BLAINESWORLD #801, Section 2, part 2

(1) MONTY PYTHON FANS (and all others who don’t know what they’ve been missing) . . the news you’ve been waiting for: a new movie is slated to start shooting this spring. Read all the details by clicking this link and there’s an added bonus . . . you’ll even see clips of three of their skits!

(2) Esther in New Jersey: I do [remember issue #1] Wow . . . 800 issues of informative and enjoyable reading!

(3) Maya V. in Pennsylvania: Delaware River Atlantic Sturgeon designated endangered, deepening mentioned. Please lend your name to their protection.

(4) Debbie in New York: Just FYI, I wasn’t on your mailing list to receive Blainesworld #1…but I am now 😉 . . . Thanks for that article about inspiring teachers [see FYI in BLAINESWORLD #800]. It isn’t often enough that teachers receive praise/recognition for what we do as a matter of course.

(5) Clay D. in North Carolina: FYI, a pee can is something you use when its cold outside and don’t want to go outside of the tent or to the outhouse. A pe can is something you eat.

(6) Natalie K in Pennsylvania: A great movie – must see – AN EARLY FROST. Acting in this movie is amazing as is the story. It’s not exactly a happy movie, but the relationships in the family and the acting are so worth while. Aidan Quinn, Ben Gazzara, Gena Rowlands are unparalleled in their moving performances. I can’t recommend it highly enough. We just watched it tonight on Netflix (DVD). I’m not even sure if you told me about it or not, but if you haven’t seen it, I urge you to do so.

(7) Wes H. in North Carolina: OK. I now have a new favorite humor website [CURBED]. Prepare to be at least 20 minutes late to your next appointment if you look at this before you leave:

MY TWO CENTS: If you’re a realtor and/or decorator, you’ll surely want to check this out. Here’s more information from the website: Curbed’s city sites breathe life into real estate and neighborhood news with witty and insightful coverage of the country’s most vibrant urban centers. Our editors relentlessly report on sales and rental prices, new developments, neighborhood trends, and celebrity deals.

(8) Ken G. in New York: When you think about The Artist, think about The Emperor’s New Clothes.

(9) Savannah in Pennsylvania: Deadline for that film contest on spirituality is April 2:

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