the free estimate. Then the original telemarketing company would sell my name and number as a bonafide lead of someone who wanted a free estimate. Big time scam!!! And the guy who starts all this hides in the shadows and makes money. The telemarketer calls in on a BOGUS phone # and is motivated to keep calling.

A vicious cycle!!!

So when you hear about companies like Facebook or other establishments selling your personal data, this is what is happening… Its a scam and a joke!!. And this is only one industry. If I had not agreed to the “free estimate” these guys would continue to do this and no would have known what was going on…..  I had no idea where all these calls were coming from. With a little luck I was able to put 2 + 2 together and at least shut this down for me. So its fine to block #s but it could be a worthless endeavor…. Hang in there. Hope this helps!!!

 Sorry this was so long and sorry for any typos!

(4) Thanks, Pat, for then sending this clip:

Congresswoman Won’t Let Mark Zuckerberg WEASAL His Way Out Of Her Question About Tracking People!

 (5) Candace Mullett: When do you know you’re old enough to die? Barbara Ehrenreich has some answers

(6) Smart Toothbrushes Tell You Everything You’re Doing Wrong 


Section 12A, NC events


Image may contain: 6 people, including Raymond Christian, people smiling, text

(2) An Early Mother’s Day Celebration – Songs to Honor All Mothers with Kat Williams and the Richard Shulman Trio

Venue: Isis Music Hall, 743 Haywood Rd. Asheville NC 28806
Main Stage Seated
Limited Tables Available with a Dinner Reservation :: All Other Seating is First Come First Serve General Admission :: Please Call Venue for Dinner (Table) Reservations
$20 Advance / $20 Day of Show

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage

(3) Stage Combat Workshops with Mike Yow

3 Dates · May 12, May 19, May 26

All at 10:30 a.m.

At Attic Salt Theatre Company
2002 Riverside Drive, Sutio O, Asheville

Tickets available:

Take one, two or three of these 2-hour workshops that focus on hand-to-hand combat, rapier technique and more. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience in stage fighting and choreography, these workshops will both inform and challenge you.

Workshops are $40 each, two for $65 or take all three for only $90!

Image may contain: night


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) Colleen Dunn: Bucks County is renown as the home of James Michener, Pearl Buck, Margaret Mead, and Oscar Hammerstein. There is no better setting for an annual celebration of the art of writing, the joy of reading, and the coming together of well-known authors and their eager readers.

The Bucks County Book Festival is a two-day event under the non-profit umbrella of Discover Doylestown. It will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 13 and 14, 2018 and will feature more than 20 professionally published authors.

The Book Festival Committee is asking everyone to Save the Dates and attend,  volunteer, and/or become a Friend of the Fest. To learn more about the Book Festival visit , to volunteer for the event visit , to become a Friend of the Fest visit If you want to learn more contact Colleen Dunn at

We hope you’ll be able to join with us and attend this exciting event.

(2) Joni Dowburd: Neshaminy Valley Music Theatre’s production of Young Frankenstein will take place Fridays, April 6 and 13, at 8 p.m.; Saturdays, April 7 and 14, at 3 and 8 p.m.; and Sunday, April 8, at 3 p.m. at Neshaminy High School’s Theodore Kloos Auditorium, 2001 Old Lincoln Highway in Langhorne. Tickets are $20, $18 for seniors and $10 for youth 18 years and under when purchased in advance and an additional $2 when purchased at the door. NVMT continues its popular flex-ticket policy — any ticket purchased is good for any seat for any show date and time, so that patrons can purchase a ticket now and decide later which performance to attend. For information, visit or call 267–733–8876.

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BLAINESWORLD #1123 (Please send any comments to:

Section 2, part 2

(1) Rochelle McColl: Wow.  I am so honored (100% sincerity).  And I love your photos from the march! My husband and I adore Asheville, and get there as often as possible (I need to get to King Daddy’s – I am a chicken and waffles snob).

Yes, please add me to your list!

Comment: Rochell is referring to the fact that she was named last week’s BLAINESWORLD BEST AWARD winner.

As for adding her to my blog’s mailing list, I just did. It was my pleasure to do so.  If you’re reading this and don’t yet get BLAINESWORLD, just send an email to: and put SUBSCRIPTION in the subject line. Feel free to encourage your friends and relatives to do the same.

(2) Art Mayhew:  For as long as newspapers are alive, support them

(3) Ruth Planey: Got ya covered.  Good luck and keep  up the good work.

(4) Great opportunity for you!

(5) For Many Strokes, There’s an Effective Treatment. Why Aren’t Some Doctors Offering It?


Section 12A, NC events


Image may contain: ocean and text

(2) Judith Loniak: Mountain Bizworks is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. The Opening Reception is April 12, from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Please join me for my latest exhibition at the remarkable Mountain BIZWORKS, 153 South Lexington Ave. Asheville, NC. This will also serve as a benefit for Entrepreneur Tyler Garrison’s Daughter Nova Lane Garrison. Tyler, who lost his life recently in a motorcycle accident near Dallas, TX, was also an alumnus of Mountain BIZWORKS which is where I took my “Foundations In Business class.” 50% of all sales will be donated to a Baby Nova. Please join me as I celebrate the beauty of our wonderful North Carolina!

Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor and nature

(3) Magic, Mirth & Meaning Show
Friday, April 13 at 7-8 p.m

A Variety Fundraiser Show for the Non-Profit The Vanishing Wheelchair INC.

For more info about this Non-Profit. go to:

$10.00 ADULTS $5.00 KIDS

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, hat and beard


Section 12B, PA/NJ events



EVENTA LITTLE NIGHT MUSICIn Sweden circa 1900, the romantic entanglements of actress Desiree Armfeldt and others are revealed through Hugh Wheeler’s book and Stephen Sondheim’s lilting score, which was orchestrated by Jonathan Tunick. Suggested by a film by Ingmar Bergman and originally produced on Broadway by Harold Prince, the show introduced the world to the classic song, Send in the Clowns. David Deratzian directs a stellar ActorsNET cast led by Carol Thompson, George Hartpence, Nicholas Pecht , Susan Blair, Alize Rozsnyai, Matt South, Keli Ganey, Noelle Fiorentino and John R. Helmke and featuring (alphabetically) Alyssa Brode, Tim Bryan, Carolyn Cuesta, Timothy Faulkner and Rachel Alise Sigman. Musical Direction by Lee Milhous. Stage managed by Emma Ricciardi. Lighting design by Andrena Wishnie. Presented by special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

SHOW DATES: April 20 – May 6, 2018. (Nine performances only)

TIMES: Friday and Saturday, 8 p.m. and Sunday, 2 p.m.

PLACE: The Heritage Center Theatre, 635 North Delmorr Avenue (Route 32), Morrisville, PA – near the Calhoun Street Bridge.

ADMISSION: $20 for adults, $17 for seniors (62+), $15 for WHYY cardholders and students. Group rates available for ten or more.

TO RESERVE: Call the nonprofit ActorsNET at 215-295-3694 or email

ON THE INTERNET: The Company’s website is Social networking includes Facebook page — “ActorsNET, AKA Actors’ NET of Bucks County” — and Twitter name @actorsnet.

COMING NEXT: Weekends, June 1 – 17, ActorsNET presents David Stevens’ comedy, THE SUM OF US – a delightful tale about a widowed Australian father who embraces his son’s homosexuality and goes a bit overboard in encouraging his son to seek out “nice young men.” John Boccanfusco and Hayley Rubins-Topoleski co-direct.

(2) Theater to Go to Present Interactive Movie Party of Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ April 21 at Kelsey Theatre

West Windsor, N.J. – It’s time to journey under the sea as Theater To Go presents an interactive screening of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” at Mercer County Community College’s (MCCC’s) Kelsey Theatre. Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, Ursula the Sea Witch and members of the audience can all join in the fun on Saturday, April 21 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Kelsey Theatre is located on the college’s West Windsor Campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road.

Continuing its presentations of popular children’s movie musicals, where children get to play an active role, Theater To Go’s screening of this Disney classic will be led by Elizabeth Rzasa as Ariel and Charles Acosta as Sebastian. “The Little Mermaid” was first released in 1989 and quickly joined Disney’s long list of beloved film favorites.

Patrons are invited to come in costume as their favorite underwater character – and maybe win a prize. Each theater goer will receive a goody bag with props that include verbal prompts and games to play throughout the movie. A trivia contest will test the audience’s “Mermaid” knowledge.  All are invited to sing along to such favorites as “Under the Sea,” “Part of Your World,” and “Kiss the Girl.”

Says Theater to Go’s Ruth Markoe, “Feel like singing along? Go right ahead. Here it’s all about joining in. The crowd participates – some in costume and others who are just enjoying the ride. It adds up to a really fun time that combines theater with a blockbuster Disney movie.” The company has been offering interactive film screenings at Kelsey Theatre since 2013, including the ever popular “Frozen,” as well as “The Wizard of Oz,” “Mary Poppins,” “Grease,” and “Annie.”

Tickets for “The Little Mermaid” movie party are $18 for adults, $16 for seniors, and $14 for children/students. (The ticket price includes the goody bag.) Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling the Kelsey Box Office at 609-570-3333.

Kelsey Theatre is wheelchair accessible, with free parking next to the theater. For a complete list of adult and children’s events, visit the Kelsey website or call the box office for a brochure.

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BLAINESWORLD #1122 (Please send any comments to:

Section 2, part 2

(1) Janeen Ravkin: In case I don’t mention it enough to you, I absolutely love getting Blainesworld.

I love to read the entire thing; however, what  I love best is when I read names of former
co-workers at the college.  Because I tell all my friends from the college about enjoying
Blainesworld, a friend asked me if you would put her on the list.  I know you know her.  …  You are the best.

Response: Thanks, Janeen! I very much appreciate how you help spread the word about BLAINESWORLD.



(4) Deborah Belcher: Reduced to scrolling for the jokes. Joke 2 totally worth it. Not “reduced” – elevated – construction, concerts, teaching – wow. See you on your show in April!

(5) Len Ennis:  Harris Teeter had all their pies for $3.14 on pi day.

(6) Pat Hannigan: Spoke to a friend who lived in Charleston NC for about 10 years. I asked him about Asheville. He was very positive and said in a nice way that Ashville is where all the hippies moved to? I guess that could be true.. I said well yes, but probably more like the hippies of the 60s and 70s who grew up, got good jobs,and now have a nice pension to live off of down there. Fair?

(7) Grant Randall: You can not go wrong with an Audi.

(8) Maria Mason: Beautiful congratulations on your star!

(9) Barbara Firestone: I was hysterical out loud with joke 3 … Sooo funny.

(10) Brian Hoffman: So … why did you go with the Buick and not the Toyota or Kia? I do think you made a good decision. Just curious why you didn’t buy 2 cars that I wouldn’t have bought. 

Response: Buick was only subcompact that was high up and had a power seat … both important for Cynthia. And it also had a bunch of safety features. Cynthia is liking her Kia, but it has no safety features. 

(11) Walter Weeks:  Check out this month’s PBS special “Food, what the heck should we eat.”  Very interesting disclaimers on many of our beliefs about food.



Section 12A, NC events

(1) Wed. April 4th 7:30 pm at White Horse Black Mountain 105 Montreat Rd, Black Mountain,NC 28711. CD Release Concert #1 for “Turned into Lemonade” with The Richard Shulman Group.

Admission $10 in advance, $12 at the door Call (828) 669-0816 or visit: to reserve your space!

(2) Robert Thomas Performing at The Wine and Oyster Bar
Saturday, April 7, from 7-9 p.m.
Reservations recommended. Call 828.676.2700.


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) At Actors’ Net in Morrisville, PA:

(2) At Keley Theatree at Mercer County Community College:


Fridays, Apr. 6 & 13, 2018 at 8pm

Saturdays, Apr. 7 & 14 at 8pm

Sundays, Apr. 8 & 15 at 2pm

The Academic Theater and Dance Program and Entertainment Technologypresents a coming-of-age musical that gives voices to the frustration of a group of adolescents as they seek to escape sexual repression in late 19th century Germany.  This hauntingly beautiful musical examines the journey from adolescence to adulthood with poignancy and passion wrapped in an electrifying fusion of morality, sexuality and rock and roll.   Rated R

Tickets – $20 adults, $18 seniors, $16 students 

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BLAINESWORLD #1120 (Please send any comments to:

Section 2, part 2

(1) Bill Lewis: Have you ever seen the Tom Hanks movie, The Circle? We watched it on Amazon Prime the other day. It was freaky and scary and very entertaining all wrapped up in one. I was wondering what your thoughts were.

Response: Never saw it, nor even heard about it. The film got poor reviews, but sounds interesting. Thanks for putting it on my radar screen!

Section 12A, NC events

(1) Jeff Messer’s Maintaining An Election Returns To Magnetic!
Sunday, March 18, from 7:30-9:30 p.m.
The Magnetic Theatre, 375 Depot St, Asheville

It’s back! Last year’s live hit political comedy show, featuring Jeff Messer (of iHeart Radio fame and infamy) returns! And, at an earlier time! No more late nights, we’re back at 7:30 p.m.!

Special guests: Cecil Bothwell, Jason Scholder and Taylon Breeden.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Jeff Messer, people sitting


Image may contain: 2 people, including Charles Flynn-Mciver, people smiling, text


Section 12B, PA/NJ events

(1) MCCC Theatre/Dance Program to Present Tony Award-Winning ‘Spring Awakening’ at MCCC’s Kelsey Theatre April 6 to 15

West Windsor, N.J. –The fraught and poignant passage from adolescence to adulthood takes center stage as the Theatre/Dance program at Mercer County Community College (MCCC) presents the groundbreaking musical “Spring Awakening.” This unforgettable coming-of-age tale comes to MCCC’s Kelsey Theatre Fridays, Apr. 6 and 13 at 8 p.m.; Saturdays, Apr. 7 and 14 at 8 p.m.; and Sundays, Apr. 8 and 15 at 2 p.m.

Kelsey Theatre is located on the college’s West Windsor Campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road. A reception with the cast and crew follows the opening night performance on April 6. (This show is not recommended for young children.)

Set in 1891 Germany, the grown-ups are in firm control – except that their teenage children have other plans. This universal story of self-discovery and sexual awakening focuses on a group of friends, most notably, the strong-willed Melchior and innocent Wendla, whose longings and curiosity draw them together, and anxious Moritz, who strives to live up to the strict expectations of family and society. As they confront issues of morality and rebellion, they turn to each other for guidance and solace.

Their angst-ridden journey is set to the brilliant rock and roll score by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik. The original Broadway production premiered in 2006 and was the winner of eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical. The show is based on the controversial play by Frank Wedekind, once banned in Germany.

Observes MCCC Theatre/Dance Program Coordinator Jody Gazenbeek-Person, the cast features a mix of actors who are opening their own doors of communication about the messy, emotional struggles of growing up, a central theme in the show.

“We cast in equal numbers MCCC students, community members, and high school actors. This is providing opportunities for dialogue – not just within the comfort of our college community, but among people from around the region,” Gazenbeek-Person said. “My hope is that everyone involved in this production, including the audience, will leave the theater feeling more open to talking about the pressures facing adolescents. Discussing sexuality and reproduction is still challenging for many young people and their parents. But not discussing these issues candidly can lead to some very difficult circumstances.”

The cast stars Marshall McGuire of Ewing as Melchior; Julia Toto of Pennington as Wendla; and Ted Braun of West Windsor as Moritz. Their friend group includes Erica Boyea of South Plainfield as Martha; Tyler Fowler of Millstone as Ernst/Reinhold; Jackie Galli of Lambertville as Thea; Bridget Hughes of Jackson as Ilse; Karena Lewis of Ewing as Anna; Liam Smith of Yardley, Pa., as Hanschen/Rupert; Matthew Swanson of Titusville as Otto/Ulbrecht; and Donte Wilder of Ewing as George/Dieter.

Featured in the adult roles are Lauren Suchenski of Yardley, Pa., and Jim Morris of Plainsboro.

In addition to Gazenbeek-Person, who is choreographing the show and serves as co-producer with M. Kitty Getlik, the production team includes Director LouJ Stalsworth, Vocal Director Laurie Gougher, Music Director Scott Hornick, Costume/Scenic Designer Kate Pinner, Light Designer Chris Ghaffoor, Sound Designer Evan Paine, Props Mistress Madelyn Morrison Lichtman, and Stage Manager Dennis Tolentino. MCCC Entertainment Technology students are assisting with lighting and sound.

Tickets for “Spring Awakening” are $20 for adults, $18 for seniors, and $16 for students and children. Free parking is available next to the theater.  Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling the Kelsey Box Office at 609-570-3333. For a complete listing of adult and children’s events, visit the Kelsey webpage or call the box office for a brochure.

(2) At Actors’ Net of Bucks County:


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BLAINESWORLD #1119 (Please send any comments to:

Section 2, part 2

(1) Mark Bennett: M.S. Douglas quote rocks.

(2)  49 Ways To Say No To Anyone (When You Don’t Want To Be A Jerk)

(3) Chuck Schwing: Man Finds Street Cat And Brings Her On The Most Incredible Road Trip

(4) Jean Dolan: Experts stay here’s how to prevent the next school shooting

(5) Janeen Ravkin: A couple of months ago, i told you that Lee’s Hoagie House was opening in Asheville, well, on the 1st Fri. of each month -they have 1/2 price Italian Hoagies- last month the
girl that waited on me was at Lee’s in Southampton PA to learn the business and get
ready for the Asheville Lee’s Hoagie House.  I mentioned to her that I have this friend
in Asheville and I could not wait to pass the word to you.  I had no idea if it was close
to you however, i felt it my duty to tell you.  Looks like you got there before I could
remember to give you the heads up!!!

This 1st Fri. we had a terrible rain/snow storm and I was not able to get out of the
house, so my husband did not get the $6.00 supposedly 1/2 price hoagie—however
they are very nice and although I don’t eat ham etc. I know the hoagie is well worth
it and delicious.

p.s.  A while ago I brought the guys working at Lee’s some home made fudge and
they treat me like a superstar ever since.  I bring my fudge to many workers at
places i frequent and I believe I get special treatment at these places.
Recipe in case your beautiful bride wants:

1  12 oz pkg of semi sweet chocolate chips
1  18 oz chunky peanut butter
Melt in a pot and put in a 13″ x 9″ pan-  you can add some mini marshmallows approx. 3/4 cup
to the choc. before spreading in pan.
Place pan in fridge and approx. 4-5 hours later or the next day take out of fridge for approx.
1/2 hour then cut.  WALA!!!!!  Enjoy!!


Section 12A, NC events

(1) Friends: Making Sharing Loving Losing
Every Monday, March 12-May 7
6 p.m. at Jubilee Community Church

Your Stories, On Stage!

Bring out the stories of friendship–good, bad, life-changing–within you and transform them into a work of art.

Let your stories come to life in a highly engaging and interactive workshop and performance.

This spring is all about Friendship.
The friends we’ve loved more than anyone.
The friends who we lost through grief or betrayal or moving away.
The friends who are there, even now, as you read this.

Over 9 weeks, you’ll have a chance to take everything you’ve ever wanted to say about these phenomenal relationships…and weave them into performance art.

The workshop and performance will enrich you, broaden your understanding of your unique life, bring greater compassion to others and honor the extraordinary experiences we collectively share.

Who Is Story Choreography Projects For?
Anyone can join Story Choreography Projects. Participants must be located in Western North Carolina and able to attend the 9-week workshop, culminating in a performance in downtown Asheville, NC.

“This was the most creative experience I’ve ever been involved with.” — Christey Carwile, Past Perfomer

Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Story Choreography Project. There is nothing like it.

1.) Experience the interweaving of stories, movement and multi-media into the montage of the human collective: personal and universal.

2.) Create the outlet you need. Learn performance and presentation skills that build confidence and provide an outlet for personal expression.

3.) Discover a fun, playful and engaging process that is both personal and community oriented.

4.) Grow another layer. You’ll gain a greater sense of self as well as strategies for accessing your inner voice and strength.
Meet people.

5.) Meet new friends and have a greater appreciation for the complex lives we all live.

“It is what you give, the gift of connection…and that is thread of this whole experience for me. We are connecting, all of us in ways we don’t often have the opportunity to play with.” –Breah Parker, Past PerformerThe Fine Print:

Limited to 14 people–(6 spaces remain) early registration is advised!
All experience levels welcome
Enrollment Fee: $185
Save My Space: $85 Deposit
Participants can attend and sample the first session for $15

Final Performance, Sunday May 13, 5:30 – 7 pm at Jubilee! in downtown Asheville

“The path of creating and group expression at the heart of the experience was an honor to be a part! –Mindy Coleman, past performer

“The CCP creative process is to harness the unspoken, the hidden, the unshared and the taboo and transform it into the spoken, seen and expressed actions through the container of creativity, performance and community.”

(2) Video of the premiere of The Unspoken Word
March 10 and Marh 11
In the roof garden of the Battry Park Apartments

Please come and see this wonderful video of a wonderful show!!!!

There will be two showings! Saturday March 10th at 7pm and Sunday March 11th at 4 pm.

Donations to cover further production costs and for provided snacks will be appreciated.

A talk back will follow!

Please come to the front door of The Battery Park Appartments at 1 Battle Square, AshevilleNC 28801.

Someone will be downstairs to let you in from 6:15 pm- 6:50 pm. on Saturday March 10th for the 7:00pm showing; and from 3:15pm – 3:50pm on Sunday March 11th for the 4:00pm showing.

Please come during that time as no one will be there to let you in after that. There is a 75 person limit in the Roof Gardens, so please plan accordingly.

Image may contain: 1 person, dancing, on stage, standing, night and indoor


Section 12B, PA, NC events

(1) Celebrated Musical ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Comes to MCCC’s Kelsey Theatre March 16-25

West Windsor, N.J. –Maurer Productions OnStage (MPO) is about to celebrate life, tradition, matchmakers and miracles as the award-winning company presents the beloved Broadway classic “Fiddler on the Roof.” Tevye and all the villagers from Anatevka take up residence at Mercer County Community College’s (MCCC’s) Kelsey Theatre Fridays, March 16 and 23 at 8 p.m.; Saturdays, March 17 and 24 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; and Sundays, March 18 and 25 at 2 p.m. (Matinee performances are sold out.)

Kelsey Theatre is located on MCCC’s West Windsor Campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road. A reception with the cast and crew follows the opening night performance on March 16.

No other musical has so poignantly woven storytelling, music, dance, romance, laughter and history into a night at the theater. Set in a small village in Imperial Russia circa 1905, the plot focuses on Tevye, a poor dairyman struggling to hold onto his religion, his Russian-Jewish traditions – and his five daughters! But with a menacing future looming ever nearer, Tevye becomes increasingly aware that life is “as shaky as a fiddler on the roof.” Audiences will cheer, laugh out loud, sing along, and perhaps shed a tear as Tevye and his companions are forced to adjust to a new reality where even cherished traditions may not endure.

With music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, and book by Joseph Stein, the original Broadway production opened in 1964. It was the first Broadway musical to surpass 3,000 performances. Part of “Fiddler’s” appeal is its Tony Award-winning musical score, which includes such show stoppers as “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” “If I Were a Rich Man,” “Sunrise, Sunset,” “Anatevka” and “To Life!” In addition to its score, the show won eight other Tonys, including Best Musical. “Fiddler” has had five Broadway revivals and was adapted into a highly successful 1971 film. It has enjoyed lasting international popularity in countless community and school productions.

The cast features John Zimmerman of Hamilton as Tevye; Cindy Sherbin Chait of West Windsor as Golde; Ashleigh Ayres of Lawrence as Tzeitel; Jordan Virgil of East Windsor as Hodel; Dana Joy Carducci of Newtown, Pa., as Chava; Portia Murphy of Newtown, Pa., as Shprintze; Lily Schechter of Manalapan as Bielke; Joe Sherbin of West Windsor as Lazar Wolf; Ruth Markoe of Lawrence as Yente; Gavin Knox of Pemberton as Motel; John Fisher of Hamilton as Perchik; Paul Phalen of West Windsor as Fyedka; Jeffery Millstein of East Windsor as the Rabbi; Jeff Rosenthal of Dayton as the Rabbi’s son; Peter Sauer of Yardley, Pa., as Mordcha and Nachum; Dan Slothower of Plainsboro as Avram; Gail Rose of Princeton Junction as Grandma Tzeitel; Liz Susswein of Hamilton as Fruma-Sara; Jack Petzko of Cranbury as Yussel; and Sara Thier of Newtown, Pa., as Shaindel.

The ensemble also includes Laurie Hardy of Hamilton, Lyndsey Goehrig of Allentown, Ally Masson of Robbinsville, Olivia Schanbacher of Yardley, Pa., Bella Thier and Alex de Mets of Newtown, Pa., Connor McDowell and Brian Wurtz of Levittown, Pa, Nicholas Kianka of Hamilton, and Nicolas Fallacaro of Yardley, Pa.

The show is directed by John M. and Diana Gilman Maurer, co-founders of MPO; Diana is also stage manager. Other members of the production team include Music Director Peter de Mets, Choreographer Kat Ross Kline, Assistant Choreographer Haley Schmalbach, Master Carpenter Jeff Cantor, Lighting Designer Judi Parrish, Sound Designer Evan Paine, and Costumer Anthony Remer.

Tickets are $20 for adults; $18 for seniors; and $16 for students/children. Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling the Kelsey Box Office at 609-570-3333. Kelsey Theatre is wheelchair accessible, with free parking next to the theater. For a complete listing of adult and children’s events, visit the Kelsey website or call the box office for a brochure.

(2) At Actors’ Net in Morrisville:


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