BLAINESWORLD #776, Section 2, part 2

Walter in North Carolina:

Oh, looking for good juggling? 🙂 I met these kids and got to pass 8 clubs with Olga.

More stuff…


Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

As I got older I liked a lot of groups in the 70s. In fact we had a band and played a number of our favorite group’s songs. We would listen to the songs over and over to make sure we learned the parts correctly of each song. And in the process we got to know each group and each member/musician and how they played, etc. But just curious . . . id you ever know the names of the other musicians in the Turtles back then? Besides flo and Eddie, I can’t say I remembered or knew any of them, esp since they were from the 60s. Like see attached clip. Did you know any of them or do you know their names? Neat clip too. Enjoy!! Have you seen this one?


Pat and I then went back and forth via email, adding more clips from the Turtles–arguably the greatest rock band of all time.

Here’s he same song from 2010:

Plus, another song from a 2010 show:

And of course, “Happy Together”……first from 1967:

and in 2010:

I did not know all the names in the Turtles, so I did some research and came up with this excellent account:

Pat then wrote back to say:

Click through your Wikipedia site below and go to the turtles web site and click on the east coast performance reqiurements contract. Read it through. Ha!!! I’m thinking that the requirements may cost more than hiring them Ha!!!

Here’s what I found:

As is often the case, Pat is on target. I’m surprised that anybody does ever hire them.


Three classic Lucille Ball clips:

* I Love Lucy – Vitameatavegamin

* I Love Lucy – The Candy Wrapping Job

I LOVE LUCY – “The Ballet” – 1952 I


For those having a bad day . . .

send them this to make them feel better . . . or view it yourself, if need be?


Michael in Pennsylvania:

Things People Pass Around


Micah Solomon, a customer speaker and author (

Michele Bachmann’s Devastating Command of Yiddish


Jean in Pennsylvania:

Laughter Therapy; Say Hello to Giggles! [directed toward women]

Before you begin your day, look in the mirror and start hysterically laughing. You are going to feel like a raging lunatic and butthead at first, but then it actually becomes hilarious and you will be producing tears of laughter.


The Hop’s got your goat (about one of our favorite ice cream places in Asheville)


Great insight into the state of the economy:


Borowitz rocks!

Why I like him: he is funny, but not necessarily mean-spirited . . . and he takes on all parties.

You can sign-up for his stuff for FREE:


Catherine in Texas:

Your posting of The Green Thing found its way into my blog with credit for your sharing.

Thanks! Our TerraScena project is located west of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. You can connect with TerraScena on FB.

TerraScena: The Green Thing


Jean in Pennsylvania:

Need inspiration? Try this.
Young golfer doesn’t accept blindness as handicap | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/09/2011


Jess in Florida:

Here’s the link to the print [mentioned in last week’s issue]:

Up Close and Personal Art Print by A.W.Photography by Jessica Palotas | Society6
Part of my 365 Day Project.​apalotas/Up-Close-and-Pers​onal-7v0_Print


Dick in North Carolina:

Wonderful list [on senior discounts]. You can add Earthfare on Hendersonville Rd.


Terry in North Carolina:

Bi-Lo gives 5% off on Wednesdays to seniors 55 & older. You need to apply for a special bonus card.


Catherine in Massachusetts:

Thanks for the Senior Discount info–very timely as usual!



Zeolites (z-life) and Miracle Mineral Solution MMS removes Viruses. The later in very small amounts.One drop is what I heard my Doctor friend recommend to a patient who was very sick. Amazing products.Hope this helps.


Sandy in Pennsylvania:

My dentist friends from Phila. have a RIFE machine and they say it is worth trying.


Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

Went to an acupuncturist a few years ago. Excellent! I highly recommend it. Sad, but some people can’t get past the needle thoughts. I had all kinds of respiratory issues. I also took my daughter who had major bad allergies. Acupuncurist helped me and but really helped my daughter. We really saw a difference in her allergies. Not cured, but much much better. And it made you feel great!!!!! No real proof, but I think women benefit more from acupuncture than men. No real reason I say this other than when I went to the acupuncturists office, it seemed like it was always loaded with women patients. Again no proof, but I got the feeling the acupuncturist helped big time with women and PMS and menopause issues. The only problem was that the acupuncturist was very expensive and insurance did not pay for it at all. Sad. I think each office visit was like $ 65.00. And that could add up quickly. Laughing here, but no joke.. I suspect that being an acupuncturist could be a very lucrative career. FYI, it was tough to even get an appointment. I actually went to one in Doylestown. And it was always crowded. And you had to schedule an apt that wasn’t always convenient. FYI.. there was never any pain from the needles. None at all. They are very tiny. In fact I never felt them at all. All I can says is after I left the office I always felt great!!!!!!!!!! Again, no real proof, but judging from the type cars in the parking log, the clothes, jewelry, etc., it seemed most of her women patients were rich or very well off. And it kind of struck me that these women were paying for a “high” that they could legally get from the acupuncture. Ha! Again, no disrespect and no real proof, other than they seemed much much happier after they left her office.


THANKS to Kathryn in North Carolian for suggesting the name of a local person to call about Lyme’s disease.

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