BLAINESWORLD #798, Section 2, part 2

B. Other:

(1) 10 strange but true New Year’s traditions:

(2) Bob in North Carolina: This guy is obviously an inspiration to anyone, handicapped or otherwise, who has ever faced seemingly overwhelming obstacles. Thanks for putting me on to this, Blaine. We’ve passed through Abington, Va. many times going back and forth from Asheville. It’s a beautiful, quaint little place in the Blue Ridge Mts. of southwestern Va. along Interstate 81, and Doug Blevins may very well be the “first citizen” of this town.

(3) Bob in North Carolina, again: Saw that Sara and Mallory had shared this link, which constitutes an excellent endorsement. Checked it out and was almost immediately rewarded by being confirmed in my own brilliance by item #13 (appropriate number) on the list of resolutions.

(4) Pat in Pennsylvania (with a GENEROUS OFFER to some reader): I got a new flat screen TV for my basement. As such I am getting rid of a 32″ ( Diagonal measurement across screen) COLOR TV. Works great but it is the larger style TV pre-flat screen. It is free to anyone who wants to pick it up. Brand is RCA. Color of TVcase is black. Works great! Let me know.

NOTE: If interested, contact Pat. He lives in Newtown. His email address:

(5) Sharon in North Carolina: Thanks for that Pumpkin Cake recipe in your last BlainesWorld. We love anything pumpkin. I have a pumpkin bar recipe that includes cream cheese, oats, pecans, etc. that’s become very popular with my neighbors. And, of course, there’s always the pumpkin/raisin bread I make regularly. But I didn’t have a proven cake recipe until now . . . thanks for sharing!

(6) Joe in New York: Your newsletters are an inspiration for me to make more out of retirement. They help me look beyond this physical setback with much anticipation for good days ahead. Thanks so much.

(7) Allen S. in North Carolina: I’m honored about the recognition [mention in last issue about becoming a member of Asheville SCORE]—although I feel compelled to note that the reference to me fell just below the recipe for pumpkin cake.

Actually the picture of you eating dinner on Christmas day fell between. I have to agree with you about what Jews do on Christmas Day. However, one of the challenges we’ve faced since moving to Asheville is finding a Chinese restaurant for our traditional Christmas Day meal. There don’t seem to be any here. This year we wound up at a Japanese restaurant on Merrimon.

Have a happy New Year.

MY RESPONSE: Check out Oriental Pavilion in the Westgate Shopping Center. It is one of our favorite eateries in Asheville, and it was open on Christmas. When you go, make sure you ask for Alex–one of the servers. He is the best. For more information, please click:

(8) Herb in New Jersey: There’s an Art House in South Beach running an obscure film festival . . . saw House of Pleasure last night. Wow. About whore house I’m turn of century Paris. Look it up. A Cannes winner. Very unusual; can’t recommend to many people. Tonight: In My Skin from Pedro Amvodor [sic].

(9) Diane in Pennsylvania: Bill and I watched The Help tonight. It was excellent. So powerful!!!!!

(10) Allen D. in North Carolina: Once again a lot of drink, food and fun but you are still trim and fit. I enjoyed your edition.

(11) Brian in North Carolina: I mentioned to Cynthia about this fun recipe for “magical, alchemical ice cream!” Here you go!


1/2 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 and 1/2 tablespoons sugar (you can double or triple this recipe depending upon how much ice cream you want)
2 bags of ice cubes
6 tablespoons rock salt

Put milk, vanilla, and sugar into a quart sized freezer bag. Seal well!!! (suggest you double bag this)

Fill a gallon-sized freezer bag with ice and the rock salt

Put the smaller bag into the larger bag and seal.

Wrap in newspaper and seal completely with duct tape so it becomes like a medicine ball.

Gather everyone in a circle and play catch with the bag (bags) for 10-15 minutes!

Open and you have DELICIOUS ice cream!

(12) Lee in California (with an FREE webinar that’s open to all): As many of you know, about 18 months ago I took over a company from my recently deceased friend and mentor, that provides training for companies and executives wanting to upgrade the quality of their “customer service”. This 15+ year old company is called WAYMISH, which is also the title of the book containing the principles upon which the company was founded. WAYMISH stands for Why Are You Making It So Hard. . . (for me to give you my money!)

Obviously, having taken over the company, providing customers with better customer service is a mission about which I am deeply passionate.

Over the past year we have been hired by companies like Comcast, the San Diego Zoo, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and many others to help them improve their bottom lines, by improving how they treat their customers.

To promote our services to interested customers we are planning a FREE WEBINAR presented by yours truly. It is entitled:

Date: January 26th, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM MST / 12:00 PM CST / 1:00 PM EST
To learn more and register:

(13) Jess in Florida with an informative session that’s open to all willing to travel to the Sarasota area to attend:

ARTistic Marketing: Mastering Facebook
Instructor: Jessica Palotas
3 days
Feburary 22 – 24, 2012
Wed – Fri
10:00am – 4:00pm

Everyone’s doing it! Why aren’t you? Is Facebook still a mystery? Confused and not sure where to start? Are you seeing others make Facebook work,but haven’t grasped the basics? ARTistic Marketing is here to help you learn to Master Facebook in this 3 day workshop! Learn what you need to know to help you learn to use Facebook, from the profile to the pages. Bring your questions and your note books and of course an open mind. Facebook is where it’s at! Do you want to bring awareness to your products? Promote, sell and share your Business, Products, Art, and yourself with the world. See you soon!

Register Online:
OR CALL TODAY! 941.365.2032

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2 Responses to BLAINESWORLD #798, Section 2, part 2

  1. Jess Palotas says:

    Hey Blaine!!

    Thank you so very much for putting information about me in your post!! You are so very AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • bginbc says:

      Awwwwwwww….now you have me blushing………but aside from awesome, don’t forget my charm and wit? intelligence? and blushing some more…..humility! Also, make sure you check this week’s issue . . . you made it again!

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