BLAINESWORLD #772, Section 2

Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Dodge Monaco


Awesome marionette


Mary in Pennsylvania:

Been hearing “Midnight Confession” all day on the radio, in honor of Rob Grill’s passing, but this one popped up on my iPod. It’s still one of my favorites by the Grass Roots.

Temptation Eyes


Jean in Pennsylvania:

Another great one from the Grass Roots . . . “Sooner or Later”


UNC Asheville Junior Goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen doing tricks on campus . . . what makes this so amazing is there have been other similar things online, but there’s never been a goalkeeper doing it.

Nearly 3 million folks have seen this!

He now has a second video of new trick shots:

He says that “It’s really even bettter than the first.”

Over 600,000 folks have seen this!


This is wonderful! It will make your day. For 5 people in a small boat with one knife to save a whale is something to remember for life!


Bob in North Carolina:

RIP Ben Keith / last show with Neil Young Down by the River at Bridge School Benefit 2009


Edie in Pennsylvania:

Even if I don’t understand the Italian lyrics, my heart and soul recognize ultimate beauty when they hear it ♥
Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman * Time To Say Goodbye


David in New York:

Adele – Someone Like You (Live) Itunes Festival 2011


David in New York (with another good one):

For others who were tethered to Wimbledon coverage…
Wimbledon 2011 grunting: Can you match the shriek to the tennis player?


Pat in Florida:

Another mission…..should you choose to accept it….

Spread the word..the guy was willing to give
his life for us all


Pat in Pennsylvania:

Just finished reading Seal Team Six. Great read about a the life of a Navy Seal and how his life changed as a result of his experience.


Alyson and Don in Colorado:

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

One of our social venture clients, the Colorado Center for Restorative Practices, is in the process of updating their web site (formerly, OpenPathTrainings). The principals, John Ehrhart and Scott Brown, are eco-psychologists / mediators who also happen to be Buddhist practitioners. Scott has just posted a thoughtful blog that speaks to our shared nature as humans and the path out of pain. It reads like a meditation and a blessing at the same time – and I am asking that you give yourself a gift of a few quiet moments to read it. If you feel so moved, please share your comments on the blog page. It would mean a lot to John and Scott to connect with a wide circle of kindred spirits across the globe – as is it always does for us.

With gratitude!

Alyson & Don


Bobbi in California:

I enjoy the newsletter every week. . . . I agree – Unbroken is one of the best books EVER. Did you know that he was recently at the Billy Graham museum in Charlotte? I think he had written a book and he was there for an autograph session.


Walter in Pennsylvania:

What a terrific show [CITIZEN U.S.A.]. Filled up with tears a dozen times. thanks for the reminder.


Majo in North Carolina (with a REQUEST FOR HELP in the Asheville area):


My roommate/landlord Linda Siegall has put her house up for sale and I am once again needing to move.

I am looking to move in with roommates who would be compatible both with me and with my very sweet, laid-back, eleven year old dog Buddy. I don’t want to be too far out from town. Some country feeling would be nice – Buddy and I both like for him to be outside off-leash – but Linda’s place is very much in town and still works because she is at the end of a dead-end street.

The other roommate, Ginnie, and I are also considering finding a house to share – so if you know of a good place in the $900-1000 range, I’d love that info also.

Thanks for any tips or suggestions!

Majo John Madden



Jean in Pennsylvania:

Pay Dirt: Why You Might Want to Ditch Netflix


Janeen in Pennsylvania:

Of course I am late reading BLAINESWORLD . . . however, i wanted you to know i keep a small screwdriver in my kitchen and use it to pry open cans very similar to what you said you did with a spoon . . . the screwdriver fits in very well and I have never had a problem since.

PS. I use the screwdriver my kids made in shop in junior high school. Yes of course I save everything!!!


George in Pennsylvania:

My July column in the Upper Bucks Free Press. Enjoy!


Cathy in Pennsylvania:

I had a letter to the editor published today in the Bucks County Courier Times.

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