BLAINESWORLD #822, Section 2, part 2

(1)  Ruth W. in PA: Mystery guests…

Coming up… Mystery show guests that were harder to schedule than…
-Bob Doyle
-Larry Winget
-Nick Ortner combined

on their big launches … yet I persevered because these next guest’s teachings have done more for me in clearing the emotional blocks and aligning with my true calling and purpose with such ease, grace and joy.

You would say my life has taken a Quantum Leap since I began following their work!

You want to soak up their teaching and stories in a big way!
Just so they feel your love be the first opt-in and get a download of my interview with them when it becomes available.

(2) Felice W. in NJ: Happy birthday!

I’ve been following your exploits in Asheville, a town on my list of possible retirement locations – I went to law school in Chapel Hill.

Coincidentally, my friend Jim, who’s daughter’s boyfriend is a member of the juggling cast, was in the audience,t oo, last night – in fact, he says he got pulled on the stage between two guys tossing large knives!  I wish I could have seen his face.
Glad to see you are having so much fun.  It’s hot as Hades up here, now, so you sure aren’t missing a lovely spring day.
Note: I just sent Felice good information on visiting and/or moving to Asheville. If you’d also like me to send you this, send an email to: and put ASHEVILLE in subject line.
(3) Jerry R. in NC: Happy birthday Blaine!!! Must feel great being 30 years old. I admire your youth, wit and your love of people.

Wishing you a birthday year filled with brilliant health, love, prosperity and continued great times with family and friends.
(4) Alan G. in PA: Happy Birthday. Blaine.  63, from a better than expected 74. If nothing else we can still count.
(5) Marty D. in PA: Happy Birthday, Blaine! You don’t look a day over 60!
(6) Tom O. in PA: Happy Birthday!!!!  Many more in great health and enjoyment of life.  Looks like “rewirement” is agreeing with you.
(7) Ken G. in NY:  Saw the new Woody Allen movie—really enjoyed it; a must see for fans. If you happened to miss his movie prior to PARIS, it’s another must: VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA…available for rent on Amazon.
(8) Donna G. in NJ: Thank you for reporting the latest VISA scam…….so many different scams everyday it’s hard to keep up!!!  Always new ways for them to acquire personal information!
(9) Pat L. in CA: SUPER, Blaine, as always — and a VERY happy birthday to you!!I love the waltz, and west coast swing, so I’m guessing you and Cynthia will be doing a lot more of that now!!Also, among the great content, I especially liked the Stephen Covey quote!!!
(10) Dee in Arkansas: Thank You so much for that bit of info on the Credit Card scam….will pass it on to others.
(11) Maria M. in NC: LOVE your philosophy of living each day to the fullest. Your birthday evening sounds heavenly. And the rest of the week was good too! Congratulations, dear man and wonderful wife!
(12) Gladys in NY (and NC): Jerry and I saw Harvey on Friday night and we both enjoyed it.  We are telling every one to go and see it.  It just opened on Broadway.  
Note: SART has another winner. See Section 1A for more information.
(13) Chandler S. in NC: Don’t walk, RUN as fast as you can to see Ted! Seth MacFarlane is undoubtedly one of the best comedy writers of this decade. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. You must see this movie!!

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