BLAINESWORLD #773, Section #2

Mark in Pennsylvania:

Multi-Axis Woodturning

NOTE: Please view the above for an informative interview with Mark [Sifri], a talented woodworker and former colleague of mine at Bucks County Community College.


Video: NBA Star Steve Nash Hawks The Prius and Taunts Elderly Woman
New hilarious Toyota ad shows another side of NBA Star

Click link below to see clip, plus read about the commercial too.


George in Pennsylvania:

Can’t make this stuff up . . . the Moron Brothers


Michael in Pennsylvania:

Meet us . . . Bruce Springsteen/Land Of Hope And Dreams Live in Barcelona


Vilasi in New Jersey:

This edition [BLAINESWORLD #772] was really really great.

The movie [LINCOLN LAWYER] does not do justice to the original story, event though Matthew McC is good. The book is great, and the audiobook version is gripping.


Catherine in Massachusetts:

Love the “redneck” joke!!!

Over the weekend of July 4th, we had the “Flash Mobs” showing up everywhere on Cape Cod.. One showed up at our public library book sale in Falmouth! They made for great holiday spirit.


Carle in Pennsylvania (about my using a joke he had sent me)

Good artists borrow… great one’s steal” — Picasso


Awesome shirt [me in YouTube clip] . . . very Magnum PI!


Scott in Pennsylvania:

Harry Potter Characters Become Rock Stars!


Robin in Pennsylvania:

Saw Buck a few weeks ago when it opened at The Ritz in Philadelphia. Remarkable man; incredible film. FYI: he’s doing a session in South Jersey at the end of September.


Jake in North Carolina:

Michael Sheen is one of favorites. He’s also very interesting in an early role, that of Oscar Wilde’s first boyfriends in the picture ‘Wilde’. It’s a very good movie.


Jean in Pennsylvania:

The Monkees at 45: Time Travel at the Greek

Playing at the legendary Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 16, the Monkees were so sensational that I simply can’t not tell you about it.

Janet in Pennsylvania:

I got a new smart phone free from T-mobil. I gave my bf the old phone and number, and he uses it for business, unlimited calling, and they gave me a free Smart Phone, 1500 minutes for $30.00 a month, the coverage is pretty good too… and you get 30 MB of data… good deal!

Vickie in Pennsylvania:

I was going to complain about how hot it is…but then I realized that: 1) it isn’t 115+ degrees, 2) I’m not 7,200 miles from home, 3) I’m not dressed in a combat uniform, wearing a helmet and carrying 70+ lbs., and 4) there is very little chance that anyone will shoot at me or that I might drive over a bomb in the road today! Thanks to all who serve in our fine military!

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3 Responses to BLAINESWORLD #773, Section #2

  1. Pamela Perkins-Frederick says:

    The section with Mark Sfirri was totally outstanding.
    More, please? Compliments to his extertise.

    • bginbc says:

      sorry, pam..i just saw these comments…yes, mark is soooooo talented….i nominated him for lindback award this year…..i hope he gets it!……happy easter……best, blaine

  2. Pamela Perkins-Frederick says:

    H’m — That’s expertise, fellows ! LOL

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