BLAINESWORLD #802, Section 2, part 2

(1) Sharon C. in North Carolina: Can really identify with your joke in this week’s BlainesWorld! Feel I’ve been procrastinating on several fronts . . . but the urgency of ’em all is building. I’ve gotta kick butt or the fact that I’m NOT doing the things I know I should will be creating undue stress instead of inner peace. Thanks for the smile!

(2) John D. in Pennsylvania: Remind me not to mess with you . . . breaking boards.Look out. You’re the man.

(3) Micah S. in Pennsylvania: Enjoyed the blintzes joke today a lot. My 7-year-old and I were watching the first Marx Brothers movie this morning (“The Coconuts”), and it had some great lines in it.
Groucho: “This is where there’s going to be a hospital for eyes and ears — it’ll be a site for sore eyes.’
Groucho: “All along the river there will be levees.”
Chico: “Oh, that’s the Jewish neighborhood?”

(4) George H. in North Carolina [my holding coach mentioned in last week’s issue]: I love it!

I was honored to be your holder for your breakthrough–especially since you had the strength and courage to attempt it multiple times.

(5) Patti A. in New Jersey: I am going to retire in June and am thinking about moving South. You seem to love where you are living. What is the weather like in the winter and in the summer? Are you near mountains? Is there golf? Is there a reform synagogue?

RESPONSE: We do love it here. Winters are milder than where you are and so are summers. Yes, we are in the mountains. For lots more information, please click:

(6) Chuck L. in Pennsylvania: Watched a great documentary on Netflix about the world of Advertising … Thought you might be interested, it’s called Art & Copy.

(7) Ingrid in Pennsylvania: Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue (BLRR), a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization, is funded entirely by donations. Founded in 1997, Brookline has volunteers throughout the state of Pennsylvania. BLRR is also looking for volunteers who may be able to foster a Lab or help in other capacities. BLRR is always appreciative of any monetary donations towards helping rescue Labs in need. If interested, please visit our website at to gather more information on the work we do and read some of our success stories. In 2011, BLRR successfully placed over 120 dogs into their furever homes.

(8) Louise G. in North Carolina: Artist Daryl Slaton Turns “Whimsies” into App for Children

Asheville, NC artist Daryl Slaton has brought his Wispenwood Whimsies to Interactive Touch Books, a new app for iPhone and iPad. Kids 4-12 who intuitively “get” the technology can download the FREE Interactive Touch Books app that brings books to life. Parents who buy these low-cost book apps (Wispenwood Whimsies is only $2.99) provide kids a narrated story or let them read (and learn) the story along with their kids. Parents and grandparents can also record their voices to the story.

Daryl Slaton joins a young stable of professional authors, illustrators and publishers accepted by Interactive Touch Books to create interactive books for handheld digital devices. Slaton’s Wispenwood Whimsies have grown from greeting cards and art prints into a “storyland” that is particularly targeted for young girls and their mothers (and grandmothers).

The Secret World of the Wispenwood Whimsies provides quality content that features a young girl whose grandmother leaves her a travel journal in an old trunk in the attic. The diary introduces the reader to 5-inch high magical “ladies” who share with readers important life lessons about challenges, balance, goodness, dreaming, caring and independence. Images are interactive so that young readers, alone or with adults, can touch the “page” to make birds fly, a tiger growl, and flowers grow. Games are included where kids can make their own land of Wispenwood or play songs with flowers.

Says Slaton, “ Interactive books are a relatively new and growing format that can enhance the traditional book-reading experience for both children and parents. It is gaining broad-based popularity very quickly. Interactive images and stories are a natural for today’s young minds.”

To purchase The Secret World of the Wispenwood Whimsies go to or to the iTunes store. For more information on Slaton go to Slaton shows his work at ZaPow Gallery, at 21 Battery Park in downtown Asheville ( and at his online shop at

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