BLAINESWORLD #809, Section 2, part 2

(1) Sue R. in PA: Loved your u-tube of the muppets on Dancing with Stars, which linked me to my very favorite song “The Rainbow Connection” the final end of the movie. Which I know just came out in DVD. When my son was 2 or 3 he watched the original muppet movie over and over again. Kermit sitting by the pond singing the Rainbow Connection has always got me in the gut, love that song so much. However how is Kermit’s voice Jim Hensen voice when he died several, several years ago. The same day my beloved
Sammie David, Jr. died.

(2) Linda K. in PA [on bikes]: I LOVE my “TREK” Hybrid. Comfortable, well-built. The hybrid tires on it are good for the road and also great on the (dirt) towpath. It has a zillion gears- but use only a handful on the local terrain. I think the model number was a 2600 or 2700- but its a few years old- so I doubt the numbers are the same. Happy Riding!!!!!

PS. You should get one too- so you can ride together!!

MY RESPONSE: I like the idea, and it has me thinking about maybe getting a bike built for two . . . the kind where I can get Cynthia to do all the pedaling!

(3) Marty D. in PA [on Tom Achilles moving on to the finals round in the DC’s Funniest College Student Showcase]: One could say he’s well prepared…and has no Achille’s Heel!

(4) Natalie K. in PA: Walked out on JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME. Don’t waste your time on this. Ivan and I haven’t left a movie in a long time, but this one was definitely worth walking out of.

(5) Bob H. in NJ: I hope you get to see Hunger Games. I never heard of the books, saw the film and loved it. I hope YOU get to see it because it was filmed near Asheville in some of the most beautiful forests and streams and lakes I have ever seen. Was the cast and crew hanging around there? What a neat film.

(6) Ken G. in NY: Some wonderful movies from Netflix: After the Wedding,Buck,My Name is Khan,Together,
Butterfly, Bonjour Monsieur Shlomo. One better than the next.

(7) Laura B. in NJ: Did you and Cynthia like “The Artist?” I was quite taken with that film and was so glad that it did so well in the rewards department. Apparently they never expected it to do as well as it did.

RESPONSE: Cynthia and I did see it. I liked it more than she did.

(8) Kelly C. in NC: From an article by Rebecca Land Soodak posted on AOL- I LOVE this quote: “love is not nourished by ongoing ease or generosity of spirit, but rather a willingness to learn a new language — one that includes sentences like: I see your point. I hear you. I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

(9) Rich O. in PA (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): Favor please …my daughter is pic #15…it is the same as my profile pic..Please click the link go to her pic and hit like!!! Thanks, Rich Orth

(10) Henry W. in NY: Saw the riveting new French movie The Kid With a Bike, an emotionally wrenching and surprisingly violent story of an 11 year-old boy, Cyril, recently abandoned by his father, who is befriended by a single woman who becomes his weekend foster mother. Lots of unexpected twists, as Cyril tries to come to grips with his paternal loss and new-found relationships.

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