BLAINESWORLD #763, Section 2, part 2

Donna in Alabama: Monkees “Last Train to Clarksville” live video


Colleen in Pennsylvania: Check out this guy from The Voice.
The Voice Javier Colon
On the Season Opener of The Voice Javier Colon was great, this NBC show is off to a great start rich with talent.


When animals talk:


Vera in Florida: Happy and Blessed Mothers Day to my facebook friends. Enjoy your day.
THE PRAYER with Lyrics_Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli
Video produced by Moonlight6869. “The Prayer” by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, powerful voices, the best duet I’ve ever heard.


Marie in Pennsylvania:

Thought you might enjoy reading and listening to this. More great advances and opportunities available than ever before. What can possibly be ahead?!!!

Engineers to help paraplegic student walk at graduation


Chris in North Carolina:
Peter Paul & Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon


Ruth in Pennsylvania: Thanks Carle Robbins for introducing Live Your Peace to Jonathan Pillot who is co-creating with Deepak Chopra, Paulette Cole and others in weekly show Home Base! What an interview!
How to produce engaging conversations with NY Producer Jonathan Pillot | Live Your Peace


Bob in North Carolina:

Check out It’s like an online book club, social network, etc, if you want it to be that. Otherwise, it’s a great place to find new books, exchange opinions about them, or keep your own book lists of titles to read.


(some interesting posts here)

Share Six Words About Your Mother: The Contest
Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Well blog is teaming up with Smith Magazine and the Six Word Memoir Project to create a new set of six word “Momoirs.” Tell us about your mother, someone else’s mother or motherhood in general in just six words. For contest details and prize rules, see “Share Six Words About Your Mother” on the Well blog:


Diane in Pennsylvania:

Five warnings signs of strokes [from a presentation given by Dr. Emil Matarese that was mentioned in a recent BLAINESWORLD]:

Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, are, or leg especially on one side.

Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.

Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.

Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.

Sudden, severe headache with no know cause.

The main thing is to get help within three hours to save a life or stop a disability. The clot dissolving drug tPA can reduce long term disability if its given within three hours after a stroke starts.


Walt in Pennsylvania (who also attended the above presentation):

One word to remember in Stroke detection. FAST: F. tingling in your face, A. tingling in you Arms and Legs, S. slur in your speech, T. time to get help with 3 hours.


Micah Solomon, author of EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, EXCEPTIONAL PROFIT (reviewed in last week’s issue): Holy moly. That is the most inspiring review ever. It literally makes me want to reread my own book. Thank you so very very much. In all sincerity, I didn’t put anything in the book that didn’t personally inspire me or that I didn’t think would be valuable, and I am grateful you concurred. I can’t wait to see the review on amazon and I look forward to sending you my follow up book, which should be out early next year.


Larry in Pennsylvania (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):

Thanks to all who have voted for me – I still need more vote to win the blog contest by Brian Tracy. Please vote 4 me:
If it Was So Easy, Everyone Would Do It! | Brian Tracy’s Blog


Chris L. in Pennsylvania (in response to Section 12 last week): First: I am surprised at the American citizenry’s response. Yes, there was rejoicing in the streets, but for the most part it really seems to have sparked a more contemplative response from all people (i.e. “what is the proper response?). I think this speaks volumes as to us as a society – we are forgiving, we are “civilized”, we are filled with an eternal hope for humankind; we are not (at least not most of us) hateful, vindictive or malicious. I believe the initial rejoicing in the streets was more a joyous response that justice was served and not the same kind of vengeful response you see when extremists are dragging bodies through the streets, burning flags or bodies in effigy, and rejoicing over pain, suffering and fulfilled revenge.

Second: as a born again Christian I believe there are consequences to our actions, and we are to be held accountable for our actions, so Bin Laden reaped what he sowed and justice was served; however, it makes me sad that anyone is now lost for eternity, and I am not happy over the death of any human life. I would love to live in a world where forgiveness, love and peace were the rule of the land, and suffering, hate and greed were non-existent. Unfortunately we do not, so incidents like 9/11 will continue to occur and justifiable consequences as occurred this week are necessary and will also continue.

Third: in comparison, you had a man who hated, and wanted to see the complete extinction of, at least two (2) people groups from the face of the earth for no good reason; and was willing to kill haphazardly, indiscriminately and without remorse. Versus – you had a nations calculated pinpoint response which minimized loss of life, held one person accountable for his actions, did not seek to eliminate an entire people group, and which sparked a collective national introspective response from people of diverse backgrounds. Maybe from something like this we can move toward a more forgiving, loving and peaceful existence with one another – who knows?


Jeanne in Pennsylvania (also in response):

The comments below appeared in the weekly newsletter from Blaine, my professor of internet marketing.

They give me a chance to comment on the events of the past week or so.

Hate only breeds more hate. I am thankful that Osama Bin Laden has been dealt with, but cautious because there are many waiting to take his place.

Just a few days before the reported death of Bin Laden, we lost Sai Babba. Now we are also open to a new spiritual leader.

With our spiritual growth, we need to look at this from the side of the development of our soul. This is an opportunity to thank our god/higher power for bringing us the opportunity to be in this time and to be able to focus on our positive soul growth – all else is just a distraction and an opportunity to drag us down to their level.


Natalie in Pennsylvania:

Just saw GRIFFIN & PHOENIX. Liked it very much. Did you see it? Very tender and touching love story and so well acted.

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