BLAINESWORLD #793, Section 2, part 2

B. Other:

(1) Ingrid in Pennsylvania: Stumpy [pictured in last week’s edition] would make a nice addition to your family Blaine. Looks like a hound/golden mix. Your picture with Olivia Newtown John is also, nice but I think Stumpy takes the cake. 🙂

(2) Janet in New Jersey: Thanks for the remembering Harry Nilsson, what a voice.

(3) Howard in Florida: Thanks for the recommendation on the “Hugo” movie; we’d been debating whether to see it. I have a home theater set up and often wait until movies are available for home viewing; For something like Harry Potter, I enjoy going to see something like that at an Imax theater. I like my movie experience to be as close to “total immersion” as possible. My proclivities in this regard also propel my interest in simulation, virtual and augmented reality. I am particularly interested in the impact of “environment” on people, Are you familiar with the work of Sherry Turkle of MIT, particularly her books “Second Self” and her most recent “Alone Together”? I think it is important to recognize and evaluate the potential impact of technology on us as individuals and as it affects our human interaction. Pretty deep stuff for your weekend consideration, huh!

(4) Marilynne in North Carolina: This [Who reads what] is great! I read BLAINESWORLD, what goes that say about me?

HOW I REPLIED: You are intelligent . . . no, make that . . . extremely intelligent! And that comment applies to anybody else who reads this missive.

(5) Jane in California: Well I’ve been using your wonderful weight loss program for about a week now and I must say the results have been spectacular. But this morning, I got into the shower and I was all set to shampoo, when lo and behold, the bottle of Dawn was empty. “Oh no, “ I thought. So I quickly dashed out of the shower to look through my under-the-sink cabinets in the hopes of finding a suitable replacement product. After quickly rummaging through the array of products, I found a toilet bowl cleaner with an utterly fabulous “diet” name……VANISH. How perfect! I rushed back into the shower with true delight. With a name like that, I was convinced that I would surely be looking like Angelina Jolie by the end of the day. So I put on a generous supply, and you just wouldn’t believe what disappeared!!! OMG! (LOL). Thanks for the humor.

(6) Karen in North Carolina: A sad fate for a lot of great dogs. To put a death sentence on any breed should be looked at as a hate crime and genocide. Not fair. Please sign the petition:

(7) Marleen in North Carolina: Here’s one to applaud . . . How I Spent Black Friday: Selling–Not Buying–Patagonia Fleece on eBay–Selling—-Not-Buying—-Patagonia-Fleeces-on-eBay.html?soid=1102699471585&aid=yhSTOGA8jjg

(8) Scott in Pennsylvania: Fox Business Report Says ‘The Muppets’ is Brainwashing Kids Against Capitalism and the Oil Industry

HOW I REPLIED: Thanks for sharing. My take: Great film. And by seeing it, I supported capitalism!

(9) Phyllis in New Jersey: As you know I love getting your newsletter. I also know that you like giving your readers great finds that you discover. There are now social media magazines that would be of great value to your readers. I put the following blurb in my monthly newsletter and thought you might want to do the same. I know you have a large number of readers who could benefit.

A gift for you–Social Media Magazines

So many clients want to learn more about social media. Four social media magazines were just published. I’ve been told they are the only meaningful social media magazines focused exclusively on helping small, medium sized business owners, and entrepreneurs, maximize ethical opportunities and advantages with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

They’re all yours. Buy them on the street they’ll cost you $8 a copy. You can now have a year subscription to all four for free.

Here’s where you go to get them:

(10) Sandy in Pennsylvania: Go get STUMPY! I can tell right away it’s the dog for you! Awesome!

(11) Bettina in New York: Now with you and Olivia, that’s something right up my Aussie alley.
She looks amazing, so well preserved!

HOW I REPLIED: She should look good; after all, she’s 100. (Or at least that’s what she said–while laughing–at the recent presentation in our community.)

(12) Jess in New York (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): Hi everyone,

On January 4th I turn 30 years old, and as I look back, it’s almost half my lifetime ago that it was questionable whether I’d live to see 17. But I made it through, despite a few extra up’s and downs, and I feel lucky in more ways than one. It’s the people you meet that make life worth living, and I feel fortunate to have met you along the way.

I never know what to do about my birthday or what to ask for, but this year the one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to help in some way. I want to make sure that as many people as possible not only get to reach their 30th birthday, but live to triple that. As many of you know, I’m a two-time survivor of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and it’s a cause that’s very close to my heart.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society partnered with me to create a page for my birthday. Please consider donating $30 (or more–go wild!) to help fund research that was instrumental in helping save me and will help the many others out there who are still fighting.

You can go directly to the page here:

And read the story here:

(13) Jack in Pennsylvania: Thank you for mentioning my name as the winner of the quit smoking book in your missive.

I attended my class last week and this is sort of a take on the remark by Groucho.

We were told by the priest/teacher that when he was on retreat, he was asked to visualize that he was on his death bed and what did he wish he changed before it was too late. He said that he immediately thought of his relationship with his dad. He said his dad was always fixing things for him like when his car would break down and he never really thanked him. He said that he immediately changed his attitude with his father and luckily he did because his father died a year and a half later.

My wife and I started having dinner with our grown kids at our house on Tuesday evenings beginning last night… and what a difference that has made already.

(14) Jean in Pennsylvania: Evil Amazon at it again

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