BLAINESWORLD #758, Section 2, part 2

Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

Not bad. I think this was a live version [of The Turtles, arguably the greatest rock group of all time]… thoughts? Pretty good for back then, esp since they really weren’t playing together for that long back then??

Tim in West Virginia:

I’ve heard this song a thousand times . . . but never as a duet with Johnny Cash!

John Denver & Johnny Cash sing Country Roads, Take Me Home


Edie in Pennsylvania:

What a blast from my past…groovy:) ♥

Donovan performs Atlantis helped out by The Smothers Brothers, Peter Paul & Mary, Jennifer Warnes, and Mort Sahl.


Pat in California:

[on BLAINESWORLD #757] FABULOUS, as always. i actually ran off a copy of the “Inspiration and Chai” article. I have been seeing my parents “grow” a lot.


Wes in North Carolina:

I just read your comments about Fiber One cereal. I ate it for several years and couldn’t figure out why, like clockwork, I was getting a headache shortly afterwards. It took a process of elimination to realize that the culprit was the cereal, and that the most likely offending ingredient was MSG. It’s added to a lot of processed foods without being identified because the FDA considers MSG a “natural ingredient.” (Well, so is arsenic, but it isn’t good for you.)

The FDA allows food manufacturers to state, simply, that their product includes “natural and artificial flavors,” or some variation on that. Also, precursors and dietary “kissing cousins” of MSG can also be included without being called MSG even though they have the same neurological effects.

I guess Fiber One would be inedible without this kind of flavor enhancer, but the presence of MSG, for me at least, made it inedible anyway. Live and learn!


Wes, as always, raises some good points.

My thinking is that something bothers you, don’t eat it.

I have contacted Fiber One for its side, but to date, I haven’t heard anything. In addition, I did some Google research on the subject and found the following two links of interest:


Jean in Pennsylvania (a fellow MADE MEN fan):

“SAD MEN” Sneak Peek- MAD #508 | Tom’s MAD Blog!

I just might have to buy this issue of Mad Magazine.


Ryan in Pennsylvania (responding to an advance copy of my review of CEDAR RAPIDS in Section 4C):

Thanks! I saw it the weekend it came out with a classmate. We thoroughly enjoyed it!


Sharon in North Carolina:

LA Battlefield: decent action military-sci-fi movie (as long as you don’t use your brain too much). No real humor in it to lighten it up like Independence day, but LOTS of action and fight scenes. If you like watching Marines vs. alien space invaders, then you might enjoy it. Just don’t expect lot of plot or too much character building or the science of the alien vs. human tech to make much sense.

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