BLAINESWORLD #822, Section 11

We have house guests this week and I was sharing a technique that I use every single day and sometimes in the middle of the night when I can have an opportunity to solve the world’s problems, my own and all of my family’s problems.  I decided some ago that I DO NOT have to do this anymore!  Not a good habit.  Now I have a much more resourceful habit when I get into “Stinkin’ Thinkin” or reacting.

Here is a great technique to STOP STOP STOP those horrible habits that stop you from experiencing your Evolving Self.   Habits that  create more stress.

Implementing  NEW LIFE SUPPORTING HABITS instead of LIFE DEPLETING HABITS.   My clients tell me they have found  it difficult to act in a resourceful life affirming way when something hits them from left field throughout the day.   (and it will and it does)  They often forget they are in the old life depleting habit until later when they reflect on their day.   Once they began practicing the following easy technique they start experiencing their day in a very very very different and aware way, creating less stress & more joy & more energy.

We actually have old worn out  bad habits of reacting instead  of responding.  Of being reactive instead of proactive.  They tell me when subjected to a challenge or emotionally charged situation they forget how to use some of the principals.   The Inner Critic steps in and makes the situation more stressful and less of an opportunity to allow your Evolving Self to step in and correct the situation.  So I encourage practice, practice, practice, commit, commit, commit and very quickly you will begin having a Super Duper life supporting habit instead of the Old Worn Out difficult EGO based habit of sabotaging your well beingness.

The question is:   How soon do you want more Peace of Mind and a Life where you FLOW and GLOW?   Instead of constant stress, anxiety, upsets you react to, and showing up dull instead of GLOWING?  Challenges come and go, upsets show up, opportunities to use your new views and habits will always be there for your practice.   Have you noticed how no one seems to be exempt from this?  (I also want you to no longer be afraid of the life challenging changes, feelings or situations that come up…..another article.)

We simply have to become aware before or even in the middle, or never too late….even after  getting hooked  into  something that is a quick upset or something that usually ruins your morning, stresses you out, creates a worry.  The list is endless from losing your keys, to running late, to burning your food, to stumping your toe.  To more major things, client problems, relationship issues, financial worries,  health challenges.     I have the same things come up throughout my day and a simple technique that can help dissipate the negative feelings or situation real quick is the following that begins implementing a new habit.  Remember, you have to practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, experience, experience, experience, be committed, be committed, be committed to a new habit or you are wasting your time.   This is only for those of you that are ready to start changing what is not working to how you want things to work.

Ready?   Here we go:

What would it be like?……What would it take?……How would you feel?…..How would you show up?………How would you suddenly  experience the situation?


You consciously choose Inner Peace instead of:

Anxiety, stress, frustration, annoyance, intolerance, insensitivity, judgment, fear,  insecurity, despair, hopelessness, anger, dishonesty, out of integrity, danger, and the list goes on.

A client calls upset, you react instead of respond or get defensive, feel guilty, responsible… notice stress coming on …..   What would it be like, what would it take for you to simply take a deep breath and say to yourself  “I choose Inner Peace RIGHT NOW and then respond and solve the problem?  Don’t take it personally and see it as an opportunity to help another person get what they need or want in that moment.   Take the focus off of YOU and all your issues and focus on them.   A follow up question to ask yourself is: “What do I need right now along with Inner Peace?”  It could be more information, having empathy for someone, listening to what someone needs to say, handling what came up in a totally different way……this is also an endless list.

Your significant other or family member (child (any age), mother, sibling) pushes one of your many buttons and you begin to defend, react, hold your ground, need to be right, attack, retreat, control, deny, take it personally shut down etc…..

What would it be like, what would it take for you to simply take a deep breath and say to yourself  “I choose Inner Peace RIGHT NOW”.   Listen without reacting and you simply repeat what they said that pushed your button, and say: “When you talk to me that way, when you bring that up, when you accuse me of, when you say I, when you don’t____, it makes me feel…..discounted, afraid, attacked, less than, insecure, unloved, stupid,


Simply say inside  “I choose Inner Peace”  and just listen……… inside say ”I choose to not take this personallyjust take it as feedback, input, or someone’s opinion, or constructive critiquing ……..You can add to help dissipate the negative energy …..  right after saying to yourself “I choose inner peace right now”   “ You have a point, (don’t have to agree with them) I will remember that.”  You do understand that in relationships, how you react many times is not about now anyway, but about some long ago time…..don’t have to work all of that out at the moment, just be aware that your triggers are usually old stuff.  How you respond today is the key.

You can’t find your keys and important paper  or your cell phone in your purse……(you know how aggravating that can feel)   …..   What would it be like, what would it take for you to simply take a deep breath and say to yourself    “I choose Inner Peace RIGHT NOW  .  Finding your keys can be the fun challenge.   When this happens I sit down after saying, I choose inner peace…and imagine that I have found the item.  I go do something else and inevitably, it shows up quicker than if I fret, stress or go running around like a maniac.  I actually have a rhyme that I have come up with about finding the item and I have never not found it!!!!

You place yourself in a situation to make a decision about eating that  fabulous chocolate cake or goody again  (for me it is ice cream) and you have committed to making healthy life affirming eating choices.  You are feeling that emotional pull, that sugar comfort food feeling,   that voice that says…..”ahhh come on….one more piece won’t hurt.  You deserve it, you had a hard day, and you aren’t that much overweight and you’re only pre diabetes according to your blood test….a little more sugar won’t really hurt you….come on, it’s OK, I give you permission and I love you anyhow”   You feel stress, you feel guilty, you fell weak.    You succumb or not.  Either way.    What would it be like, what would it take for you to simply take a deep breath and say to yourself  “I choose Inner Peace RIGHT NOW  And ask your Evolving Self to help you make the correct decision and stay with your commitment for a healthy lifestyle. If you succumb, you must choose Inner Piece about it or the emotional charge will be the culprit that you will carry with you over and over again.     Once you decide, let it go either way.      BTW, because I do love my better bad goodies, my husband and I have our once a week really fabulous desert.  And I must admit to loving having a  little piece of organic dark raw chocolate in the morning after breakfast with my Green Tea.  I am very calculating about how I can incorporate some healthy comfort foods into my life.

There can be more to this than the article has time for, however, truly if you begin choosing Inner Peace in the moment…..what happens is that it brings you back into the NOW, back into your body, back into the PRESENT.  This is the place where your Life Force resides.  Not in the future or in the past where we go when we are in trouble.  In the PRESENT.  You begin trusting your Inner Wisdom, your Intuition, your Evolving Self.

How rewarding is that?????

Begin practicing and living this right away.  Would love to know how this has helped you navigate this amazing life adventure we find ourselves experiencing!!!

In loving gratitude,


Annemarie Brown
Life Strategist & Transformation Life Coach
NLP Master Practitioner

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Living an extraordinary life with intention, clarity, expanded awareness & manifesting your goals!
Making conscious choices & experiencing your true essence;
You CAN begin right now!

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