BLAINESWORLD #805, Section 2, part 2

(1) Pat H. in PA: Not a resounding endorsement [about Chompa]?

RESPONSE: We actually still like the above–very much so! I was trying to say that the previous servers were excellent, and we actually became friendly with them. One, in fact, we have even “followed” to aa different restaurant in town. That said, the new servers are OK . . . they just aren’t as good as the previous ones were–or at least not yet.

When you have a truly excellent server, it can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the meal.

(2) Sharon C. in NC: You should really give Plant a chance. I was amazed — their Reuben is delicious, and I’m a very critical lover of Reuben’s. . . . All the different foods were great — we shared pieces of each others’ meals. I honestly think you and Cynthia should give it a try. It’s been receiving many rave reviews.

(3) Rodney R. in NJ: The reason One for the Money wasn’t set in Trenton, as i understand it, is that the production company was denied $400,000 in incentives and credits to film there–by Gov. Christie himself!

(4) Anita S. in FL: 10 ways to save money on gas

(5) Stephanie W. in NJ (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): Please click this link and vote for Adam.

(6) Linda K. in PA: I like the section with links in your newsletter!

(7) My friend Ruth Anne Wood in PA is known for Scripting for Success training and Live Your Peace interview series with cutting edge teachers. Tuesday March 6th at noon EST you are invited to forward your friends her interview with Bob Doyle from the movie “The Secret.” Enjoy! Days later, Bob this Laws of Attraction superstar is inviting you over to his home!

(8) MaryBeth K. in PA: Very valid. I hate it when I get invested in a show and then it gets cancelled. And it’s certainly easier for a show to get cancelled rather than picked up these days.

I think I should have been one of those people who watches tv for a living and writes about it. I can’t imagine getting paid to watch tv.

Have you ever checked out It can be quite entertaining as long as you appreciate the snark/sarcasm. Especially for some of your guilty pleasures that you know are bad, but you still love them so.

(9) Laura B. in NJ: My son,Louis, is in the ICU right now battling complications after surgery for rectal cancer.
His coughing kept making him burst his stitches even ones they put in the support the wound.
He developed an internal infection around the wound area and is so sick that they cannot even risk cleaning the wound again or closing it until he is stronger medically.
He is 43, was a heavy smoker and had a lousy diet full of cholesterol.
So… I am asking three things….
1. Prayers from your readers and friends.
2. Support to give up smoking when he gets better.
3. Getting the word out through everyone we know that they tell everyone they know: when someone does not feel well and there are obvious signs that something is wrong within their body, they do not hesitate to get to the doctor, insurance or no insurance.

And I guess we can add that we all adopt healthier life styles.


(10) Please vote for Jake’s as best family restaurant in Newtown:

(11) Donna G. in NJ: Glad you included the “popcorn issue” in the newsletter. Please let me know the results. Did you speak to anyone in your Weights & Measures office?

ANSWER: To date, I’m surprised that I haven’t gotten more of a response. So I’ll run the question again in this week’s issue. I did speak to somebody in the NC equivalent of the above, and they seemed somewhat interested.

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