BLAINESWORLD #745, Section 2, part 2

My name is Scott Brown. My wife Kelly and I own 15 N. Kaufmann Stone Way at Rock Fish Cove (3rd unit from the end). We purchased it new in December 2007 and have leased it out to a wonderful tenant ever since.

Our tenant is moving out at the end of February and we are considering putting it on the market with a Realtor. Before we do that, we wanted to get in touch with all of the existing Rock Fish Cove residents to see if anyone might be interested in buying it or might know someone who would have an interest.

It is the Magnolia floor plan and has year-round lake and mountain views. When we purchased it there was a possibility that we might move into it someday so it has lots of upgrades including cherry cabinets, granite countertops, etc.

In addition to making a wonderful home for one of your friends or family members, it has a great rental history and would make an excellent investment property for someone looking for a better return on their money than the banks are offering. Based on the monthly rental rate and the price we could sell it for in a private party transaction, it would generate a very nice rate of return. In addition, there are almost no homes available for rent in Biltmore Lake (I know of only 3) and one of those was leased out within the last week.

If you have an interest, know someone who might have an interest, or would like to discuss anything in detail, please get in touch with me.

PS. In addition to the benefits of being able to select your own neighbor, we’ll offer up a little hometown “stimulus package”. If you refer someone and they end up buying our townhome before we list it with a Realtor, we’ll pay your HOA dues for the remainder of 2011 as our way of saying thanks.

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