BLAINESWORLD #783, Section 2, part 2

Katherine Sandoval Taylor sings “Bill” from Show Boat by Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein, in the 2011 Musical Revue “Katherine Sandoval Taylor & Friends” at SART.

And also:

The Grass Is Always Greener (Woman of the Year) – Katherine Sandoval Taylor and Liz Aiello


Check out Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes


Edie in Pennsylvania:

Listening to one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year, Susan Werner, “May I Suggest.”


Torture (a cute comic):


Marilynne in North Carolina:

Check out “Jake’s Ride” in the WSJ, I don’t subscribe to the Journal but I know about the Silverman’s wonderful foundation. It’s inspiring to see what people can do.



Ken in New York:

This same chap [featured in the website in Section 7A of BLAINESWORLD #782] goes to red light districts and prostitutes . . . really quite charming. Like a Henry Ford assembly line.

NOTE: I assume that Ken, as he usually does, is joking . . . but in reality, only God knows, and she doesn’t tell us!


Linda in Pennsylvania [commenting on Section 6 in BLAINESWORLD #782]:

LOL! Very cute!! Thanks! Here’s one for you:

Two hookers on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach are talking.
One says, “I made $500 so far tonight”.
The other says, “Gross?”.
The first hooker replies, “no, Schwartz”!


John in Pennsylvania:

A nice animal story for once,0,5856877.column


Pat H. in Pennsylvania:

Just curious: Do people comment on these [comments in Section 2, part 2 of each week’s BLAINESWORLD] as much as they used to when they were part of the newsletter and they did not have to click on to them like the do now?

FYI… passed the recipe on the apple crack cake to Gloria.

RESPONSE: As always, Pat raises a good question. I’d be interested in other opinions on this topic. That said, I found in the past that few folks commented on this section–even when I put it in the front of the newsletter. I also have heard the comment that the newsletter used to be too long . . . and they prefer the somewhat shorter version I am now sending out. FYI: If I were to include all of comments from Section 2, part 2, as well as those from Section 12, it would add a good 10-12 pages to each week’s issue.


Pat H. in Pennsylvania, again:

Thought you may enjoy. Maybe you know some of these places? Maybe some are near you? Something to keep handy in case you get visitors you don’t want coming to stay in your house or if you have too many visitors at one time?

NOTE: Also, this looks to be an excellent website to check for anybody else visiting; i.e., readers of this missive who we don’t know personally.


Deb in Colorado:

I am at work, grateful to have a job…feeling relatively sane and defintely rested. Tip of the day…Whole Foods instant oatmeal with flax seeds (365 brand so it is less expensive than their $500 oatmeal) is the best instant oatmeal EVAH. Little pack of splenda and you’ll think you’re in steel cut oats heaven…really…not kidding!


Lucas in North Carolina (with information about his company)

Farside Films is a student production company located in Asheville North Carolina consisting of Leader Lucas Gregg and Assistant Dumaine Babcock. We specialize in all aspects of production for short films, commercials, promotional videos, documentaries, weddings, and music videos. We also offer professional production & photography crew for any event, as well as fast and efficient editorial services for all types of footage. We can work with any budget so contact us for more information!

NOTE: I’ve worked with Lucas. He is the best!


Sandy in Pennsylvania:

AND GOD CREATED HOPE [by Mel Glazer, the author of the piece in Section 12 in BLAINESWORLD #782] . . . I bought this when my two dogs died as I desperately needed some ‘counseling’. It was a comfort to me and helped me tremendously. The Rabbi also offered to talk if I wanted. I highly recommend this book and also commend the Rabbi for his great humanity with people.

NOTE: I agree; Rabbi Glazer rocks. In case you missed his piece last week, go back and read it. Also, if you visit his website, you can read the first chapter of the aforementioned book and sign up for his newsletter . . .


Sandy in Pennsylvania, again:

The new Charlies Angels: it left me a little cold. Actresses were stiff, plot was okay for the premiere, but I don’t think I will care about any of them the way I did with the original girls. These girls seem too young – or is it me being too old this time? LOL!


Kandi in Nevada:

I am excited for the first time in a long time about the fall line up on tv. I enjoyed the X-Factor for the fact it pulls at the heart strings. Unbelievable talent they have found. I enjoyed Revenge…Body of Proof..Grey’s Anatomy…and of course.., Dancing with the Stars. It was tricky setting the DVR for all the new series.

I have never watched Two and a half men but now that Kutcher is on, I may set the DVR for that too.


Jean in Pennsylvania:

It [PAN AM] was slow getting started, but the last third or so was the best. Interesting plot about the sisters, the spy, and the mysterious Bridget. Ken pointed out that Mad Men took a bit getting going, too.

I don’t think the hair and makeup look as authentic as they do on Mad Men. Editing and writing aren’t as “tight” and the characters need to be more developed. But there will never be another Mad Men. I enjoyed it and will tune in again. Makes for a late night since it pushes back my viewing of Breaking Bad until 11. But that show has just two more episodes this season.

One of my Facebook connections – Christopher Markunas, whom I “met” through Allen Hoey on Facebook as they grew up together – is a set builder in New York City and has been working on the Pan Am set at Steiner Studios for several months now. His posts made me curious about the show.


Deb in Colorado:

We saw it [MONEYBALL] last night. We loved it!!!!!!!


Jim in Pennsylvania:

I agree: great movie [MONEYBALL]! I liked Pitt and his multiple scenes of him eating. Jonah Hill was really excellent.


Clay in North Carolina:

The Two Escobars is one the best documentaries I have ever seen. If you like soccer you will love this. If you can’t stand soccer you will still enjoy it. It’s the true story of Costa Rica soccer and the drug culture that corrupted it in the late 80’s early 90’s. Remember Valderama? Let me know what you think.

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