BLAINESWORLD #771, Section 2

Jean in Pennsylvania:

Bono lets audience member play his guitar…then gives him a surprise gift at the end…

All I Want Is… Nashville. It was the 100th show of the 360 Tour in Nashville and what a night it was. Not only was The Wanderer in a U2 set for the first time – in tribute to the late, great Johnny Cash – but right at the end of the night a new guitarist came up on stage to lead an unexpected rendition of All I Want Is You. Genius!


Vickie in Pennsylvania [with an update to the above clip]

Holy Shyte!! This guy was blind!!!!


Gary in North Carolina:

Rihanna really needs an official video for this hot song. But I still vote this “love song of the year” for 2011 according to g 🙂

Rihanna – Skin

George in Pennsylvania:

My latest commercial. As a patron at Le Gourmet in North Wales.


Much more than printer – a duplicator!!!!

Amazing 3D Printer –


Check out this video on YouTube.


Susan in New Jersey:

Unbelievable, see if you can watch without crying!
Moving Performance from Korea’s Got Talent

Watch Korea’s Got Talent contestant Sung-Bong Choi’s moving performance in the talent show and be inspired by his touching life story.


Talk about balance and stillness…wow

Subject: Don’t move, don’t breathe…just watch


It’s well known that the German people are smart and make great engineers and fantastic bunkers, but take a look at their newest concept model laptop computer. It will blow you away…
German concept laptop


Cecile in Pennsylvania (with a recipe for avacado dip):

It’s so easy. You only need four things: Avacados ( I use two), one lemon, two small tomatoes and a small red onion (and of course salt and pepper). You smash up the avocado (make sure they are ripe), squeeze the lemon juice over the avocados (use a little more than a half), chop of the tomatoes–remove the seeds first–and then dice up the red onion. It is sooooooo good. And you can add whatever else you want–but I love the fresh, clean taste of just these few things.


Edie in Pennsylvania:

Are you ready for an upgrade? Read my interview with Doug DeVito in Wisdom Magazine. Thank you Kaille Padgett for arranging it.

“The Upgrade:” An Interview with Doug De Vito by Edie Weinstein

According to Doug De Vito, author of the book ‘The Upgrade: How To Improve Your Life By Healing Others” which will be released in early 2012 by Hay House, he would be one of the least likely people on the planet to be engaging in the healing work of The Reconnection.


Ruth in Pennsylvania (with a recipe for Tiramisu birthday cake):

Here’s the Tiramisu recipe we used. Two hours to make and chill, 15 minutes to consume.


Kimberly in North Carolina:

If the right business opportunity came along, is the timing right in your life to take a look? If you are Positive, Open-Minded, Outgoing and Health-Conscious, then you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing home-based business opportunity. Simply invest 50 minutes of your time to view and then contact Kimberly Ross at or (828) 633-0923 if you are interested in living the lifestyle of your dreams!


I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July celebrating the amazing freedom we have the privilege of enjoying each day! In an effort to keep our environment free of pesticides and harsh chemicals so that we can continue to breathe freely, I have taken a proactive approach to using all natural, “chemical free” products and one of the wonderful surprises I have discovered is the Amazon Herb “Clean and Green” product. I buy the small 4 oz concentrate (only $10) and dilute it in a spray bottle to clean everything from glass to stainless to tile and granite.

My newest discovery is using the Clean and Green to wash my car and as a spot remover on hard to remove stains before placing my clothes in the laundry. To my surprise, stubborn marks on both my car and my clothes came off with no harsh chemicals!

The added bonus is that every time you use the Amazon Herb Clean and Green, you are helping to keep our environment clean AND help preserve the Amazon Rainforest in the process. Now that is something to celebrate!

To your optimal health and vital abundance!

Kimberly Ross
Cell: (828) 335-7730
Home Office: (828) 633-0923


Joe in North Carolina (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):

Wow, it’s so easy to vote for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge by texting “107557” to 73774. Do this daily during the month of July & you’ll be helping Brother Wolf win a $50,000 grant to be used as a down payment to purchase their adoption center!

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