BLAINESWORLD #753, Section 2, part 2

* Jean in Pennsylvania:

Old Rock Star Songs from comedian Tim Hawkins. Classic Rock Songs updated for the singer’s age.

And also:

AdFreak: 15 Great Jingles Written for Fake Brands

Creating an addictive jingle has long been one of the most prized skills in advertising. It’s especially impressive when you have a memorable jingle that doesn’t even promote a real product. Below, we’ve collected our 15 favorite songs written for fictional products and brands.

* Pat in Pennsylvania:

Take 1?

* Annie in North Carolina:

Not your usual beer ad! I have NEVER seen a semi-3D commercial in HD before on a PC……

This Japanese Beer commercial is incredible, detailed w/fantasia….

Seriously, this Japanese beer ad is like watching an adventure movie..


And also:

Amazing photography, just goes by way too fast. Here’s a link to a short BBC photo/video montage shows people and cultures around the world in amazing situations. The photography is first rate!

* Carrie in Florida:

The Fake Woman Song (Oh-so-touching!)

* Janeen in Pennsylvania:

Best glue commercial ever

And: How I lost my marbles (this is sooooo short it is worth watching)

* Nelson in North Carolina:

Beethoven 5th symphony (graphical score animation). This is just wonderful! At the end, there is a link to the graphical score of Beethoven’s

* Dianne in North Carolina:

Our Asheville home is for sale:

* Catherine in Massachusetts:

The new format is delightful . . . certainly disproves the old notion that an old dog can’t learn new tricks:)

* George in Pennsylvania:

Hugh E. Dillon covered the Pennsylvania Film Industry Association in Center City at the Pyramid Club on Wed night. He got a few pics of the gang and gave a plug to the Sly Fox guy. Check out the link:

* Julie in Pennsylvania:

A good friend of mine just put up a Facebook page up with his music. Wes would really like to get the word out prior to a release to radio stations in the next few weeks AND he’d really like to get some LIKE’s on his Facebook page from any country music fans. Here’s the link …

* Nelson in North Carolina:

Talk about hitting the nail on the head: Open-Minded Man Grimly Realizes How Much Life He’s Wasted Listening To Bullshit!,19273/

* Natalie in Pennsylvania:

Ivan and I saw True Grit yesterday. I didn’t like it at all. What did you think if you saw it. We also saw an old movie from Netflix that we had ordered “Fear Strikes Out” with Karl Malden and Anthony Perkins. I thought it was great. It’s the true story of Jimmy Pearsall, the baseball player for the Red Sox who had a public breakdown. I highly recommend it for the acting alone, if you haven’t seen it.

Saw “Duplicity” last night from Netflix. Enjoyed it.

* Arlene in Pennsylvania:

Blaine, your review of Out of Step motivates me to buy it for my 90-year-old Mom who loves to read about people she knew of when she was young. I’ll let you know how she likes it. Thanks for everything in BLAINESWORLD.

* Nancy in North Carolina:

Read the following editorial and pass it on. While you’re at it, contact your Congressmen and women, and let them know that you believe that America is supposed to be a country that doesn’t deny basic human rights to it’s women and children.

The War on Women

* Diane in Pennsylvania:

The movie Unknown was excellent! I would highly recommend it to go see!

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