BLAINESWORLD #818, Section 2, part 2

(1) Scott P. in PA:  38 Tragically Awkward Prom Photos (38 Pics)

(2) Gary C. in NC: New post that I wrote tonight while evaluating some Customer Relationship Management, Social Media Management, and Project Management options. Many of these platforms can help your business soar!! Check them out..

CRM, Social Media Management Tools, Project Management Software | G Social Media

(3) Marty D. in PA:  Finally watched it [your standup  debut]–split my sides laughing!You’re a maestro of comedy!

(4) Cathy L. in PA (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): Good afternoon everyone,

Don’t forget that BuxMont CFPA will be having our quarterly meeting on Sunday, June 10 at Fallsington Friends Meetinghouse at 6:00 p.m..  The theme of this meeting will be a localvore picnic.
I would love to try to compile a list of your favorite local shops, restaurants, etc, that we can hand out so that we all try to support local businesses.  I know of three local hardware stores within five miles of my house that are not owned by corporations and would appreciate business.  I also have my favorite local restaurant that I can share.
Please send me your list so that I can get it together by the picnic.
(5) Jessica M. in NY: Some great examples of how facebook is helping various causes, including a breakthrough partnership for facebook users to post their organ donor status on their profiles. Have you taken that step yet?
(6) Barbara F. in PA: Check out on Netflix………  Breakout Kings… (instant streaming) ….. really good!!!  13 episodes!  TV series.  This is the first season.  It was picked up for a second season.  I’d rather wait till the season is over and see it totally without commercials.
(7) Joanne D. in PA: Thanks for the birthday wishes and the item on birthdays!  By the way, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading Blainesworld and the many extra emails you send regarding English studies.  Greatly appreciated!  Also, your “rewirement” activities sound so wonderful.  What fun you and Cynthia must have every day!
(8) Joe D. in NY:Continue to enjoy your newsletter. Inspires us to take advantage of community activities especially living in a college town. . . . Met a woman at a B & B in Half Moon Bay. Talked about experiences at Botanical Gardens. She indicated she had a desire to see the Biltmore. Thanks to you, I knew where it was located.

(9) Fiora L. in NC (with a REQUEST FOR HELP in the Asheville area): Returning Asheville native seeks full-time position in Communications to integrate diverse writing, financial and artistic experience working with government, non-profits, Fortune 100 Companies.  Enjoy collaborating, motivating and training diverse groups to accomplish goals that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.  Call Fiora Lizak or email for a phone consultation or to set up an interview.  828-367-5098. Email address:

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