BLAINESWORLD #796, Section 2, part 2

B. Other:

(1) Rick in North Carolina: Happy Holidays to you and yours. Enjoyed the article about the Grateful Dead . . . I’ll check it out. Perhaps there is a message there for SART…honor your fans and customer base.

(2) Bob in North Carolina: Joey’s New York bagels in Hendersonville on Rt. 191 (Brevard Rd.) at Rt. 25 (Hendersonville Rd.) Bialys too! Also, ask for Don in the deli section at the Ingles on Long Shoals Rd. near Biltmore Park. He makes really good hot and cold subs.

(3) Liz in Colorado: [My] Cocoa Candy Cane marshmallows were a huge hit at Christmas. You could make them for any occasion though really…. marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate, then rolled in crushed candy canes. Fridge for an hour. Put in a cute tin and.. done! Yum yum yum

(4) Joe in Nevada: Some of  your replies remind me of a story about people like myself…..where there were 2 lines you could choose to be in:
one line was for people entering Heaven 
and the other was a line for Information on entering Heaven.
and of course, I would  first choose to  get in the line for Information on entering Heaven! 
so….I think I need to take more action and less thinking/analyzing and perfecting!

thanks a bunch, Blaine!

NOTE: If any reader can locate the above story, I’d very much appreciate being sent a copy.

(5) Catherine in Texas: Wrote to you a couple of years ago wanting to know about Asheville. Still have not gotten there, but enjoy your weekly news and the best source of jokes I have.

(6) Bill in Pennsylvania (asking about the warning in last week’s issue): Can you please tell me which Lowe’s or Home Depot to go to? Thanks.

ANSWER: All of them, including several outside the Asheville limits!

(7) Dee in Arkansas: Chia Seeds for Health

(8) Scott in Pennsylvania: M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education for All

(9) Percentage of religion by state

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