BLAINESWORLD #823, Section 2, part 2

(1) Bobbi L. in NC: Ever since I reported to you my new e-mail address, I’ve not gotten any Blainesworld Newsletters (at either my old or new address). I’ve gone to your website to read them, so I haven’t missed out on anything. What’s odd is that I have received 2 e-mail messages from you specifically regarding SART at my new e-mail address.

Would you please double-check to make sure my e-mail address is correct on the newsletter subscription list.
I went to the French Broad Chocolate factory tour yesterday – it was a lot of fun, and the owners and staff were GREAT.
I’m loving Asheville. I might be able to attend your July 13 comedy thing and will let you know after I get back from vacation on the 10th. For sure it would be for the performance only and not the dinner beforehand.
Note: Bobbi has a hotmail address. For some reason, some folks at those addresses (and at yahoo addresses, too) have difficulty getting this missive from time to time. If you don’t receive issues on a regular basis, you can always check them out via the website and/or Facebook. But also, please let me know–and complain to your email provider.
(2) Marty D. in PA: I noticed you always somehow manage to get photographed with all the great looking women (in addition, of course, to your beautiful bride, Cynthia).What’s the secret? C’mon and share!
Note: One thing I do is ask them if they want to be a picture with me. But you’ll also see that there are a fair number of guys in the pictures, too.  If that doesn’t work, I then mention my friendship with you [Marty] and that always works!
(3) Natalie K. in PA: I saw MOONRISE KINGDOM over the weekend. It was okay. What did you think?
Note: I haven’t seen it–yet, but want to. The film has gotten great reviews. I imagine that the film is on the quirky side (most of the director’s other films have been fun), but that typically doesn’t bother me.
(4) Kimberly R. in NC: Greetings wonderful family and friends,Our new is up and running! Ted and I invite you to check it out and if you are on Facebook, please visit our Dance4Events Facebook page and click the “Like” button if you “like” what you see 😉
At Dance4Events, we lead people out of their left brain into their right brain where fun and creative possibilities are unleashed. Through our easy-to-follow movements, shift happens and when shift happens, all things are possible!If you know of any large companies or organizations who may be interested in a quick, fun way to motivate and energize their sales force, please let us know as we would welcome the opportunity to talk with them. Thanks so much.Love, light and infinite blessings…KimKimberly McCurdy-RossDance4Events, Inc. Co-founder
Cell: (828) 335-7730
Office: (828) 633-0923

(5) Tracy in FL: Thought you might be interested, if they come to a town anywhere near you? I know you love them. Have a happy 4th!!!

The Turtles 2012 Tour Schedule

(6) Scott P. in PA: The Best Google Features You’re Probably Not Using

(7) Jim D. in PA (with a FREE offer):

In case you missed it, my book, “This is Your Llife, Not a Dress Rehearsal” is being offered free as part of Amazon’s Kindle Direct program through July 7th. Anything you can do to let people know would be great. Price is right too:-)
#52 in Kindle store, #1 in Motivation for Kindle promo. If you can help let folks know about this free offer, it’s much appreciated..
 RT #FreeKindleBook This is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal – create the life of your dreams July 5-7th
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