BLAINESWORLD #820, Section 2, part 2

(1) Walter W. in PA: Both you and your wife in the diner look cold.  Here it is in the 80’s  quite warm.

(2)  Barbara F. in PA: Please read and “share”……… It’s so important…………

Friends of my family just lost a Brother, Son, Uncle, Nephew and Grandson. Please sign this petition so you don’t do the same.
My younger brother just recently died, June 2nd 2012, due to a motorcycle accident, He didn’t have a helmet on.
(3) Susan M. in NJ: Blaine, Have I said thank you lately???

Thank you for the many hours of entertainment
you provide with your newsletters!  you are
a treasure and you effort is very appreciated!
Spreading light everywhere you go…..
Have a terrific day
(4) John R. in GA:  Thanx for that piece on Jack Twyman.
(5) Julien in MD: You and your beautiful bride always look so happy; I just wanted to comment on the feeling I get when I read your newsletter.

Sometimes the second time around, along with our maturity, seems to be the best part of our lives.  I know with my husband of 3 and 1/2 years it is true.
Enjoy and have a long, happy life together!!
Love your newsletters!  Thanks for the hard work and effort.
(6) Savannah in PA (with a REQUEST FOR HELP that she received from a friend): Attention cat lovers ! Penelope is a beautiful silver grey tabby who showed up at a friend’s apartment in Germantown, as an underfed, but very sweet stray.
Although I am allergic to cats, I decided to take her in until I could !nd her a good home. At this
point she is very healthy, has now been spayed, has been tested for FIV/FeLV, and has
all her shots.
Penelope is an affectionate, bright, interactive, agile, energetic young cat
( approximately one year old ) who loves to play ! She is litter trained, learns easily,
doesn’t scratch furniture because she uses a scratching post, and very much wants to
please. She would make someone a wonderful cat companion ! Although she could be
a strictly indoor cat, I think she misses the outdoors and would also make an ideal
indoor/ outdoor pet.
If interested, please call Kezia at 215 242 3887. Even if you can’t adopt her, but have a
lead, please call anyway !
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