BLAINESWORLD #814, Section 2, part 2

(1) Marty D. in PA: Few issues back you mentioned you dropped some lbs–have u been able to keep them off?
(I’m having trouble with that–appreciate any tips!)

MY REQUEST: If any readers have tips for Marty, please do share them . . . so we can all benefit.

(2) Bev C. in PA: My son-in-law, Daniel Smith, had an article in the same issue of the NYTimes Magazine as Dan Hurley. Please publicize it if possible–it’s an excerpt from his new book, MONKEY MIND, that will be published in July.

(3) Sue R. in PA: Just a note about “The Hunger Games”. I loved the book and the movie. I thought it was so intense, political, full of suspense. And much, much, more than just a group of teenagers running around trying to kill each other. I can’t wait to read the next 2 books. I also thought
the cast was amazing. But, of course, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion (although we usually agree on movies, books).

(4) Debbie H. in PA: Saw the 3 Stooges movie today. It was very enjoyable.

(5) Clay M. in NC: I didn’t know you grew a white beard in the nice picture w/your arm around your beautiful bride.

NOTE: Picture that Clay was referring to appeared in last week’s issue. That was not me; the person in the picture was my friend Nelson. I was busy taking the picture.

(6) Lynn D. in PA: When a movie is super hyped as was The Hunger Games I choose to read the book instead. I found it a quick read and the story and characters engaging. In my opinion Hollywood rarely does justice to a book.

(7) Pat H. in PA: There is a lot to be said about a GREAT deli sandwich. I don’t mean just HUGE sandwiches like you get from the Carnegie Deli in NYC. No, that place is more show and quantity than quality. But its great to have a good deli that you can go to where you get great sandwiches. . . . Still can’t believe you are not 300 lbs with all the places you go out to eat at!

RESPONSE: When I go out, I typically don’t have very much to eat. Also, I often split portions, rarely have dessert and never have bread.

(8) Herb S. in NJ: Watch Sarah’s Key. OMG! It’s a wow!!! about a little girl who locks her brother in a closet when the Nazi’s round up people in France. And tells him to wait for her to come back and get him!!The acting is wonderful…especially the 9 year old who plays Sarah. Make sure…if you watch the video…that you see the extras. That is often our favorite part of the movie….never seen in theatres…just on the video.

(9) Chuck R. in NJ: You still look the same and obviously have the same amount of amazing energy.

(10) Annemarie B. in NC: We have just had numerous house guests and have more to come in the next 3 weeks. This is one of the recipes for Pancakes that Marvin and I cook about once a week and usually once for our guests. Since they always want the recipe and I am sending it to them, thought you might also enjoy.

This is a super yummy best pancakes ever recipe. When I serve for my guests they always want the recipe.


I double or triple the recipe and put it in a large jar so all I have to do is add the vanilla, and unsweetened almond milk & eggs) this can be made vegan or gluten free. Just alter it accordingly. Be creative though, otherwise it will taste like a bland gluten free potatoey flour. I know you can do it.

Magical Pancakes

Use all organic Ingredients.

1 cup Whole Wheat flour (you could use more amaranth flour or coconut flour or rice flour for gluten free)
1 cup Whole Wheat Pastry flour ( ditto “”””””” other pastry flours)
1 cup corn meal
1 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup dry millet
1/3 cup dry amaranth
1/3 amaranth flour
1 tsp Himalayan salt
1T baking powder (non aluminum)
2 T ground flax seeds
1 cup unsweetened almond or rice milk or to consistency you like
Cinnamon to taste
2 tsp vanilla or to taste
2 granny smith, fuji or tart apples, peeled and sliced
(I add 2-4 eggs although the recipe doesn’t call for it and it really good without)

You can also add a couple to tablespoons of melted coconut oil although recipe doesn’t call for it.

Ground walnuts to sprinkle on top…..not optional….too yummy…..could be pecans.

Yogurt or kefir unsweetened

Agave, maple, or brown rice syrup

You can make it vegan with no eggs, gluten free with the correct flours. Change the flours around. Experiment if you wish. This is the exact recipe I use.

Mix all ingredients to the thickness you like, (I like it thicker rather than runny) Cook in just a little coconut oil. You can even take a paper towel and grease the pan. Pour in a measuring cup and pour out into pancakes in your skillet. Add two slices of apple per pancake and mush it gently it into the pancake and cook the non apple side. Flip it over onto the apple side. And cook that side.

Flip the pancake onto your plate with the cooked apple side beautifully showing.

Pour your maple or brown rice syrup, or agave syrup on top of pancakes. Pour a dollop of Greek yogurt or other kinds of PLAIN unsweetened yogurt on top. (I use this yummy liquidy yogurt, not kefir in a bottle we get here) You can also add defrosted frozen organic or fresh organic blueberries on top and then top it all off with slightly ground walnuts. (I always keep ground walnuts ahead of time in a container in my fridge to use for all sorts of things.)

The consistency will be crunchy with the dried millet and amaranth. Once I was out of corn meal and I used grits, polenta grain and that added to the crunchiness.

These are hardy and will stick to your bones all morning.

Chew well.

Enjoy with your favorite organic tea. Bon apetite!

(11) Ken G. in NY [on the TV show VEEP]: You obviously took the TV Guide article and selectively quoted. “Shines” sh* t…..”CURDLES” one’s blood. Really bad show!

MY TWO CENTS: I agree. First episode was poor. I’m debating whether to give it a second shot and might, only because I like both Louise-Dreyfus and the concept of the show.

(12) Freddie N. in NJ (with an INVITE TO PARTICIPATE):

Here is a blurb about the

There are 8 forums…three are public the rest are for registered members only.

No spam or popups, simply a discussion message board that is funny as heck.

We discuss politics, religion, current events and everything under the sun.

It can get brutal, lots of verbal fights so you do need a tough skin to appreciate it.

Of course it’s free. Any questions feel free to email me at

(13) Roger C. in PA [commenting on my painting endeavor described in BLAINESWORLD #813]: I love the entire thing you did.   Fabulous!  The sequence of photos is wonderful….I love photo #2 !  LOL!

(14) Savannah in PA: Very very funny painting story!!!! and your cupcake drawing is seriously fantastic…love it! I never knew you were such a great artist!

(15) Joe D. in FL: You are certainly getting the most out of rewirement. Nice body!!!

(16) Pat A. in PA: Blaine, this was a stellar BW – from the photos of your painting outing – an absolute riot – to the Yad Vashem song & image at the end, so touching.

(17) Barbara F. in PA: Fabulous newsletter!!!

(18) Eileen B. in NJ:  You are so fortunate to know what you want.  Nice to see you have so much joy in your life. Thanks for the wonderfully inspiring video. Thanks to you it was shared with many.

(19) Robin S. in PA: Love love love the idea of an evening painting–what fun. I’m definitely going to have to get down to Asheville one of these days; seems like quite the place!

(20) Lorraine A. in NJ: Great story about the painters night out..always over the top Blaine.  Love that about you!

(21) Mary C. in NC (commenting about the sneezing joke in BLAINESWORLD #813):  Swear to God……   I used to date a guy who’d sneeze, and I knew he was thinking about having sex. (He finally told me.) Guess it takes the guesswork out of kissing sessions!

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