BLAINESWORLD #759, Section 2, part 2

Corrine in Pennsylvania:

Bach like you’ve never heard him before.


Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

Intro is a bit too technical??? Sounds like the intro is live then the recorded song starts to play. Then they are not signing live, but it appears they added the vocals over a tape of the instruments to make the audience think they were doing it live when they really weren’t. Laughing here.. the announcer sounds almost like Dan Akryod? ? And by the way, Wrecking crew Cas doing the instruments in the studio….Enjoy..

The Association, “Along Comes Mary”


Linda in North Carolina:

Wonder if you have seen this. Maybe, maybe not. Enjoy.

Happy Pesach 2011 style


Linda in New York:

Need a good laugh? THIS made my ribs hurt! Mrs Brown Gets A Bikini Wax


We are accepting applications for the LA 30 Program until Friday, June 3.

If you know of someone who is committed to collaborative leadership, has an interest in community service, and could benefit from the participating in the 30th anniversary class, please click on the following link to submit your recommendation(s) or call us at 828.348.0673.

For more details, please read the LA 30 Program Information Packet:

Thank you for your support and enjoy your week!

The Team at Leadership Asheville

NOTE: If interested, make sure you also let me know via an email to and put LA in subject line. That way, I can put in a good word for you. Also, if you have any questions about this excellent program, just give me a holler.


Joe in North Carolina:

Please vote for Brother Wolf of North Carolina, they are doing incredible work saving lives of unwanted animals.

ASPCA $100K Challenge


Susee in New Jersey:

Another take on yoga; wow!


Pat in California:

I did watch the Biltmore Lakes video — HOW beautiful!! Of course you love it!

My dear friend and undergraduate advisor Ginny, with whom I am still very close friends, retired with her husband to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia — I stay with them on occasion… what a beautiful, beautiful setting — Biltmore Lake struck me as quite similar.


Lana in Ohio:

I love the quotes…always one of my favs in your newsletter…matter of fact I have been collecting quotes that strike me for about a year…..many many sources ( which sadly I didn’t think to the keep source or author of the quote) but I do have a lovely binder with the quotes in it…makes for a nice coffee table book…people seem to enjoy scanning through the book…you can see head shaking and grinning while they are reading my “Favorite Quotes” book.


Darcy in Pennsylvania:

re: #2 fyi… My fiance Micah and I (yes, I’m engaged) were trained by Red Cross a couple of
weekends ago in the hands-only CPR. It was part of a national outreach in the wake of the
Arizona shooting that injured Gabrielle Giffords and others. As someone who is certified in
the traditional CPR as well, I highly recommend this less intimidating training to all.

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