BLAINESWORLD #768, Section 12B (PA/NJ)


MORRISVILLE, PA – The Actors’ NET of Bucks County continues its 15th

season with William Shakespeare’s towering classic, Othello, dominating the Heritage

Center stage.

NET Artistic Director Cheryl Doyle of Morrisville and George Hartpence of New

Hope co-direct the Bard’s masterwork of swirling love, jealousy and racial hatred. The title

character is a Moor whose rise in the ranks of the Venetian army prompts a rival to take revenge

against Othello by destroying the Moor’s marriage to the lovely Desdemona.

Carlo Campbell of Philadelphia stars as the exotic warrior, Othello, alongside Mr.

Hartpence as his rival, Iago, and Tess Ammerman of Arneytown, NJ as Desdemona.

“Othello is one of Shakespeare’s most compelling dramas,” Ms. Doyle notes. “It

brims with love, hate, intrigue and violence – themes that are timeless as long as human

beings act like, well, human beings. Our cast has been reveling in all the delicious

moments they get to enact. Carlo Campbell is superb in the title role; our mainstay

Shakespearean actor, George Hartpence, is having a field day as the sinister Iago; and

Tess Ammerman is in her glory as the bride at the center of the tragic events.”


Net stages “Othello”/Page 2 of 2/

Othello costars Brian Kelly of Doylestown as Cassio; Aaron Wexler of Philadelphia as

Roderigo; Carol Thompson of New Hope as Emilia; Mort Paterson of Philadelphia as Brabantio;

Jack Bathke of Robbinsville, NJ as The Duke and Lodovico; Allison DeKorte of Newtown as

Bianca; DeLarme Landes of Doylestown as Montano; and Matthew Cassidy of Morrisville as


The production also features Tom Harrelson of Churchville; Erik Benrud of Philadelphia;

And Daniel Reiher of Aston. Matthew Cassidy stage manages, with Lighting Design by

Andrena Wishnie of Morrisville. Cheryl Doyle also is the show’s costumer and adapted the script

for the stage with George Hartpence. Steve Kazakoff of Penington, NJ serves as Fight


Running weekends June 10 – 26, Othello performs Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.

and Sundays at 2 p.m. The Heritage Center is located 635 N. Delmorr Avenue (Route

32), Morrisville – near the Calhoun Street Bridge. Tickets are $20 for adults, $17 for

seniors and $10 for children 12 and under.

To reserve, call the nonprofit theatre company at 215-295-3694 or email The NET website is Those wishing to

purchase tickets on-line may do so at


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