BLAINESWORLD #817, Section 2, part 2

(1) Roger C. in PA: Great Standup routine. You are a natural.  But, of course, being an educator all those years at Bucks gave you plenty of practice in front of many audiences.

Love your newsletters.  Great stuff.

(2) Lorraine A. in NJ: That took A LOT of courage to do that comedy routine.  Bravo!!! Great job!!! It is so encouraging to see you really happy in your life and remaining full of eager discovery.  May it never stop for you Blaine!!

(3) Janeen M. in PA: Loved it, you shocked me, not with your sense of humor but content!!  i don’t know if i would want any former students to hear this skit!!!   seriously, i loved it!!!

(4) Vic A. in NC: Cute.  Has Letterman called yet?  Or must you keep your “day job” and perform for tips on the streets of Asheville?

Went to see Our Show of Shows at Flatrock.  It was excellent.  As usual, Scott Treadway stole the show.  Are you going to see Love Among the Frankensteins?  I always enjoy seeing Darren Marshall perform.

(5) Peter R. in PA:  Just watched your “stand up” :). I give you a lot of credit. I am surprised it has not gone viral with a few million hits. with 15-20 years of practice your timing will be impeccable. seriously Blaine…good for you.

(6) Joe W. in NV: you make it look easy..but i’m sure it’s not.
seriously……would you like to pursue this talent further?

(7) George F. in NC: AWESOME!!!! Blaine, you are a NATURAL!
I think your smallcocks joke is destined for the joke book – priceless.

(8) Dan B. in PA: LOL, really LOL. You were great!

Spend some time and put together another comedy routine. I’m sure there are other topics you could use as bases. Go Blaine!

(9) Craig S. in NJ: Nice, congratulations. Quit your day job.

(10) Chic D. in PA: VERY Well done…very impressed; however, what else is new -you’re quite an impressive guy!

(11) Ruth in NY: Absolutely fantastic.  You should be very proud.  You did have the crowd going and I don’t know if you experienced that while performing.  There was something very Woody Allen-like to your delivery.  I can’t explain it, but there was a calmness and deliberate feel to it and the audience responded.  Not sure if you were having an out of body experience while performing since you couldn’t see them.  Very nice… take a bow.

Wishing you the very BEST ’cause you’re the very BEST…& you already have the best -CYNTHIA!!!

(12) Andy S. in PA:
Hey buddy – good for you!  The playgirl mag routine was FUNNY –  pain sells when done right!

(13) Pat H. in PA: So this has been a secret passion of yours? [stand-up comedy] . . . as a medical appliance to treat women diagnosed with “hysteria. ” Ok.. not a G rated play, huh?[referring to THE VIBRATOR PLAY] . . . the 2012 Beer City USA title; And this is important because? . . . Book Darts is one fine solution. Doesn’t work with Kindle, right?

ANSWERS: Not sure that I’ve ever really wanted to be a stand-up comedian and this convinced me that I don’t want to be. But it was fun to give it a shot. . . . the play, while not-G-rated, was surprisingly moving. Look for the movie HYSTERIA to come out soon. It addresses the same topic. . . I’m not a beer guy, but a lot of folks are. And they take their beer-drinking seriously. So for Asheville to gain that title has meant a lot of publicity. . . . And no, Book Darts is not for a Kindle user.

(14) Carole B. in NC: Christine is my role model for getting It done with focus and clarity!
How to Live Your Life Like an Olympian | Psychology Today

(15) Jeanne M. in PA: I’m enjoying the Tempo bars that I won in contest 8. The mint really gives it a smooth flavor.

I can’t believe that more people don’t enter your contests. It only takes a minute

(16) Annemarie B. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP to those in Western NC):

My grandson age 9 and granddaughter age 4 will be here for 5-6 weeks this summer.  I was wondering if you knew anyone I could buy  pre-owned bikes, trampoline, table tennis (folding type)  or where I might find these pre-owned.   You may have friends whose kids have outgrown theirs and would like to unload for a cost.

Appreciate your suggestions and help.

Thanks so much and have an extraordinarily wonderful week!

Annemarie Brown

Professional Life Strategist & Transformation Life Coach

(17) Joe H. in NC: 15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently

(18) Joe M. in PA: Don’t know if you have seen this post yet, or not, but you’ll get a kick when I tell you it is the single most popular blog post I have ever written. I posted it Monday night about 7:30 p.m. By 9 p.m. tonight I have had more than 700 hits and one local developer told me he was told it has gone viral across the Lehigh Valley.

Amazing. How the heck do I do an encore for that?

(19) Kathy B. in FL (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): I am collecting donations of cash or used toys for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida.  This organization is near and dear to my heart from personal experience with them.  All of their services are provided absolutely free to clients.  So there is no reason not to get help for the child due to financial reasons once the abuse is discovered.

Their website is:

Since this is my personal mission to get help for them, if you can afford a gift of any size, please make check payable to Children’s Advocacy Center and mail to me:
Kathleen Byers
3009 Longview Lane
Fort Myers, FL  33917

I am collecting new or used toys also.  They must not have small parts that would provide a choking hazard and need to be plastic, so they are washable.  No stuffed animals or cloth toys.  If you would prefer to give money for the purchase of toys, you can make the check out to me, I will buy toys and give a photocopy of your check to the organization so they can thank you. Or you can send toys to me also and I will take them to the organization.

Thank you so much for considering the Children’s Advocacy Center worthy of your support.

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