BLAINESWORLD #799, Section 2, part 2

(1) Savannah in Pennsylvania: Spirit at Work Contest . . . $7500 Top Prize!

The past couple of blog posts have been about Project Heaven on Earth. I recently received this information and wanted to share it with everyone. It is about a contest sponsored by the founder of Project Heaven on Earth where you can win cash prizes!!! Please read this post and check out the 3 links for all the information. And of course feel free to contact me with any questions at: Good luck!

Positively and strategically influencing the conversation and accomplishments about spirituality and the workplace globally.

We’ve just gone live with our Spirit at Work Creative Video Contest:
with prizes of $7,500, $3,500 and $2,000. We’re asking you to make a short video on what spirituality and work is, or how you would promote it in a workplace. (There is no cost to enter.)

The purpose of the contest is to forward the Centre’s purpose: “Positively and strategically influencing the conversation and accomplishments about spirituality and the workplace globally.” The video can be about work and spirit, work and spirituality, or work and faith. Make a creative case for spirituality in the workplace that involves, invites and inspires. Make a video, Make a difference, and you could Make some money.

Could you please support us by forwarding this announcement widely, and don’t forget to check in on the site from time to time to see the newest videos. We’ve also put a Google Translate button on the site (under the Centre logo) so any non-English speaker can immediately see the entire site in their native language.

Martin Rutte
Chair of the Board
Here is a link for a list of the rules

(2) Lorre in North Carolina (with a GREAT IDEA for Valentine’s Day):

In January we took a rest from all those end of year celebration days.
Now In February we acknowledge love, which can be done in many ways.
Some search for sweets, dinners, flowers, get aways, sexy outfits galore.
But what I am offering you is something unique, creative and so much more.

What is it you ask that is better than chocolate, wine, sex, and food.
What could make your loves day happy and brighten their mood?
What about a Singing Telegram, I bet you never thought of that, oh me!
Heart & Soul has a web site go and see.

The old love songs of the 1930’-1960’s that are so romantic and sweet.
Are put together in a cute show and performed by Lorre in costumes so neat.
You will be the envy of the whole office or restaurant, your lover will shine. Guaranteed to make Brownie Points, so much better than a bottle of wine.

So if you are stumped, stressed out, void of clues as what to send or do.
Step out of the box this year, be wild, and why not try something new.
Prices are very reasonable, and some time is still available even now.
Give your love a memory of Valentines Day 2012, that they’ll say wow!

(3) Roger in Pennsylvania: Thanks, as always for keeping me informed, educated and enlightened through your observations and those of your readers. I especially like the lighter moments and always look forward to your jokes. #3 is the best this time. Baboons + Congress = LOL !!

(4) Lyn in North Carolina: I also have created a new blog. This one is for adults. 🙂 I’m writing it to help people work with their dreams and visions in new ways, to heal themselves and live a fulfilling life. It is called Future Vision Synthesis. I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, so I am writing this to support people that have sessions with me now, and to put something out there for people who are interested in future sessions, to have somewhere to go to explore my approach.

If you are interested in checking it out, here is the link:

(5) Dana in Pennsylvania: Did anyone know that mini bars in hotels are rigged with sensors, so if you pick up an item to look at it and then put it back, you get charge for the item even if you never used it? This just happened to me at The Muse Hotel in NYC. Since I am a Kimpton Hotel frequent member, I was given a coupon for up to $15.00 free from the mini bar, so me, unknowingly, started browsing. BAD IDEA! My credit card was charged for every item I picked up! I called the hotel and am still waiting for the charges to be dropped. I never get anything from mini bars in hotels, but the offer for “free” stuff was too tempting!

(6) Micah in Pennsylvania: Thanks for the great tips today . . . I forwarded the Facebook warning to all my twitter fans, and I may check in with Studio 88.

(7) Natalie in Pennsylvania: I saw Joyful Noise and liked it very much. Reminded me of “Glee,” which I enjoy. I thought the scene with Queen Latifah and her daughter near the end in the hallway where she really tells her off was so well acted. I enjoyed the singing and music.

(8) THANKS to the many folks who commented on my illustration in last week’s issue, including:

* John in Pennsylvania: I think there is a similarity, however, it goes without saying, the real you is much more handsome. HA HA.

* Cecile in Pennsylvania: It looks just like you!!!!!

* Betsy in Pennsylvania: There is definitely a resemblance!

* Cara in Pennsylvania [person who did the illustration for me]: OK . . . I tried . . . you can only manipulate so many characteristics in the software. Dont think the eyes are totally right.

* Alyson in Colorado: Blaine, we’ve had some original avatars and illustrations created for ourselves and clients by ED Hose Illustration. She’s amazing! If you want an image that doesn’t just look like you but reflects your personality. (No offense Cara – you’re right. Those DIY apps are limited.)

* Donna in Alabama: Blaine this is neat, I like this. Methnks I need to go try this sometimes. I enjoyed the newsletter Again. Thanks.

* Linda in North Carolina: Haaahaaaahaaaaa ((: . . . now I’ve got it–WAYNE NEWTON!

* Barbara in Pennsylvania: No, it doesn’t look like you . . . you look like a Mexican wanabee!!

* Arta in Pennsylvania: Cute app.

* Joe in North Carolina: It does look a little like you, much younger. I want one!

* Pat in Pennsylvania: Blaine, that was an exceptionally good BlainesWorld, I found a lot of value in it! Thanks as always for posting my cartoon. I thought the web caricature looked like you, but I always try to do caricatures from a 3/4 view – not full frontal like that one – seems with the head turned slightly to 3/4 they look more lifelike, not so much like a ‘Wanted’ poster. But it’s not bad for a computer-generated drawing!

* Patty in Pennsylvania: Ahh, Blaine, You have a shorter neck, and your hair comes closer to the front, (on the sides)…plus your eyes have a very mischievous look..”all the time”, lol.

* Kathy in Florida: I agree, eyes are wrong. This avatar looks Hisipanic and much younger.

NOTE: If you want to try to make your own illustration, here’s the link in case you missed it last week:

Let me know how you make out and, also, your reaction to this website company/service.

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