BLAINESWORLD #759, Section 12A (NC)

Support Local Business Lunch

Friday, April 15 · 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Mellow Mushroom
50 Broadway St.
Asheville, NC

Join RelyLocal Asheville Friday April 15th between Noon & 1:30pm at Asheville’s Mellow Mushroom! Come get your ‘shroom on and support a great local business that supports the Asheville Community.

Please share this with your FB Friends and help us spread the word!

Parking is free for the 1st hour and only 50 cents/hr at the Civic Center deck 1 block away.


The Labyrinth Opens on April 15

Audiences were delighted this past weekend with preview performances of The Labyrinth, a diabolical comedy by our artistic associate John Crutchfield. The Labyrinth is the story of a formerly promising young lawyer who goes on a journey into the underworld to find his best friend. The official opening of the show is Friday, April 15th. Tickets available now on our website. For a full description and showtimes visit:


A Concert with Musical Storyteller
Kaleo Wheeler

Saturday, April 16
Doors Open: 7:00pm, Concert:7:30pm
Healthy Balance Yoga 104 Palmer ST., Tryon NC
Tickets: $8

Covering a range of different song styles and sometimes accompanying herself on a small harp or sharing a dance, Kaleo has been performing and sharing her stories and Positive Music for over 30 years. Her rich and warm voice escorts the listener on a musical odyssey, whose soothing yet powerful message is in helping them to remember to connect to their heart. Her concerts create an atmosphere in which the audience can experience and participate in an evening of music, stories and laughter, and sometimes poignant memories – creating a deeper sense of community for everyone there.

“Kaleo has the most soul-touching power with her music and songs…like being wrapped up in a warm blanket and held by tender arms.”

For more info or to reserve a seat, call 828-859-8393; toll free: 866-581-4843, or email:

To listen to samples of Kaleo’s music, visit:


Hello my friends! Joy to you! I have A VERY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT for you! On Wednesday, May 18th the Lessons in Leadership team will present the 3rd Annual WINNING WORKSHOPS event at the Hilton Hotel in Biltmore Park. This will be a FANTASTIC program!! Lessons in Leadership has centered 2011 as the year of ENGAGEMENT in Western North Carolina and this powerful program will build upon the inspiration that was delivered at the Main Event in January featuring Doug Hanson and Cheri Britton.

76% of American Employees are either somewhat engaged or disengaged in their work according to a quality 2010 study. That means that more than three out of four employees are either luke warm, or ice cold! You want yourself and your teammates to be in the 24% that are FULLY ENGAGED! Their mantra is “OH YEAH!” No matter what challenges they face, no matter what barriers appear before them, they keep coming with that “Oh Yeah” attitude and effort. That’s what this Winning Workshops event is all about! Move yourself, your team, and your customers from “oh no” to “OH YEAH!” And it’s every bit as important to be fully engaged AT HOME!!!

Block off the morning of the 18th from 8:00 to 12:30 for “Full Engagement: Take Yourself, Team, and Customers to OH YEAH!!” This program will bring together three TREMENDOUS presenters in a highly engaging, fun, and content-rich program. Long time local business leader John Mark Stroud will deeply inspire you with his focus on engaging yourself from the inside out! John Mark is a master story teller who will move you emotionally and light your spirit! John Miles the leader of Integritive – one of the ‘hottest’ companies in North Carolina — will ignite innovation, ‘innerpreneurship’, and fresh new thinking in his presentation on Engaging Your TEAM! John recently was a HUGE HIT at TEDX so you won’t want to miss a second of his cutting-edge insights. And one of the nation’s most respected teachers on RESILIENCY, Doug Silsbee will open exciting new possibilities for Engaging your CUSTOMERS that will fire you up about building stronger relationships and opening creative opportunities that will generate real WIN-WIN connections. Doug has spoken all around the world for over two decades and his wisdom, clarity, and perspective will make a shining difference for you and your teammates.

To top it all off, Lessons in Leadership is bringing two brand new innovations to the day. First, George Fleming, the lead-off speaker at the 2010 Main Event will be EMCEEING the program. George is considered one of the top five Emcees in the country! I consider him the BEST!! He will bring great HUMOR, FUN, and ENERGY to the morning as he weaves the messages of our wonderful speakers together. George has the special ability to take a good program and make it EXTRAORDINARY!

And finally, Cheri Britton – our leadoff speaker at the January Main Event – will lead some terrific NETWORKING activities at the beginning of the morning and during the breaks between sessions. Our audiences have asked for networking that really engages everyone in connecting with new people in positive and creative ways. Cheri is brilliant at guiding these activities and making them great fun and truly valuable.

An event of this quality would normally cost a minimum of $200. LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP BRINGS YOU ALL THIS FOR $20!! That is not a misprint — you have the opportunity to attend this remarkable program for only $20 per person. Don’t miss this chance to take a quantum leap in engagement, energy, and results from the value you’ll receive on May 18th.

To enroll TODAY, simply go to and follow the simple registration instructions. Most of all, BRING YOUR TEAMMATES, FAMILY, AND CUSTOMERS. Lessons In Leadership offers these programs as GIFTS to WNC. All proceeds are donated to charities to further the gift to our community. When you enroll you not only support yourself and your teammates, you support others who are less fortunate and in need of a lift.

Remember to enjoy every precious moment! See you at the Hilton on May 18th!


p.s. Please FORWARD this message on to friends, family, and teammates! The event is even BETTER when you bring others you care about!

Brian Biro
Husband, Father. Speaker, Author
America’s Breakthrough Coach

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