BLAINESWORLD #795, Section 2, part 2

B. Other:

(1) Barbara in Pennsylvania: My (the curmudgeonette speaking!) response: There is a reason why very few people (less than 10) have my cell phone number! I am very much against talking or texting while driving, probably because I’m old enough to remember party lines, one phone in the house (and no “extensions”), no call waiting…when the world didn’t even have answering machines—for the kids out there, that’s old-fashioned voicemail. If you couldn’t reach someone by phone, either because the line was in use or no one answered, you called back later. What could possibly be so important that it must be discussed NOW? We’ve turned into a society intent on instant gratification, where “wait” has left the building. Even at home, if the phone (including cell) rings and it’s inconvenient for me to answer, the caller can leave a message.

For the record, I’m also against DVD players in cars. Children can read (a real book, with real pages—not a Nook or a Kindle), play games, or practice the lost art of conversation. And in the vehicles where the monitor is mounted over the windshield, it keeps the driver’s eyes on the road.

(2) Warren in New Jersey: I support it. I am in favor of small government, and I support individual rights, especially my right to be protected from the kuckleheaded drivers who don’t have enough sense to know that they are driving a potentially lethal weapon if not handled with all due safety precautions, including giving their full attention to what is going on in the road around them, rather than diverting their attention to a cell phone or some other electronic device. If people can’t figure out on their own that they should not (and do not need to) text or talk on a phone while driving, then I favor a mandated ban on such behavior to enlighten them.

(3) Pat in California: AGREED reL The Descendants….. LOVED the “Teenagers” poster..!!!

(4) Angie in Pennsylvania: In your next newsletter (before the end of the year) can you list your top 10 movies of: all time? and 2011?

RESPONSE: My favorite films can be found by clicking this link from my website:

While there, you’ll find several from 2011–including MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

(5) Unlimited play from large classical collection. Free 14-day trial.

(6) Kathy in Michigan: Great pictures ………Love , Patience ,Understanding , Silence, Submission , there are many things that make up a marriage … was married for 45 yrs and with him since I was 14. I’m 63 now, and he’s gone but the love is still there and always will be.

(7) Flickr has picked the best photos of 2011

25 Jan 2011 Egypt Revolution

(8) Jean in Pennsylvania: To anyone who wants to catch up on PAN AM:

(9) Sarah in North Carolina: Why Creative People Are Eccentric

(10) Risa O in New Jersey (with an special offer for BLAINESWORLD readers): Blaine, you are such an amazing connector and person who really reached people. I would be truly honored and appreciative if you would share this page with your readers in any way you feel is a nice way to do it… I’m working especially this weekend on building it up – BECAUSE on Christmas Morning I will give away SEVERAL free wellness coaching sessions in a fun kind of way…. Much thanks and a very happy holiday wish for you and all.
Count on Yourself Coaching
Risa Olinsky, M.A. LLC offers personal lifestyle and wellness coaching for groups and individuals, consulting to corporations and municipalities for health and wellness programs. A highly motivational presenter, she will spark energy into events, conferences and educational seminars.

(11) Steven in North Carolina (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): Do you know anyone who has extra frequent flier miles with Delta or US Air and they’d consider selling / transferring them for cash? Flights from South Fl to AVL are outrageous. Even going to Charlotte or GSP is expensive. If so, have him or her respond to:

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