BLAINESWORLD #755, Section 2, part 2

Ingrid in Pennsylvania:

“Roses are Red, My Love” by Bobby Vinson


Corrine in Pennsylvania:

A beautiful coat


Take a look . . . I wonder how I would have reacted?



Click below & turn up sound.


Susee in New Jersey:

An interesting viewpoint:

YouTube – The foolishness of the environmental movement and congress!


Edie in Pennsylvania:

One of my favorite Tracy Chapman songs

At This Point in My Life


Carrie in Florida:

Trunk monkey compilation. (Funny!)


Julie in Pennsylvania:

Pray for these 50 brave men who are sacrificing their lives to save many. Their courage awes me. (Make sure you click to see the video.)


Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

This coming Saturday night should be good for pictures!! Maybe a neat shot of the moon with your area/development in the background? Or over a lake? Get your camera ready!!


Sharon in North Carolina:

Seeking volunteers to be play script readers . . .

The Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre (SART) offers an opportunity for individuals to assist in their ScriptFEST 2011 program. ScriptFEST is a competition for playwrights all over the country to submit their original scripts for consideration in the annual playwrights’ conference. Your help is needed! Read scripts in the comfort of your home and complete an easy 1-page evaluation form for each script. We assign you specific scripts and you pick them up at one of four convenient locations in the area. SART provides written guidelines to assist in critiquing these scripts, plus we offer a “Readers’ Club” gathering a few times through the season for further training and discussion. Start reading now – no limit on how many you can read. This review process will run at least through July, but you don’t have to commit to participating throughout the process.

If this opportunity sounds intriguing, please contact Sharon Christensen to get set up or for more detailed information (DLCSMC@CHARTER.NET or 828-299-8096). You can also find additional information about ScriptFEST at:


Joe in North Carolina:

Forget the Treadmill. Get a Dog

If you’re looking for the latest in home exercise equipment, you may want to consider something with four legs and a wagging tail.


Pat A. in Pennsylvania:

Beautiful miracle in Japan


Kathy in Pennsylvania:

when you set your clocks ahead tonight be sure to also check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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