BLAINESWORLD #766, Section 2, part 2

Walter in North Carolina:

Fanaticon2 (the local comic book convention). Part of our juggling performance can be seen here:


Making a Juggling Superhero Belt Buckle, Parts 1-4

#1 :
#2 :
#3 :
#4 :


Edie in Pennsylvania:

This song [Laurie Anderson’s “Strange Angels”] was played in one of my favorite movies called The Doctor, with William Hurt. One of the most exquisite and sweet dance scenes I have ever seen.


Steve in Pennsylvania:

This is great fun and spectacular.

This is a pianist from Switzerland who plays some of the best Boogie Woogie anywhere. He is so BIG over
there, they hold a week-long Boogie Woogie contest every year and all the best players in the world are invited. In
this video he is joined by 2 amazing dancers.



Larry in Pennsylvania:

The newest episode of Money Chat Today
It’s My Money — Interview With Harris Glasser

In This Episode Larry Steinhouse and Rick Interview Harris Glasser, Author of the book, It’s My Money and I Want It! This is a great interview that could help you defend yourself against unfair medical bills and credit collectors.


Don in North Carolina:

You’ll never guess what this ad is for!

Joe in North Carolina::

My Acting Reel, cut together by the fabulous Jaime Byrd and featuring scenes including the inspiring talents of David J Bonner, Claire Bowerman, Willie Repoley, and Adam Cohen. I love to act. To give. “Cheers” for all I do it for and with. I am ever so very grateful!


Dad drops daughter to get foul ball at Dodger game


Big Bill Broonzy playing “Hey Hey”

He was one of the key influences on rock ‘n roll.

Eric Clapton says, “I felt like I was looking into heaven.” According to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, “If you love the blues, it may be one of the most instructive 90 seconds you ever spent on the Internet.”

Gary in North Carolina:

We just launched the new QR Code technology and it is going to be free for life for Asheville. Press release on and videos on and

To set up an account, please click:


Sarah in North Carolina (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):

To all of you folks out there that support kids with disabilities help BAIL ME OUT OF JAIL! I will be going to jail for charity on June 23rd and need to raise some dough in order to be FREE! Any donation even small is appreciated.

Ayson in Colorado:

The animation is an elegantly simple explanation of how educating young girls makes an economic impact on their families of origin, the families they create, their communities and ultimately, the world. Also, a good use of viral video for online philanthropy.
Watch this video and $1 goes to charity!
Help send up to 2,000 girls to school in Malawi.

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