BLAINESWORLD #794, Section 2, part 2

B. Other:

(1) Ange in Pennsylvania: I think the song So Happy Together by the Turtles is one of your favorites. If so, have you seen the new Traveler’s Insurance commercial where the dogs become a couple and they are catching bones together and robbing hotdogs from the meat market. And then one day the male dog comes home and finds the girl dog surrounded by puppies. It is so cute.

MY REQUEST: If any reader can find a clip for the above and send it along, I’d be most appreciative!

(2) Robin in Pennsylvania: Love that Bill Maher quote about tweeting! Thanks for sharing.

(3) Kaleo in Indiana with a gift idea for the holidays . . . CDs of her music:

(4) Fred in North Carolina: If you become a member of WCQS [public broadcasting station in Asheville] for $120, you not only support the radio station that you probably most listen to but also can take the $120 as a tax deduction. Additionally, you get a card with 2/1 dining, etc. privileges in Asheville equivalent to the WNC Insider card and restaurants, etc and also in Charlotte, Triad, Triangle, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, etc.

(5) Natalie in Pennsylvania: I received this bit today and wanted to share it with all of you.

Jerome Downes, the executive accountable for Asia for Landmark Education, died on December 25, 2009. There was a quote on the back of his photo that was handed out at his memorial service as a remembrance. The following is excerpted from the last night of the Landmark Forum that he led in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2009 to 2,000 people.

“It is really possible to create your life, and have a magical life. When I die, I won’t die having a reputation associated with money, because my life is not about that. Landmark is not about that. I like money. I know how to make money. It’s not a big enough game to me. Contributing, finding something to contribute, being able to contribute transformation for people is what inspires me. We, the Landmark Forum Leaders, don’t want to be known as good speakers – we want to be known as people who can contribute something that makes a difference for people. If you have a chance to look back on your life, you’ve got to ask this question: What difference have I made? Was my life just about what I wanted, or did I contribute and make a difference to others? I’m going to tell you the secret pathway to happiness. Find something you can contribute. While the world may tell you that money is going to make you happy or material possessions are going to make you happy, do not be fooled. Whatever it is to contribute, to make a difference – that can make a difference in your life.

“Here is your homework assignment.

“Go make the world work. Get your family to work. Get your company to work. Get your community to work. Get your country to work. If it’s not you, who is it going to be? If this is not it, when is it going to be it? I invite you to sort out your life right now. Choose what your life is going to be about. Who you are is a huge opportunity to make a difference.”

(6) Dina in North Carolina: Thanks for the great tips [from last week’s issue about saving money in Asheville and elsewhere], Blaine!

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