BLAINESWORLD #806, Section 2, part 2

(2) Walter B. in NC: You do a great job promoting so many artists. We appreciate it!

(3) Mary Rita S. in NC: I must say you two sure get around town! No moss ever growing under your feet!!

(4) Lisa Z. in PA: I have an answer for you with regard to your popcorn question. You have too much free time on your hands if researching the sie of popcorn bags! Lol. Anyway, the only thing I know is that you can’t bring your kid to the movies for popcorn, a drink and box of candy for less than $20. Haha!

(5) My friend Steven S. in NC and FL has a beautiful home for sale in Weaverville, NC, a town just outside of Asheville. To see it for yourself or refer a friend to it, please click:

NOTE: If interested, contact Steve first via email ( or cell (305.710.9499) to get an additional 3% price drop off the purchase price.

(6) Donna G. in NJ: Glad you included the “popcorn issue” in the newsletter. Please let me know the results. Did you speak to anyone in your Weights & Measures office?

(7) Tim R. in NC: I recall from my “theme park” days that the container holding the popcorn was the most expensive of the cost of goods, being something like 14 cents while the actually product cost less than 4 cents to produce. The yield was something like an 1800% profit. The same of a fountain soft drink, the name brand ( Coke/Pepsi) syrup being something like 3.9 cents for a 16 oz serving, the cup, lid and straw is the greater of the cost. (Excuse my “OCD trivia,” being in such a mode as I take a quick break from preparing friends and family’s tax returns.)

Gold Medal Products is a leading supplier of concession products. (FYI source). Three decades ago just over a ton per week of GMP corn afforded me a seat on a piano bench and five dancers performing 1,820 twenty minute shows in a season of 26 weeks per year. That was a lot of popcorn and Pepsi but those were certainly the days!

To answer a question though, typical serving sizes are stated in a “fluid ounce” measurement to indicate volume, ie. the size of the container ( 8oz=cup,  32oz=quart 128oz=gallon etc. ). Water having a density of “1” and weighing about 8 pounds (8.345 I think) per gallon, fl. oz. would actually correspond to the weight. To restate, the volume of water which would fill your 46 oz container of popcorn would weigh 46 oz.

If sold packaged the label would state the actual (dry) weight.  (Recall those disclaimers on cereal packaging, “…Sold by weight. Contents may have settled.”) To displace oxygen thus preserve freshness and to protect contents from being crushed often an inert gas such as nitrogen is sealed in retail packing.

Of movie concessions, I wouldn’t really know the current prices. I don’t even like popcorn. As a child I got choked on popcorn at the Plaza Theater during the screening of “Old Yeller.” My brother became lost in the crowd. Mom had a flat tire on Biltmore Avenue and “promised God” she would never again take us to a movie theater if only she could get us home safely, a promise she has kept for fifty years. One has to consider the Cold War era, that at the time dad was sequestered in a missile silo at the Rosman Tracking Station with eyes and ears directed toward Cuba.

And in a follow-up email:

I neglected further, the dry weight of your 46 oz size popcorn would be about 86 grams or about 3 ounces. What a business model, if one could expand gold by 15X then sell by volume.

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