BLAINESWORLD #804, Section 2, part 2

(1) Peter R. in PA: Nice content [in BLAINESWORLD #803] and great jokes.

(2) Vic A. in NC: We enjoyed the show [LOVE CHILD]. Charles McIver and Bill Munoz were excellent. The story was all over the place and hard to follow, but the actors and their physical comedy was hilarious, especially the sound effects, and one scene as 2 women in adjacent bathroom stalls. The act of lifting their dress, pulling down their pantyhose and the folding of toilet paper was one of the highlights. Let me know what you think about the show.

(3) Sharon C. in NC [also about LOVE CHILD]: Really, really enjoyed tonight’s performance–hope you & Cynthia do too!

(4) Pat H. in PA: Great article [on waiving people] from your newsletter!

(5) Rock E. in NC: Sherry G Rambin created this excellent collage of the Asheville Talent Slam.

(6) George F. in NC: Inspiring story about my sister following her bliss

(7) Allen D. in NC: I loved the tip about using the Solar Lights. I’ve already passed it on to others.

(8) Mike U. in PA: I continue my self-impossed mantra of “LAFF” Everyday… Love. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Faith.

(9) Mark J. in NC: “(Rockin’) All Nite Long” — A Bad Lip Reading of Taylor Swift, featuring Wiz Khalifa

(10) George B. in PA: I am guest blogger at Dudnyk this month, the top biotech/pharma advertising firm in the Philly-NYC area.

(11) Gary C. in NC: The film “Deadline” was quite good. There were some solid performances, especially the actress who played the mother. Steve Talley turned in a nice dramatic performance (he usually does lightweight comedies); Eric Roberts still has the charm and delivery. The music was good; the story very strong. Mark Ethridge wrote a solid screenplay (especially for a first time out). They did some of the original fundraising using Kickstarter. And Tennessee is particularly supportive of filmmaking, apparently, hence one of the reasons it was there. They updated the film to present so they could save money on having to recreate the ancient 90s…with CRT screens in the newsroom, etc. Very clever….and there were audible gasps from the audience when we discover some “secrets” in the courtroom. Plays for a week in town. A small film, but nice to see something that brings home how important investigative reporting is and should be.

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