BLAINESWORLD #816, Section 2, part 2

(1) THANKS to the many folks who wished me luck and/or to “break a leg” in my comedy debut, including: (OH) Lana C.; (Israel) Avi D.; (NJ) Terry S., Karen M.; (PA) Pat H., Mandy R., Terri S., Savannah;  (NC)  Kathryn L., Kirk B., Carol A., George F., Sally B., Sharon C.,  Kim H., Linda H., Tera B., Kimberly R, etc.

NOTE: I even survived the experience. See Section 1A of this week’s newsletter.

(2) Ted R. in NC: Don’t believe it? Try putting your child’s lost baby teeth in a glass filled with this stuff, and watch them over the course of 72 hours. Yuck! Make sure they get paid by the tooth-ferry first, though…

Sports and energy drinks irreversibly damage teeth by ‘bathing’ them in acid

(3)  Rebecca K. in NJ: You have to look up Matt Tommey . . . great basket weaver . . . taking a class in NY with him now . . . lives and works in Asheville

(4) Keith C. and Walter B., both in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): The TBTBTB provides affordable, inclusive, community space where anyone can learn, teach, practice, meet, perform & share their skills.

(5) Free opportunity to hear Micah Solomon speak on customer service, thanks to Zendesk. He’ll be speaking at:

Hollis Tibbetts says in this article that he would “go to a toilet bowl cleaning convention” if he had to to hear me speak (I’m pretty sure that’s a compliment):

But the good news is that you don’t have to go to these extremes: Here’s a rare opportunity courtesy of Zendesk to hear me keynote for free in several great American cities. Here’s the free registration link for you:

(6) Marty S. in TX:

I think most people will loves this [a self-driving car]:

(7) Maria P. in PA (commenting on joke in BLAINESWORLD #814): BTW – I’m not sure about Chicago, but I’m sure that Bin Laden, etc. voted several times in the Philly primary – LOL!!!!!

(8) Rich O. in PA, reading one of his poems:


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