BLAINESWORLD #756, Section 2, part 2s

Richard in North Carolina:

More clips from A DREAM OF CAMELOT:


Michael in Pennsylvania:

The Most Aggressive Defense Of Teachers You’ll Hear This Year

The guy who asked teacher Taylor Mali, “What do you make?” at a dinner party certainly never thought he’d get this answer.


Edie in Pennsylvania:

A beautiful cover of Karen Drucker’s song….love that heals, love that sets us free…There Is Only Love. What healing exists in those words. So blessed to know her.


Deb in Oregon:

The Kissing Test


Marie in New Jersey:

The Animals – We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1965) slideshow


Cynthia in North Carolina:

Nice poem that I thought your readers would like to hear.


* Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

Good article [on Hal Blaine, the ringleader of the Wrecking Crew—an ad hoc group of about 30 highly skilled Hollywood studio musicians who played the instruments on thousands of hit records released between 1961 and 1976]:


Cheryl in Mississippi:

Thanks for the latest edition of BLAINESWORLD . . . lots of good info, jokes and profound statements . . . I had a patient last week who told me something I thought was VERY profound, so I thought I would share it with you and feel free to pass it on or not . . . the definition of a second marriage: “the triumph of hope over reality” . . . think about it. LOL!


Ruth in Pennsylvania:

Thank you for those who attended: Speak Your Mission including my presentation: How to Gain Media Credibility and Raving Fans by Being of Service to the Superstars in Your Niche Market!”

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Ruth Anne Wood


Lisa in Pennsylvania:

Vote for my son, Tony Angelo. No registration, just click on his name.


Laura in New Jersey, commenting on BLAINESWORLD #754:

I was so glad that you had read a book by Philip Yancey.

My Sunday School class read two of his books and I enjoyed them both so much.

I would recommend “Soul Survivor: How my faith survived the Church”. He grew up in the south and had gone to a Southern fundamentalist church. He remembers black worshipers were told at the door that “their kind was not welcome there”. This turned him off from “the Church” but he has learned that a good church is a great place to worship.

I also enjoyed the film and article about the two team managers. How heartening it was. There was an article about Princeton playing in the “Big East” tournament. Apparently the NCAA has encouraged teams to adopt children with special needs or diseases that might be terminal. Either way these kids are overcoming tremendous obstacles with wonderful attitudes. The boy with a nickname of “Crusher” would sit on the bench with the team at all the home games. Unfortunately he died shortly before the tournament started. The team kept a place on the bench for him and also wore his name on their uniforms. It is great to see the organization encourage the teams to think of others. The teams seem to get as much out of it as the child does.

You also spoke about the great programming on PBS right now. Friday night I watched the concert version of “Les Miserables” on the Long Island PBS. It was so wonderful and had been done to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the play. It lasted 4 hours with breaks for “begging”. For an encore, they featured all the men who had played Jean Veljean (my spelling is not correct I am sure) in London including the man who sang it that night. They all sang “Bring Him Home” together. Then the current cast along with people from the original cast sang that wonderful and powerful march and a couple children paraded down the side aisles in costume. All the children had appeared in the student versions of the musical. It was quite emotional and beautiful.

It played at the Papermill Playhouse last fall and we could not get tickets because I waited too long and it was sold out. There are currently two companies presenting the musical in London.

I would like to send a book to you shortly because I thought that you may be able to quote some of it a bit at the time. It is a version of Mother Goose but written with growing older as the theme. It is very funny but I want to finish reading the rhymes in it. How can I get it to you?

I am still looking for work up here as are so many talented people all over NJ and in so many other places in the USA (and the world).

My book club is reading “Half the Sky” by a husband and wife who won the first Pulitzer Prize as a married couple. Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn wrote this book about what is being done all over the world to help women who are being abused economically, physically and emotionally all over the world. While it is not a motivational book (except it motivates us to want to be part of the solutions), it does make us aware of what is happening in the poorer countries and even European countries like Holland and Sweden to exploit women, many as young as 10 or 12. I would like to see you read the book and comment about what you’ve learned. Ms. WuDunn is the daughter of a friend of mine. The book was an instant best seller.

I would also recommend a documentary called “A Powerful Noise” that features women in three different parts of the world. One woman has AIDs in Vietnam and tries to educates others on how to prevent it and how to help themselves medically where possible. Another woman in Mali, Africa works to help women to get better jobs and to get some education. Mali is one of the third poorest countries in the world and Americans are forbidden to travel there. The woman who is driving force was so fortunate that her father believed she needed to have an education. the third are is Sarejevo where women are moving back to the farms but so many men have been killed that the women do not have enough hard workers to help them. The women formed a farm cooperative to help get their harvest to market and to draw customers.


Monica in Pennsylvania:

The Illusionist

Poignant, funny, moving, filled with nostagia without cliche, exquisite hand drawn cartoons … great soundtrack too…imbued with the gentle spirit of Jacques Tati…I cannot praise highly enough.


Barbara in Pennsylvania:


I’m suggesting a 5 * movie for you to see through your Roku (Netflix) Like right away!!

(streaming)……… ” Kidnapped ” with Timothy Hutton. 13 episodes Within the first 5 minutes you are ‘hooked’!!

You’re welcome!!!!


I then wrote back and thanked Barbara for her recommendation, but said that I don’t typically like watching stuff at home that stretches much beyond one disc in length . . . in fact, I mentioned that I started watching RICH MAN, POOR MAN (a favorite from long ago), but gave up after the first disc . . . she replied as follows:


There’s another rental we got from Netflix……. SUPER, SUPER, DID I MENTION IT WAS SUPER???? “SONS OF ANARCHY”. The one thing I didn’t like was that we could only get one disk at a time. There are two seasons out now out of three. Each season has four disks. Again, only one disk at a time. That part stinks.

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