BLAINESWORLD #762, Section 2, part 2

Mary Rita in North Carolina: Thank you again for all of you that were able to attend last weekend’s concert “Spring Song” presented by Classicopia in Asheville, NC! As always, your support is invaluable and very much appreciated.

I wanted to pass along a youtube video of several of the musical theater selections performed on Friday evening at White Horse Black Mountain.

For more information, please click:


Mozart with humor:


Marie in New Jersey: Neil Young–Only Love Can Break Your Heart . . .


You may want to watch it twice; once to watch the Burma shave signs change and once to catch all the pictures plus listening to the music of the Statler Brothers . . .


Scott in Pennsylvania: A world Without Facebook: The video . . .


Vince in Pennsylvania: Nice photos in your e-mail, but are you sure that’s a man in the Easter Bunny Outfit? If so why do you have hands on the his leg? Just curious.

Nah, I believe you, and you can take that to the Bank, as soon as you get your Stimulus Package. I’m still waiting for mine. BADA, BING!!


Pat H. in Pennsylvania: My father had that same problem [ear wax buildup]. That can be a pain. My Dad never had this done, but have you ever heard of or tried ear Candling? Are you familiar with this process?

MY TWO CENTS: Yes, I’ve heard of the process–though I’ve never had it done. I do know a friend does it for folks, and she says the results are amazing. For more information on the topic, please click:


Maria in Pennsylvania: When you’re up this way and want to know what’s going on in Newtown check out the website – I list all Newtown events. So if you get any info on events for Newtown, please send them to me at my work email,


Delores in Pennsylvania (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):
Dear Family & Friends,

It is hard to believe that another year has passed since I was involved with the
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I completed my goal on October 25th and I look
forward to my next challenge.

I am making this commitment to honor family members and anyone who is battling
lymphoma or any other type of blood related cancers. My goal is to raise $4,000
dollars for this amazing cause by June 29th. I will run in honor/memory of
family members, friends, and anyone who is facing challenges with cancer. Their
courage has given me strength to commit to running a fifth marathon and to raise
funds to help make a difference in not only supporting and honoring their lives,
but all of those young and old who are faced with the challenge of overcoming
these diseases.

I know that training and running a fifth marathon will be a challenge for me,
but a very rewarding one. I know my fundraising efforts and running this
marathon will contribute to bringing us one step closer to finding a cure for
Leukemia, Lymphoma, and other blood related diseases. My goal is to complete
the marathon with no injuries and in less than five hours, and to me that is
nothing compared to the statistics, to which every five minutes someone new is
diagnosed. Please help me achieve my goals. I appreciate all donations, big
and small, and remember that you are making a difference in the life of every
person affected by these diseases. Keep in mind all donations are 100% tax
deductible, and if you could pass this letter on to anyone whom you think would
like to contribute to this great cause, I would greatly appreciate it.

I thank you for all your love and support.

Delores Chalmers

P.S. If you have someone that you would like me to run in honor/memory of,
please forward their names. It would be my pleasure to wear his/her name on my
race day shirt.

Please make checks payable to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and send all
donations to:

Delores Chalmers
776 Mohawk Street
Allenton, PA 18103

Or you can check out my website and donate online at:


Might you be able to help? See below. Thanks!

A friend of mine, a seasoned professional fundraiser currently living in Pennsylvania, is interested in relocating to Wilmington, NC and is seeking full time employment. With more than 20 years experience as an Executive Director and Administrator she has raised millions of dollars, managed staffs and programs, and has experience in academia, healthcare and social service agencies. Her leadership abilities would allow her to work in non-profit or for-profit sectors. Contact her at or 215-962-0393.


Linda in North Carolina:

We urgently need your help today to continue saving lives.
Often dogs and cats come to us healthy, happy, and ready for a new life. We’re able to find loving homes quickly, sometimes within a few days or weeks — over 1,900 lives were saved last year alone! But many times, a pet comes to us with special emotional or physical needs that require extra care. Through the support of our donors, we can take in these pets who have no where else to go.

Please be a friend to the animals who need you most right now.
Treatment for our special needs pets costs hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, seriously burdening our limited budget. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue relies entirely on donations and fundraising – we receive no state or government funding. Your donation gives special pets the life of joy and comfort they deserve.

This gentle girl was surrendered to us exhibiting some very strange behaviors. Roxy is often so wobbly on her feet that she collapses over to the side or straight back as if her hind end is paralyzed. On a rough day, she’ll pace in circles and will sometimes walk right into a wall. At feeding time, her foster mom has to slowly coax her to begin eating. But there’s more to Roxy than her mysterious neurological issues. When she’s carried out to a patch of grass, it’s like she comes alive, running happily alongside her foster mom. Check out the video below to see her in action! Roxy’s condition will require a very special home, and we’re hoping a no-kill sanctuary with more resources will accept her.

Until then, Roxy will have a safe, loving place to call home as long as she needs.

Every animal deserves to live a life with dignity and joy. Your donation today makes that possible.

Lil’ Man

This spunky, snaggle-toothed, senior Shih Tzu was brought to a shelter in terrible condition. Due to his old age and cranky demeanor, he was deemed unadoptable. But as luck would have it, a BWAR employee who was there to pick up other dogs saw Little Man, and took him too.

Lil’ Man was in awful shape; his fur was matted and soaked in his waste, and a full shaving revealed the skin underneath was raw from the constant irritation. He was seen immediately by our vet who discovered that Lil’ Man’s crankiness was due to a giant mass in his prostate. Lil’ Man has prostate cancer. While this is a terminal illness for a dog of his age, Lil’ Man is happy and peppy and has a good quality of life. He has to have his bladder expressed twice a day by staff to stay comfortable and is on multiple medications but greets every day with a tail wag and a kiss. BWAR has welcomed him to stay as “front desk helper” until either his time to cross over the rainbow bridge comes or a very special adopter wants to give Lil’ Man a home during his remaining time. Until then, his family is Brother Wolf. For many animals, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is their last chance.

We can only take in senior and special needs pets through your generosity. Please help today!

Sweet little Target chose her rescuers well – kids out on a walk near the Target store saw her following them closely. When she was brought to our Adoption Center, she was malnourished, and her right eye was deformed. Her vet suggested the condition was probably genetic, and the eye will need to be surgically removed. Target’s surgery will cost an estimated $250. An online campaign has been started to raise funds. You can donate to Target’s care here. Since we think Target has never had use of the eye, she should have no problem adapting once she’s healed, and finding a loving forever home with someone who has a soft spot for special needs kitties.

It only takes a moment of your time to give pets like Target the chance for to have a better life.

Penny, Emily, and Angel
Seven year old chihuahua mix Penny and sisters Emily and Angel (four years old) lost both of their pet parents in a terribly tragic car accident a few weeks ago. In a split second, everyone and everything they’d ever known was gone. Penny, Emily and Angel were orphans. When we heard their story and how they had no where to go, we immediately extended our hand to help. We couldn’t let these girls suffer any more.

Not long after they were settled into a cozy kennel together in our Adoption Center, Angel had a seizure. Thankfully she recovered quickly and hasn’t had another episode, and she’s being closely monitored. Sadly, Penny was diagnosed with a type of hemolytic anemia in which her immune system attacks itself. After serial blood work and vet care, Penny has been stabilized but will need a quiet home where she can live out her days in a stress free environment with a nurturing family who will love her and keep her safe. Emily was adopted into a wonderful home but Penny and Angel will remain with us until their lifelong homes can be found. We made them a promise.

Will you help these orphaned girls find love again after their tragic loss?

Your donation today will allow us to continue to take in the sick and the special needs animals who require extensive medical care or need a place to be rehabilitated until they can be adopted. Please help us continue to save these special dogs and cats, and be a part of our lifesaving work!

Become a monthly donor.
We rely on our ongoing monthly donations to support critical lifesaving programs. With as little as 60¢ a day, you can help save lives!

Click here to sign up as a monthly donor.
(You can cancel at any time.)

If you would prefer to donate by check, please make it out to BWAR, PO Box 8195, Asheville NC, 28814. Thank you!


Rich in Pennsylvania:

I will send this every several days for the next 2 weeks and then focus completely on the new page..I want to say thanks to you all for reading the poetry I posted! For now I will try and build back the page and hope you all enjoyed what I have done enough to follow me to ,,here
this is me, Rich, Poe freak, Flyer fan…..and sometimes annoying poster 🙂 just so u know this is me & not spam…and my Mom’s Maiden name is..Iron lol… Please add the new page..again it’s


Natalie in Pennsylvania:

Saw this [ATLAS SHRUGGED] last night. it was okay. I forgot — did you see it? If so, what did you thnk? Read the book years ago, but can’t really remember. I remember when I read it, I was stunned.

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