BLAINESWORLD #807, Section 2, part 2

(1) Eileen Z in PA: okay, who’s gonna come over here (Richboro) and pick me up off the floor and quell these hysterics…… omystars…talk about funny stuff

(2) Pat A. in PA: First, that photo of you & Cynthia is just TERRIFIC – the fellow who snapped it really caught you both beautifully.

Second, I am tickled that you are taking the stand-up comedy class, & am looking forward to seeing your updates. I thought you were very funny when you spoke at Women’s Business Forum years ago, so I think you have a head start!

(3) Kathy W. in PA: gave up diet soda a year ago– problem is it has way too much sodium which makes you retain fluid….

(4) John D. in PA: Please read [on diet sodas]:

(5) Rob S. in PA: As you know I have spent a lot of time thinking about death and this confirms everything I am doing my best to fulfill while I am alive! Amen!

Not scientific, but still something to think about.

One that is missing, that I have learned, is regrets that they didn’t tell people that they loved them
and healing relationships that have been broken.

(6) Doug R. in NC: We saw the new Eddie Murphy movie on Sat. The writeup said something like “will this jump start Murphy’s comedy career?” Answer – NO! It was terrible – I didn’t laugh once. On the way out I felt like I’d been robbed. Don’t go until it’s at the $1.00 show at Cinnebarre.

(7) Steven S. in NC (with a fantastic offer for anybody wanting to visit Asheville): Seeking responsible/thoughtful person for house/dog-sitting in North Asheville, June 11-July 9… Interested? Have leads?…respond to:

(8) Steve G. in PA: Change bike gears with your mind

(9) Jamie A. in PA: NEW ISSUE [of PhillyFIT Magazine] is here:

(10) Kerry A. in NC: Grampa Joke [in BLAINESWORLD #806] was very cute!!

(11) Lee W. in PA: Thought you might appreciate this. Might be something to add to Blaine’s world too.
Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs

(12) To get a different spin on the above, please read what Andy Borowitz had to say about the same topic:

(13) Asheville’s Susan Reinhardt on aspiring ‘cornbread millionaire’ Beverly Davis

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