BLAINESWORLD #807, Section 12B (NC)

(1) Upper School Theatre Department presents “Drood” at Carolina Day School

Look for something out of the ordinary as the curtain rises for Drood – the solve-it-yourself-mystery-musical. The upper school theatre production will be presented March 14-17 at 7 P.M.

Drood was the first play written by the multi-talented Rupert Holmes. It opened on Broadway in 1985. At the time, Mr. Holmes was a well-regarded pop songwriter and performer. His songs were recorded by Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick, Dolly Parton, The Manhattan Transfer, and many others. His most popular song remains Escape (The Piña Colada Song). Rupert Holmes writing a Broadway musical was a bit unexpected. Even more unexpected, Holmes wrote all of Drood – the book, the score, and the orchestrations – a feat almost unheard of in the world of musical theatre. He won Tony awards for all three, and Drood went on to win Best Musical for the 1985 season. Drood was also the first Broadway musical with multiple endings (more about that in a moment).

Drood is based on Charles Dickens’ last unfinished novel. The setting is an English music hall in 1892 wherein the resident company is presenting the premiere of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The players address the audience directly from the very first moments of the play – you know right away that you are in for something very different. When we get to the point in the story where Charles Dickens “ . . . laid down his pen forever” – the play is thrown open to the audience. In a series of unique voting events the audience determines the ending of the show! You get singing and dancing and acting and costumes and lights and all the “normal” musical stuff – PLUS – you get to be a part of the show! With hundreds of possible permutations the show is likely to end differently each night.

Drood is great fun and suitable for most audiences. Perhaps it can be thought of as a PG-13 show. It’s a little racy with a fair amount of witty innuendo. The music is great, the concept is brilliant, and the experience is unique. It’s all very British – very clever and very funny, a little twisted with a bit of a bite. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, make plans to see Drood (at least once!).

Tickets are $5 for students/children/senior citizens and $10 for adults. Reservations can be made at Each night at 5 minutes to curtain (6:55 P.M.) all reservations for that evening will be released.

Contact for any additional information.

(2) Welcome to a presentation at Hendersonville Little Theatre’s new location. Linda Escalera Price’s Harps & Harmonicas will officially open the main stage located at 229 South Washington Street in downtown Hendersonville.

After 41 years of marriage Philip is dead, and Cynthia is faced with spending the rest of her life without him. What could be more devastating?

Possibly a 500 mile trip with her daughter’s free spirited best friend to collect a family heirloom – an antique harp. Conservative Cynthia finds herself on her very first ‘road trip’ with young rebel Maddie Miller when pregnant daughter Kate is forced to stay home and attend her two children. What ensues is a wild time of hot and cold tempers flaring while three women who only thought they knew each other accomplish an amazing mission.

In the meantime — Stage manager Kai Elijah Hamilton has arranged for you to get a glimpse of the inside world of a quirky group of hotel maids who prepare for each of Cynthia and Maddie’s overnight stays. Enjoy the Silent Movie Interludes.

For more information, please click:

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