BLAINESWORLD #782, Section 2, part 2

Hamsters Kia Soul – VMA 2011 Commercial



Hit the play button and wait 20 seconds. Make sure to watch the film past the credits. Enjoy!

After running on over 100 festivals BOB finally reached Vimeo with his little running wheel. We would like to thank everyone who enjoyed the film, voted for us on festivals and gave us a laugh during the screenings. It’s an incredible feeling to make people happy.

This was the first time we created an 3d animated movie during our studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg and we would have never thought that it became that successful.
There are a lot of things we would have done differently nowadays but for a small team, six months and almost no knowledge of the software, we are proud with the result and finally want to share it with everyone.


Connecticut HS football game produces ridiculous TD pass


Abbott & Costello – The Niagara Falls Sketch (“Slowly I Turned”)


Reuben in New York:

Reba and I have not been able to receive your column because it is too long to be accepted on our Apple computer. I don’t have to tell you that we have missed not only your clever and informative writings, but also our connection with you. WHETHER THIS CAN BE CORRECTED OR NOT, REBA AND I WANT TO SEND YOU AND YOUR DEAR WIFE OUR BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND JOYOUS NEW YEAR.

LET ME KNOW: Is this happening to anybody else; e.g., with Apple computers? This is the first I heard about it. If so, please let me know. As I wrote Reuben, issues can also be accessed via . . . the most current issue usually pops up; older issues can be found to the left.


Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

Yikes our kids are in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!


Dianne in North Carolina:

This is from my brother who was a Navy carrier pilot and a commercial pilot. He now is retired and lives in a motor home in the Phoenix area when he isn’t traveling. He certainly had a close call recently!


I was in Reno for the Navy Tailhook reunion and then went to the air races for the entire week in my motor home with a parking spot only a few minutes walk from the grandstands and with the front facing the race so I could see a lot from inside the coach and even more on the roof. Since I’d never attended prior, I went all out and purchased a BOX SEAT and pit pass for the entire week.

Monday were qualifying laps so I did go and find my box seat but did not stay as there were very few people around and it was boring. As a matter of fact, I found the races to be very boring after watching fifty laps or so during the day which began in earnest on Wednesday. I did spent time looking at the static displays and going into the pit area. Come Friday, I was thinking that I had not been in my box seat even once during the week as I found watching the races from my coach or while walking around the aircraft just fine. So, since I paid big bucks for the box seat and had not used it, decided to spend the afternoon there on Friday especially because there was going to be a F/A-18 demo and the 6 plane civilian Patriot jet flight demo team comprised mostly of former Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. That’s what I did. However, by the end of the day I was hot and really bored so decided to leave and not watch the last race.

Left my seat slightly before the race started. Short walk to my coach, entered, looked out at race (slightly blocked by a low hangar) and saw an a/c at approximately 500 mph doing a horrendous pull-up, I’m guessing around 8 g’s or so. Additionally, it veered to the right when the usual path is up and left after a race of if having a problem. Thought about going outside to look as it appeared it might be over me. Decided not to and then heard a mild, thud. Had the FM radio on as the race announcer is carried there as well as the PA system at the stands. Next was his voice telling everyone to stay down and not get up. Many more words followed and it was apparent there had been an accident.

Now the kicker! Guess where he crashed? You got it. Right where I had been sitting only 15 minutes or less before!

Been thinking how ironic, 38 years flying without a scratch and almost killer by an aircraft as a bystander.

I know nothing more than what you know from the news. Ten dead as of this morning and still many seriously injured.

I’m guessing that’s the end of the Reno Air Races.

Gary aka Cyclops


Steven in North Carolina (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):

Wanted: seeking a mentor-teacher who can assist in the direction of writing a play based upon future NY Times Best Seller memoir “My Uncle Gloria”. This writer/author knows what his Protasis, Epitasis and Catastrophe, or story development will be. I can be reached @ 828-484-9999 305-710-9499.


Pat A. in Pennsylvnia (commenting on being named last week’s BLAINESWORLD BEST AWARD winner):

Ahem . . . (tap, tap, is this thing on?) . . . I’d like to thank the Academy for this award, all my family, friends who have been so supportive . . . the No. 2 Pencil Company, who gave me my first lead, Sharpie Pen Manufacturing for the indelible mark they left on my career, and the Foundation for the Advancement of Liquid Paper White-Out (FALPWO), without whom my rampant indecisiveness would be visible to all the world.

Thank you so very much for this honor, Blaine!


Lana in Ohio:

Yet another wonderful issue . . . and I am a fan of Pat’s cartoons . . . I get one every Monday.


Rick in North Carolina:

Ok, tell me how you have the time to go to all the plays, movies and events that you report about in the newsletter?? You must be out every night!!!

RESPONSE: Not ever night, but Cynthia and I do like doing stuff. And this area is so great for just that.


Nancy in Pennsylvania:

Here’s your Irish nursing home!!

NOTE: My kind of place!

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