BLAINESWORLD #808, Section B (NC)

(1) Chuck Beattie: Come Join us Friday March 23 at the Jack of the Wood for Happy Hour 4:30 – 6:30pm We will also be at the Jack Of Hearts in Weaverville This Sunday for the Blues Brunch 2pm – 4pm.

(2) Unit 50 @ TallGary’s Cantina

Saturday, March 31, 2012
9:30pm until 12:30am
Come downtown Saturday the 31st to help Unit 50 celebrate its return to TallGary’s with three sets of high energy rock and roll.


March 22-April 14

Acclaimed playwright Lucia Del Vecchio’s upcoming world premiere by The Magnetic Theatre is more than just a play–it’s a full-length evening of one-acts exploring the stages of life from a female point of view. The author of previous Magnetic Theatre hits Shangri-La and The Family Tree, Del Vecchio brings her remarkable wit, empathy, and capacity for capturing the truth in simultaneously moving and comic ways to a variety of circumstances: a dance, a wedding, an outing for groceries, a call to a help line, and a wait at the airport, revealing what it’s like to be a woman today.

“Lucia has captured pivotal points in women’s lives and turned them into plays that are poignant, penetrating, and funny,” said Katie Anne Towner, one of The Magnetic Theatre’s recently named Associate Artistic Directors (along with John Crutchfield and Ms. Del Vecchio), who also appears in The Evolution of Woman. “The result is vivid and mesmerizing theatre anyone can relate to.”

The evening is helmed by Hope Spragg, who directed fix for The Magnetic Theatre last summer. It features some of Asheville’s strongest acting talents, such as Jennifer Gatti and Kelly Christianson, and introduces recent transplant Laura Crutchfield, a major star of the Berlin stage.

“It’s been interesting putting this show together,” Del Vecchio, said recently. “Parts of it were written several years ago, and I’m at a very different place in my life now, so it’s interesting to see how intervening events have shaped the way I feel about these plays, and in some cases have inspired me to revisit, revise, and further develop them.”

The Evolution of Woman is a show that will continually surprise and delight both new and experienced patrons of The Magnetic Theatre.

For more information and tickets, please click:

NOTE: I saw a preview performance of the above show and was impressed . . . some very moving stories, and the acting is great too!

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