BLAINESWORLD #768, Section 2, part 2


Ed in West Virginia:

This is without a doubt……

The wildest Dirt Bike Stunt I have ever seen!!!

I was crazy on a bike…. But nothing like this!

Robbie Maddison’s 2008 New Year’s Eve jump


This is both interesting and colorful.


Hal in Pennsylvania:

Happy Belated Birthday Blaine, from Bob LeFish, Mike DePleco, and me! Hope all is well! And now for a birthday song! Enjoy! If you like Bob LeFish, please become a fan!
(click on video when at linked page)



Lorraine in New Jersey (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):

At 54 I am watching so many of my friends, young and mature, get breast cancer..and no matter how I try to comfort them, I know what they want is a solution..and a prevention. I can’t provide that but I can help those who can. I will be walking [in the 2011 Philadelphia 3-Day for the Cure] with every contributors name on my gear and any name you want me to walk in honor of…My feet may be walking but all of us will be on the journey together. To help out, please click:


Ingrid in Pennsylvania:

The trip [to Western NC] was very nice thank you. I would like to recommend to anyone staying the area the Mountain Lodge in East Flat Rock. We have stayed there before in previous years and the proprietor, Scott, was very courteous and of course giving all guests that southern hospitality. Surely, something we don’t get up here in the northeast. We went to downtown Asheville and also visited Hendersonville. I love the “Main Street, USA” atmosphere and we had a nice lunch once again at Mike’s Sandwich Shoppe on the corner (I don’t remember the street corner name but you can’t miss it). We also passed the infamous “Bat Cave” sign in our travels. In all, we once again enjoyed the trip and just love North Carolina in general. We are looking forward in the future to make that our new home.

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