BLAINESWORLD #808, Section 2, part 2

(1) Jeanne B. in PA: Professor Springsteen’s rock ‘n’ roll history lesson at SXSW

(2) Steve G. in PA: Two articles, Mind Control and the Hover Bike, the question is how could you make either work so they would be safe, Just because they showed those applications were possible, they seem too dangerous. they remind me of an accident looking for a place to happen, will leave the illusion to the movie makers. I did like the creativity and the inventive spirit.

(3) Chris L. in PA: On the diet soda: I drink the same (coke zero). Love the taste, but leaves me feeling bloated. Cut it out, but also went on the green shake diet. Lost 15 lbs. in just over 2 weeks. Started coke zero again (just to get some flavor) this weekend – feeling bloaty again, but still on the diet. Will probably stick to diet soda only once in a while for flavor – have heard diet sodas are noted for weight gain (deceiving I guess).

And in response to a follow-up email I sent Chris: Here’s one of many websites regarding green shakes/smoothies. There are pros and cons. We did the 3-5 day detox, and now I usually only have one for breakfast, sometimes for dinner. Other than that, I eat a mid-morning hard boiled egg, a normal lunch and afternoon snack. I keep my dinners small portioned, as I hate feeling full at night anyway. I’ll take at least one weekend day off to eat the normal foods I like (hoagies, etc). Plus, weekends are when we’ll do our day trips or have guests over, so I don’t want to be the lone guy in the corner not eating what everyone else is having. I definitely feel healthier, but you do have to be careful w/ calorie deficiency – as you can easily end up feeling sick/light headed during exercise.

(4) Courtney Y. in FL: Enjoy reading the wonderful missives each week.

(5) Bill L. in PA: Diane and I saw on Saturday . . . 21 Jump Street. We both really liked it. Surprisingly, Diane liked it better than I. We also saw a few weeks before that, This Means War. We both liked that as well. Diane saw The Vow without me.

(6) Pat in CA: Excellent–as always!! And so glad to hear you are getting that Southern “twist” on everything!!

(7) Ingrid in PA: Thanks for posting the info. on diet sodas. I personally think that if someone wants to treat themselves to a soda you are better off just drinking the regular stuff without all the extra bad ingredients. Everything in moderation.

(8) Sue in PA: Your joke #2 [in BLAINESWORLD #807] on aging really cracked me up!

(9) Joe H. in NC: RE: soda . . . try seltzer water. Comes in flavors, carbonated water, that’s it. (Unless you add other flavors). Fizz without the fumes.

(10) Pat H. in PA: Is knowing your mail carrier by name a function of living in Asheville? Like did you know your mail carrier in Belle Mead, NJ? Laughing here… We had a good guy who delivered our mail before. They replaced him with a guy who does not seem as nice. Plus he now delivers our mail at all different times. Not a big deal, but he is no where as nice as the last guy. Growing up, we lived in a single home and the mail man would deliver mail to our door and he would walk door to door. I think he drove his car to the area and picked up mail from the larger green type of mail storage box that the mail service had dropped off for him. He did a lot of walking and had to carry a huge leather bag filled with mail. Here in Newtown they drive a truck and go from mail box to mail box at the curb without walking and they put your mail in a mail box at the curb. ( No front door delivery) And I often get people who stop by and do not realize that they are parked where they are blocking the mail box from allowing the mail carrier to driver up to the box and stick the mail in.

I get the feeling the new guy gets pissed off when people park in front of the box where it did not seem to be a big deal to the previous carrier. Laughing here. But it seems he gives us the GLARE stare as if we are doing bad things.. Did you hear that the post office is in big money trouble and that rates are expected to go up and they probably will no longer deliver mail in one day anymore? First class mail will likely be delivered in three days…I guess with cell phones and the internet very few people count on using the mail service for important or time sensitive mail. Curious if the postal service increased use of trucks for delivery took away a lot of the human interaction and contributed to a lot of people not seeing them as much as a credible service or person?

MY RESPONSE: I do recall having several excellent carriers when I lived in NJ, and I was always grateful to have them. Yet as Pat points out, times are certainly changing with respect to the delivery of mail. And I have also observed that we now get so much less than we used to get.

(11) Pat H. in PA, again [on the quiz in last week’s issue on a quiz that can determine where you’re from]: I think you/we all become a function of the environment. Maybe a bit different, but when I was in Quebec I found myself actually using French words like Au Revior, or Tres Bien, etc. Sure, it was more of the one or two word type responses, but with them speaking and knowing French and English, you sort of are influenced to what the locals say and respond to try to fit in. When I was in Australia, I constantly heard the words “No worries…”. I was amazed at how often those words were used there. It was like all the time…And I probably used them too but never really use them here in the US. Maybe it is like a form or respect for those around you when you talk like them or use their words and it is par of our natural way to feel accepted or to fit in? Or maybe it is a sort of sub conscious auto response in our minds to the phrase we heard early if life from our parents: “ When in Rome do as the Romans do”?

(12) Dan B. in PA: Will consider calling you if I have need for any rewirement.Your contacts from your phone number list are missing two important contacts: Larry (Cable Guy) and Joe (plumber). To help your rewirement training, I suggest a technical course for lay people. It’s called Principles of Advanced General Basics.

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