BLAINESWORLD #788, Section 2, part 2

If you’re seriously “into” Halloween, click the Boris Karloff version of this classic song . . . . . . if you still want more, also check out: 1. A great version done by Vincent Price, beginning at the 2:07 mark . . . . . . 2. Another great version & video . . . . . . and lastly, 3. Bobby Picket doing the original version . . .


Joe in New York:

Check out this spec ad I’m in for Bassano Hard Soda. You get to see my face melt. Sorta. HaHa It was shot in Atlanta with a green screen and all. A very fun shoot and some super cool people!


Marleen in North Carolina:

Amazing Grace by Wintley Phipps


Walter in North Carolina:

Uhmmm… yeah, check this out.

Captivating animated video of a woman walking…..


How not to celebrate a goal in hockey


Scott in Pennsylvania:

Allan Sherman – Hello Muddah Hello Faddah (1963)


Scott in Pennsylvania, again:

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah


Natalie in Pennsylvania:

This is hilarious, but too true.

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder


Nelson in North Carolina:

What a beautiful, articulate summary of my own views acquired along my life’s journey. And related by one of the brightest minds of our time.


Tim in West Virginia:

The perfect meatball recipe. Personally… I woulda put some “Sweet Basil” in the meat mixture!


Joe in Florida:

Your publication is refreshing. I need to start living my retirement rather than worry about what tomorrow brings. Will try to steal a page from your book.

LHS reunion Oct 6, 20i2. I might get to that one.

Still thinking about visiting Asheville at some point.


Joe in Florida, again (on some back and forth we had on the film MONEYBALL):

Although I respect the new age thinking of Billy Beane in revolutionizing a way to get value out of the market without having deep pockets the 2002 A’s success was more due to the three outstanding pitchers they had (Mulder, Zito, Hudson) all who were not discovered through sabermetric scouting and went on the lucrative free agent contracts. Beane did get a lot out of a small payroll but it was the right combination of players performing cohesively as a team.

I returned to the book a few days ago after having read it two times (because it gets technical) and saw the list of so called eight undervalued players drafted in the aforementioned 2002 draft through sabermetric evaluation. I then went on a site called where you can get the entire career of any professional baseball player. Only one of those eight players ever made it to the Major Leagues (John Baker/Florida Marlins). Many of the others washed out after the 2006 season.

As an associate scout for the Tampa Bay Rays, I have rubbed elbows with many of the grizzled veterans of the profession who have spent timeless days at their craft. Scouting is more sophisicated today than in 1980 where there Mets head guy did not get into the head of a Billy Beane to find out he was reluctant to play professional baseball and had a fear of failure that greatly impacted his performance. Today’s prospects go throuhh intense psychological evaluations given the amount of money being potentially spent on them.

I scouted a High school senior named Matt Latos from Coconut Creek HS in Florida. He is now a top pitcher with the San Diego Padres. As a senior he was in the top 50 prospects to be drafted, a can’t miss Round 1 or high round two guy. I had heard the kid had a real attitude problem and volatile personality which I observed first hand on four occasions. I sent an evaluation to my area scout to tell him what I saw. Turns out the kid’s stock dropped to 10th round (300 players picked before him) and the reason given in Baseball America was almost verbatim of what I had written in my report.

Money ball is a good story and created a new way of thinking about how to construct of team but good old five tool scouting is still alive and well.


Michah in Pennsylvania:

Thanks for [recommending] “buck”- what an amazing movie.


Bill in Pennsylvania:

My daughter’s high school (Bensalem H.S.) did Putnam County Spelling Bee her junior year. She was the stage manager. They put out the call for celebrity guest spellers and one of the students remembered that Tony Danza was shooting a reality TV series about him doing teaching at Northeast High School in Northeast Philadelphia. She wrote to Mr. Danza and asked him if he would consider being in their production. To everyone’s surprise, he said yes. He was the guest speller on Thursday followed by the Bensalem Director of Public Safety on Friday evening. Saturday’s matinee featured State Representative Gene DiGirolamo and Saturday’s evening performance had one of the vice-pincipals in the role as a celebrity speller. The other spellers were people from the audience. The students did a great job in putting on this very entertaining musical and I was proud of Rachel as stage manager. As far as “kinnikinnick” ….you should have used your magic foot.


Pat H. in Pennsylvania (commenting on the recent Hardlox Festival in Asheville):

Just curious.. Is Asheville home to many Jewish folk? Seems they are which is a nice thing. But no disrespect Asheville seems like a southern Bible belt type place, no?… Not necessarilly a place that I would think many Jewish people seek out. Same for Irish… ???

RESPONSE: Asheville has an eclectic range of folks, including those who are Jewish. There are presently three temples, plus a very active Jewish Community Center. In fact, Asheville is the smallest city in the country with its own Center. As for the Irish, I don’t know the exact numbers . . . but I imagine there are quite a few.


Carol in Florida:

I hope Cynthia is okay. Please tell me she doesn’t have lyme disease.


Ken in New York:

I”m really impressed that you ate at Craftbar- one of the more interesting restaurants in town. The picture of Risa looks great!


Sistine Chapel

Here is an amazing bit of technology that you would never see in person, and yo u would NEVER be alone in the room. It is ALWAYS VERY CROWDED and of course you can’t see Michelangelo’s artwork close up as you can here. This is especially spectacular if you have a large high-definition screen!


In the lower left, click on the plus (+) to move closer, on the minus (-) to move away. Choir is thrown in free.


This virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel is incredible. Apparently done by Villanova at the request of the Vatican.

Thought you would enjoy the quality and a bit of Rome on your computer. Amazing what can be done with technology.

Click on this link:


Joe in Pennsylvania:

Have you read “the art of non-conformity” by Chris Gillebeau? You might enjoy that one.


Joyce in New Jersey:

Marty and I have eaten in the Diner at the airport [Garden State Diner in the Newark Airport] on several occasions. Surprisingly it is not a bad meal.


Edie in Pennsylvania:

Read an excerpt from The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary in Wisdom Magazine.


Vilassi in New Jersey:

It is interesting that some are literal translations of the phrases from the local language…e.g. Eat my head is north, west and may east. So you will hear it more from the folks who live there and speak those languages.

10 classic Indianisms: ‘Doing the needful’ and more


Marty in Pennsylvania:

We have been there [It’s Nuts} a few times for breakfast and dinner. We should go there more often if only for the tomato pie. Just like Trenton’s best.


J in Nevada (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):

I am trying to refinance my car loan which has a high interest rate and monthly payment. Have about 2 1/2 more years and $8000 balance. Tried my credit union, but they said I didn’t have enough credit lines open (had Ch 7 discharged over 1 year ago). Another credit union confirmed that this is not unusual. Appears that the car is worth about $9000. Alternatively, I am open to buying another car (either new or used), trade in my current car, and get financing to include the payoff of the current car loan.

Any ideas? Please respond to:


Chris in Pennsylvania:

Saw it [COURAGEOUS] twice – excellent movie!

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