BLAINESWORLD #775, Section 2, part 2

Vera in Florida:

How would you like your employer to hand over the business to his employees to run and own the business.? WOW! What a great boss.


Scott in Pennsylvania:

Bubbling Over: Bruce Springsteen “Dancing In The Dark” Music Video Outtakes


When Harry Met Sally 2 with Billy Crystal & Helen Mirren


Janeen in Pennsylvania:

STRAHLEMANN & SOHNE – Juggling Strip Tease

Watch with kids, nothing obscene!!


Michael in Pennsylvania:

Music Is My Ammunition | Playing For Change


Jean in Pennsylvania:

Alice Cooper Staples Commercial


George in Pennsylvania:

Anybody else like Edith Piaf?


This is the one of the best presentations of the sixties that I have ever seen online.

It is very well done .

Just click on the link and sit back and enjoy the memories.

Great photos and facts.

If you are not quite old enough to have been there, feel free to pass it on to someone who is.


This is soooo precious it will touch your heart.
The dad did a fabulous job filming this short movie.
A Boy and his Dog


Beth in Arizona:

E-Trade Baby Loses Everything


See if you can guess what is being advertised.


Ellis Coleman’s Amazing Flying Greco-Roman Wrestling Takedown


Pat in California:

Wow, you have fun!! FYI: I did my longevity calculator — it is 102!! [which, given my living parents’ ages of 90 and 91 respectively, could entirely be true…]


Donna in New Jersey:

I didn’t realize “Men” was cancelled!!! I just watched the season finale (I DVR it) & loved the way they wrapped up a couple story lines. This was a good show!! I’m disappointed that this season of TNT’s other hit, The Closer, is coming to an end. I believe they are spinning this one off to “Major Crimes” for next season with some of the same characters. Another new favorite this summer is Memphis Beat……check it out.


Walter in Pennsylvania:

Didn’t know that “Men of a Certain Age” was cancelled. Taped it every week and related to the characters always. Who do we write to support or is it to late?

RESPONSE (to Walter, Donna and others, too):

I think it is too late, but no harm in writing. I did, sending an email to: I’ll also write TV GUIDE, seeing it it can help get support for the program. The address there is:

In the meantime, click this link for an insight column on the program:


David in New York:

O.K., here’s a weird one. My book is the basis for today’s New York Times Acrostic Puzzle.


Marilyn in New Jersey:

I’ve been a follower of yours for many years and always enjoy your missive. I love hearing about your family, the good, the bad, and the sad. I enjoy “most” of your jokes (), reviews, computer tips and the “hamish” way you write your Newsletter. I like reading about people’s accomplishments and admire the fact that you freely compliment those who deserve it.

I’d like to tell you something about my younger daughter, Beth, who was recently hired by a start up company, Eyefly is a subsidiary of, an online retailer dealing with high end merchandise at reduced prices. Eyefly, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, sells prescription eyeglasses for $99/pair. They have a really nice selection of high-style frames for much less money than you’d normally pay for your eyeglasses.

Beth is the General Manager of the company. We’re very proud of her accomplishment in having gotten this position and for getting it off the ground. I’d like you to take a look at the site and if you think your readers would be interested, maybe put it in the Newsletter.

Thanks . . . and I hope you like it!!

Frames and Rx lenses for $99 a pair


Recommendation for those living in the Asheville area who have kids:

Macaroni Kid is a free weekly e-newsletter and website that highlights all of the great things for kids and their families to do in our community. Asheville Macaroni Kid covers the spectrum of things to do with kids — classes, shows, events as well as things to do at home, cooking projects, book reviews, arts and crafts and more.

Under the stewardship of Sandy Miller, Asheville Macaroni Kid has become the “go to” source for all things family. “I know how difficult it can be to keep track of the fun and enriching events and activities available for kids. I’m extremely excited to bring Macaroni Kid to our community and for the opportunity to support the many cultural, not-for-profit, school and just plain fun things there are to do in Asheville.”

Parents in Asheville and surrounding areas can sign up to receive their weekly newsletter by going directly to Asheville Macaroni Kid is being sent free to over 1350 subscribers a month. Ideas for articles and event listings are welcome and can be sent to


Dana in Pennsylvania:

Re: refinancing. We just refinanced also, signed everything last week. We got 3.25% for 10 yrs from Bank of America.


Lana in Ohio:

Wonderful as usual [BLAINESWORLD #774] . . . however, the jokes really got to me…here I sit laughing…and I haven’t finished my coffee…BTW: it is hard for me to even mumble before coffee let alone laugh and type….those were great!


Richard in North Carolina:

Thanks for your mention of our concert on the 5th in BLAINESWORLD! Some other excellent info as well… Hairspray & SART info, the list of two types of people and the question “which one are you,” and info about Dillard’s Clearance Center.


The awe inspiring Philly Fringe Festival throughout Central Philadelphia and neighboring towns is doubling in participation size from 100,000 to almost 200,000 festival goers in September 2-17 2011. My friend on page 92 and 1st show of each day, Ruth Anne Wood is one of the 400+ show producers who has found a way to engage her audience in an interactive online conversation for 16 days. How? By sharing her interviews with best selling authors, award winning musicians and community superstars organized in a very cool way. Stay tuned. Check it out and post you comments and interact with this engaged audience. Her show “One Peace at a Time” has new posts everyday starting at 10am. That means you have over 15 days to get your message out there in a big way and meet really cool people talking about art, music, community adventures, world affairs, health, wealth wellness, you name it on the interview page of her show guests!

For more information, please click:


Ingrid in Pennsylvania:

You had asked for a blurb for the newsletter about the rescue I am associated with. Almost Home Dog Rescue located in Doylestown seeks volunteers to foster their dogs mainly coming from down south from overcrowded shelters. They have meet n’ greets three times a month at local pet stores for people to come and visit and meet the dogs and hope that a dog will find a forever home.
Their link is:

I also recently offered to volunteer my time with a collie rescue. They are located out of Ambler and I am associated with people in our neighborhood who run the rescue. They are the Collie Rescue of Southeastern PA, Inc. This rescue also looks for foster homes until a permanent home can be found.

Since Almost Home does out of state transport, all dogs are spayed or neutered prior to transport, given the mandatory vaccinations, and receive a health certificate which is required to cross state lines. If any of your readers have any questions in general or about rescue work, they can contact me. We rescued our first wonderful companion 11 years ago.

I appreciate your making everyone aware of these two rescues and bringing this to the attention of people raises awareness overall of how many animals are looking for loving homes.

PS. As a side note – Our foster has taken our hearts and has a wonderful personality considering her start in life that we have agreed as a family to adopt her. We are waiting word from the rescue to make it official. One less dog waiting for a home.


Steve in Pennsylvania:

Last year you voted us Best of Bucks 2010. THANK YOU!!! Voting has begun for Best of Bucks 2011. We hope you will vote for us once again! The ballot process takes less than 5 minutes and those who vote by August 12th will be entered into a PhillyBurbs’ sponsored contest for the chance to win $250!​/best_of_voting/


Do vote for Steve, please. He’s a real good guy, and his places in both Richboro and Newtown are great!


Kim in North Carolina:

Please VOTE FOR WHITE HORSE​m and help us be #1 for the third year in a row!
And, if you would, pass this around to your friends. Thank you for a great two and a half years!


Billie in North Carolina:

Reenactment of the Great Mars Hill Bank Robbery of 1935


Sandy in Pennsylvania:

Did I mention FROM PRADA TO NADA [as a film to rent]? It was good with a great message too.

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