BLAINESWORLD #777, Section 2, part 2

Natalie in Pennsylvania:

I don’t know if you saw what I recently posted on Facebook or not, but I came across a youtube video of Bernadette Peters singing a song and was blown away by her performance. I’m not sure how to get it to you, but I would highly recommend you letting your readers know about it and your including the link in your next newsletter. I know they will thank you for it. It’s one of the most passionate and sensitive renditions of a song I’ve seen in a long time. Let me know what you think. It’s a Sondheim song called “Not a Day Goes By”. I haven’t been able to stop watching it and thinking about it and yes, singing it.



What a great rendition of the song; thanks, Natalie, for sharing!

For some reason, it reminded me of this version of “Unusual Way,” sung by Streisand:


Marcie in Pennsylvania:

This is what I do on snowy days. Sit in my PJ’s surfing around on Utube and Broadway sites like the theater geek I am. You must have seen Lin-Manuel Miranda’s (multi Tony winner for In The Heights) real life wedding serenade, To Life, from Fiddler? That’s one of my favs. Most of the people viewing have no idea these are for real Broadway stars doing this.


Scott in Pennsylvania:

Since I have been waxing nostalgic, this one is for Martha, my wife, who is ‘still the one’.
Orleans – Still The One -with lyrics


Tim in West Virginia:

Watch this new pool being installed. Simply amazing!
Modern technology, so quick and simple, no more spraying or the other methods used to install pools.
No backyard too tight or closed in that you can’t have a pool.
With the recent heat and humidity of last week, this is a godsend.
Pool installation is simple and compact – ready to hook up when set in.


Marie in New Jersey:

My favorite Elvis tune — posted on the anniversary of his passing. Ironically, Jim’s favorite shake at Planet Smoothie is the “Chocolate Elvis” (I don’t have to tell you how delish it is. It’s the highest calorie shake of all!) LOL 🙂
Elvis – Suspicious Minds


Bob in New Jersey:


Share it with someone who needs a laugh.


George in Pennsylvania, part 1:

I know you are a fan of marketing strategy. This is a good one.

Do Your Clients Know How Much You Care? (Or Will They Cheat On You With A Competitor?)


George in Pennsylvania, part 2:

Rehearsing for a fitness video with certified trainer and acting friend, Lisa Kobak. Karla Kay on flip video! Basically it was a six hour workout between rehearsing and shooting the moves. I can confidently say that if you need a trainer, Lisa Kobak should be yor first choice.


George in Pennsylvania, part 3:

Three part series with photographer Rex Alfes on the 8 x 10 photo.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Bob in North Carolina:

Nice tracks for the Turtles [last week’s issue]. They were always just a bit too cleany-clean and nice for me. Same with the Beatles, which is why my taste always ran more to The Stones, the Animals, the Kinks, etc. I did like the Hollies, who were less dark than the other preferences I stated and more like the Turtles in that regard.

Here’s a YouTube link to their stuff:

Also, here’s the Wiki link:

I was in to black R & B back then, and preferred originals to the Hollies’ covers, as I did with the Beatles’ covers of R & B originals. Check out Maurice and the Zodiacs doing “Stay” vs. the Hollies or even Jackson Brown, who I really like.

Maurice and the Zodiacs:

The Hollies

Jackson Brown


Bill in Pennsylvania, commenting on something I wrote:

I wrote: This book [RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION] will get you thinking, regardless of your political orientation . . . it starts off with an account of the author’s liberal upbringing and then explains how and why he shifted his focus

Bill response: Don’t you mean “how he lost his way?’ Or why he turned to the “Dark side of the Force?”


Andy in Pennsylvania:

BTW: It was good to see you Andrew Breitbart’s book. I loved it!


Moving map of US

What a great refresher course.

Probably the best capsule of the history of our country ever put together. It’s fascinating to watch the evolution of growth from the 13 colonies up to the present, with dates, wars, purchases, etc. included. As much as you may know about American history, I guarantee you’ll learn something from this short video clip.

This “moving” map of the country, shows it from the beginning of the 13 states through the present. It includes the acquisitions from England and Spain, the Slave states, the Free states, a segment on the Civil war, it includes some mentions of Central and South America, etc.

It also shows the Indian Nations as they were during the Indian Wars: Modac, Miwok, Mujave, Nez Perce, Flat Head, Crow, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Navajo, Apache, Dakota, Sioux, Kiowa, Wichita and Comanche.
A great site, especially if you enjoy American history, but have forgotten a lot of what we learned in school. Turn on your sound, as the narration is a significant portion of the presentation.

Click on the next line. (When it opens, don’t click on Go at the bottom …. click on Play at the top.)


Jerry in Pennsylvania:

I looked at the websites that you mentioned in your newsletter [last week] and had some good laughs…..the Amazing Christopher is very funny.


Kimberly in North Carolina:

Highly recommend you and Cynthia see “The Help,” which opened last night if you have not already seen it. Outstanding movie!!! Ted said that it is quite possibly the best movie he has ever seen!


Bob in North Carolina:

On cd’s, you may want to check out for choice, hard to find, and price. Good location.


Lana in Ohio:

Congrats on the improved blood test results!!! hurrah


Marianne in Pennsylvania:

I’m glad to see you’re hard work in your diet changes have paid-off! Numbers look great! Glad that you’re feeling so well!


Terri in Pennsylvania:

Yay! Great news on the healthy numbers!!


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