BLAINESWORLD #821, Section 2, part 2

(1) Savannah in PA: Car for sale

2007 Dodge Charger – $17,300 (Southampton, PA (Bucks County))

If you’re looking for a hard to find a used Dodge Charger, look no further.
This one owner, garage kept car has been meticulously maintained
and is in excellent condition.

Mileage 77,000
5.7 Liter HEMI V8 Engine
All wheel drive (great in the snow)
Black with gray leather interior
4 Door, sun roof
Fully loaded
Current PA State Inspection and Emission

Call for information @ 267-496-2150

To see images at Craigs List, please click:

(2) Vic A. in NC: Went to see the Temps tonight [at Magnetic Field].  Very funny show. We really enjoyed the little skits. Have you seen this show ?

Response: As indicated in Section 1, I saw it too–and enjoyed it.

(3) Chris F. in PA:  Thank for you a delightfully funny (and poignant) Blainesworld 820!  Reading this made my day.

(4) Marty D. in PA: Thanks for the scam alert.

Also, reading the jokes in your latest newsletter spurred me to think about some people I used to know.One of them was a woman in NJ.She lived in a beach house.Her name was Sandy.I had a another friend who spent his time in a tree house.His name was Woody.Hope you forgive me for these . . .
(5) Mary Lou S. in NC: Thanks so much for your continuing encouragement to try SART.  I’m sorry it took so long to get me there!!  Today’s matinee performance of “I LOVE YOU…YOU’RE PERFECT…NOW CHANGE” was superb.  The musical is wonderful of course…lyrics are great in all vignettes…but the cast was very talented…always in character…voices lovely…music ensemble was fantastic…sets so easily and quickly changed…direction was flawless.  Diane and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire performance…even shed a tear or two for the segment, “Shouldn’t I Be Less in Love with You?”  The cast received a standing ovation immediately from all of us.  And, what a great little theater…I don’t believe there’s a bad seat in the place.  We will go again…and we’ll get the guys to go with us next time.  Couldn’t have had a nicer afternoon!Also, we ate at the El Dorado Latin Grill and it was quite tasty…especially the chocolate covered ice cream truffle.  Thanks for the recommendation!  Good to know our WNC Insider’s Card gives us BOGO tickets too.  I also got the Groupon notification.  So…lots of good reasons to go back to SART!Thanks again!Note: HARVEY opens at SART this coming June 21 and runs through July 1. Methinks it is another show you’re going to like!
(6) Vilasi V. in NJ: Fabulous issue….loved every bit.
(7) Joe D. in NY:  Good heads up with the VISA scam.
(8) Sandy B. in PA: Tell MBB Cynthia that I absolutely love that sweater and she really rocks it!
Note: I agree!
(9) Art A. in NC: We loved the show [I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE at SART]. . Very clever and great acting by everyone. Our friends  really liked the show as well.We had lunch at the Stoney Knob Cafe  and enjoyed  it. We ordered the Spanikopita and it was delicious. It was crowded and  a bit noisy but I think any good restaurant  on Fathers Day would have been crowded.Thanks for the good information.
(10) Elizabeth P. in NC:  Saw “I Love You,,,,” yesterday.   Very funny and a well done production.   Good actors.   I actually won their 50/50 lottery – donated most of it back.   I forgot how close SART is to Asheville.   Less than 25 min.
(11) Lana in Ohio: Wonderful edition….as always…was delighted to hear you enjoyed your plantains…I make them whenever we have a Mexican meal…we do enjoy the semi crunchy sweet side dish.

(12) Roger C. in PA: Thanks for continuing sending me your fabulous Newsletter.  I love it.  You are #1.

Note: Roger’s comment reminds me of the fact that when I drive around town, folks will wave an tell me I’m Number One. I’m quite pleased when that happens. Then Cynthia says that I should put on my glasses . . . they’re telling me something else. Imagine that!

(13) Majo M. in NC: Todd Miller sells and services desktops and laptops and is a wonderful resource.  He has twice now (two years separating) tuned my laptop and gotten it running great.  He is really dedicated to service and his prices are extremely reasonable.  All of my friends who have used him based on my recommendation have been really happy – some have sent their friends and a couple have become personal friends with Todd.  He also does wonderful pro bono work like providing computers to hospice patients, which makes me like him all the more.  I hope you will consider him when you need a reasonably priced laptop or help with your computers.

To contact him: Todd Miller, 684-1251,

(14) Ingrid S. in PA on the secret to a great photograph she posted on Facebook: He [her son Tom] takes a tissue to diffuse the light on his lens. Never heard of that since my photography skills consist of a point n shoot camera. I am not one to take many pictures so I’m glad someone in the household has that skill.

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