BLAINESWORLD #757, Section 2, part 2

Sarah in North Carolina:

Here’s a clip of your recent juggling experience:

BAC - Pirtae Booty!


Listen and watch carefully, and you’ll also see Cynthia in the audience . . . THANKS to Sarah for providing the above; for more information about the fine work that she does, please click:


Richard in North Carolina:

Thought you might enjoy this. From Sunday’s performance 3/13/11 of A DREAM OF CAMELOT. You’re favorite song?


Monica in Pennsylvania:

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

A sketch about one of the hazards of getting older.


Edie in Pennsylvania:

Have never heard this version before; just the one sung by Tuck and Patti. Seems like every song she did was spun in gold. Imagine that she is singing in Heaven!

You take My Breath Away Eva Cassidy with lyrics below


Annie in North Carolina:

Sex to a child . . .

Remember. Really. Remember back to YOUR explanation. Never a great moment in our lives.

Not sure if a man can relate unless he was a single father of a daughter, But I bet EVERY mother of a daughter can sooooooooooooooo identify with this.


Janeen in Pennsylvania:

I got to see Catherine Zeta-Jones last year on Broadway and she was amazing.! Enjoy!

Catherine Zeta-Jones Sings & Performs For Michael Douglas


Have fun……..or go crazy!!!!!

Move your cursor over the numbers starting with 1, then 2, etc. and see how fast you can get through 33.

You don’t need to click — Just touch the number with the cursor.

This a good one for keeping your brain sharp.


Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

Not one for violence, but I guess sometimes the bully has to be put in his place?



Neil in Vermont:

Another intrusion of your privacy by Homeland Security!

Driver’s License Warning


! Check your Driver’s License !

I already removed mine. I suggest you all do the same.
Now you can see anyone’s Driver’s License on the Internet, including your own!
I just searched for mine and there it was… picture and all! Thanks Homeland Security!
Go to the website, and check it out. It’s unbelievable!
Just enter your name, city, and state to see if yours is on file.

After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked “Please Remove”.
This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement.
Please notify all your friends so they can protect themselves too.
Believe me they will thank you for it.


Gary in North Carolina:

Did a post [on your juggling experience] on the AskAsheville blog:


Bill in North Carolina:

Regarding your computer tip, may I suggest the following:

Virtually all email servers provide the user with three columns: (1) From; (2) Subject: (3) Date/Time. The From column shows the recipient who the Sender is (who the email is coming from), so it’s redundant to put the Sender’s name in the Subject column Having said that, if you still want to put the Sender name in the Subject column, you would do well to place it as the first word (e.g., Harry…followed by whatever you wish) in the line. This way, the recipient can sort by Subject, and what will appear in order is all email sent my “Harry”. I believe this is your objective. Generally, the prevailing wisdom is to use the Subject line for a general word or short phrase that summarizes the message you are about to send. The crux of what you are about to say belongs in the text/body of the message itself.

Just something to think about.


Some good thoughts here from Bill, as usual . . . but one problem is when you can’t identify a person by his/her email name; e.g., when somebody goes by the name of or something to that effect . . . even doesn’t tell you much unless you know that person (me!) . . . furthermore, if you send out a bulk mail to others, you can’t then put the recipient’s first name.


Scott in Pennsylvania:

A billboard went up on the highway near my home. Photo of a jerky looking man with the caption “Before Reachemol, I used to be a tool, but now I’m the whole shed.” It has the tiny print associated with most pharmaceutical ads and no obvious website listed. It bugged me for two weeks before I finally went on-line and looked up Reachemol. Check out the link and click on “learn more.” You’ll get a kick out of it. It’s something you would have used in one of your classes.


Steve in Pennsylvania:

USPS, just released a new 44 cent stamp on Mar 26 – Theme Jazz


I did some additional and found this link that might be of interest for stamp or jazz buff:


Bob in North Carolina:

Loved the “Acronym Finder.” I happen to love these things. Here’s a couple of links to this sort of thing for future editions of BLAINESWORLD:

Southern Wurds



1. Tile Comet (tyl KOM it) – n. Any streamer of toilet paper attached to your heel as you emerge from a public restroom.
2. Mittsquinter (MIT skwint ur) – n. A ball player who looks into his glove after missing the ball, as if, somehow, the cause of the error lies there.

There’s a good bit of this sort of humor out there. Google search “Southern Slang” or “Southern Wurds” gets a lot of interesting returns for this stuff as does a Google search on sniglets. Enjoy.


Rich in Pennsylvania:

Look for Cemetery Girl(my lyrics) on DemonBoy’s new CD..Dawn of the Demon! available April 1st!

Also: AEA Zine..Issue 18 has 7 of my poems in it and some CD reviews I wrote as Rrockhopper!

Finally..if all goes as planned the book:) Orth Chronicles: Dead Girls Live, part 1 will be available by June 1st at the latest!


Pat G. in Pennsylvania:


I was in a rut. I needed to shake up my life and make some changes but I didn’t know how. I was “almost 60 something” and looking for some joy in my life. I found it… collecting and distributing 3500 stuffed animals – lions, tigers, snakes, teddy bears and lap blankets, for wheelchair bound residents of nursing homes.

Sometimes inspiration for good comes from a most unlikely source. But how wonderful when I found the “spark” to make changes in my life!

I now know that joy is all around us – doing something kind for someone else really warms your own heart!

That is how I founded the STORIES FOR SENIORS PROJECT.


The Stories for Seniors Project distributes new and gently-used stuffed animals and lap blankets such as crocheted, knitted and quilted afghans and fleece throw blankets to offer care and comfort to Seniors living in nursing homes, retirement communities, Veterans Hospitals and shelters.

I can see clearly now.
We each have a gift that can benefit others
Simple things can put a smile on a nursing home resident’s face
No matter what your age, somebody needs you!

Patricia C. Gallagher, BA, MBA
Cell: 267 939 0365
Patricia welcomes interviews and speaking engagements.


MaryEllen in New Jersey (about Joke #1 last week):

My son does autobody work and has been using Dawn for dishes for about 3 years as a body wash. He has not lost any weight!


Colleen in Pennsylvania (also about Joke #1):

You are nothing but a great big fat LIAR. Per your recommendation I used Dawn in the shower this weekend and it did not get rid of the fat. I am still as fat as ever!


Tera in North Carolina:

21 Day Detox and Body Purification Challenge

Monday, April 25 · 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Wherever Detoxification is Needed
Created By: James Whittle

Join us for our annual spring detox challenge. $25 of your purchase will go to the Japan Relief Fund, taking care of Japanese people left homeless after the earthquake and tsunami.
1) Is this a fast?
No, you eat plenty and the program comes with lots of healthy recipes.
2) Will I be in the bathroom pooping all day?
…No, in fact, digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation improve dramatically on the program.
3) What if I do not want to lose weight?
The program is designed to purify and detox your inner organs so weight loss often happens, but typically it only happens in people who can afford to lose some weight.
4) Can I really lose weight on this program?
Yes, definitely, I personally lost 19 lbs in 3 weeks doing it. Many people have reported losing stubborn weight that they could not lose on other programs and/or diets.
5) What does the program consist of?
4 supplements designed to detoxify and purify your internal organs and help you feel great.

To learn more go to:

To order go to:


Natalie in Pennsylvania:

Dear Blaine: Watched and very much enjoyed this special [BEST IN FILM]. For more info, go to:

They have some film clips on there you might enjoy. Best all-time movie “Gone with the Wind”. No surprise there.

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