BLAINESWORLD #825, Section 2, part 2

(1) Art M. in PA: That’s not Redneck Horseshoes [shown in BLAINESWORLD #824] . . . that’s Texas pony shoes.

(2) Ingrid S. in PA: Good advice in #9 Blaine. My email was compromised and changing the password thus far has helped. Also, thank you for that great quote in #10. I will take time to go further with the website. It looks like some interesting information to explore.

(3) Pat H. in PA: I did get a laugh from the Redneck Horseshoes.

(4) Cheryl F. in NJ (with a REQUEST FOR HELP): Hello!

Proud to announce Kicks for Clots III !!!!!  It has been truly heartwarming to have so many members of my family & friends play alongside me in this tournament for the past 2 years to raise money for a cause so important to me!  I hope to have you all join me again this year September 8th for the 3rd Kicks for Clots in Ocean City, NJ!

If you are unable to join, but still want to donate I would appreciate your support off the field also!  You can join my team named “Family Affair” or donate at the link below:
Saturday, September 8th, 2012 (raindate Sunday Sept 9th)
Check in at 10 am – Play till 2 pm
Where: 5th, 6th and Haven Street Softball Fields—Ocean City, NJ Registration: $25 per person
***Remember their are prizes for the highest fundraiser!  Examples of past prizes have been 4 tickets to professional sporting events including 76ers, Mets & Yankees games!!!
Thank you all for your continued love and support!  Hope to see you all in September!
(5) Bruce R. in NJ: I would just to love to tell you that I am now  100% jealous of you and your lovely wife for  being able to see Light in the Piazza.    That is one of my favorite all time movies as Olivia D’Haviland is my favorite all time actress and i love that movie.   Even without seeing all these shows myself  i can sometimes feel i see them through your e-mails.  Thank you very much.
(6) Amy L. in NC: I  did not particularly like the movie, “Moonrise Kingdom.” I was surprised that it had received such positive reviews.   I did not think it was particularly funny.  I got the underlying message about the rigidity and conformity of the ’60s, but it was played out with such bizarre characters and plot that it just seemed ridiculous.  I did like the setting, especially the “perfect little red and white house” with classical music playing in many of the scenes.  The narrator and Bruce Willis were okay, but the plot left a lot to be desired, which affected other characters’ performances. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, especially young adolescents, who would probably not understand the creative devices used in the movie.
(7) Ed G. in NC: Ironic that we may have been at a local restaurant that has not yet gained your attention, but…

… a lovely saleslady at Belk’s this evening recommended a Jamaican restaurant called “Nine Mile” on Montford Street in a very old, very quaint neighborhood.
So, we went and the place was charming.  My seafood pasta dish was outstanding.  Donna was less enamored of her “Jamaican Jerk Chicken” but only because of an overabundance of tarragon.  The service was great; we ate outside and watched the world go by… thanking our lucky starts once again to be in Asheville!
(8) Rick P. in NC (for those in Asheville area):  Good morning!
We have a new tennis ball machine with 100 fresh new balls that is now available for rent for $20 per hour.The ball machine has settings to ball speed (up to 50 MPH), ball feed (one ball every few seconds, or up to 10 seconds), oscillation (shoots ball from side to side and various elevations including lobs.The ball machine is intended for all ranges from beginner to advanced.Contact us at 665-9521 if you are interested and feel free to forward this email to anyone.Thanks again,Rick Purcell

(9) Herb S. in NJ: Landed in San Francisco and arrived at the Hotel at 7:55pm. Joan noticed that The Scottsboro Boys was playing next door. Got half priced isle seats and got to the theatre at exactly 8pm…the hotel held our bags until after the show…this was not NYC! The show was recommended by Audra McDonald..One of our favorites who said that if you see one show before you die, see this one. Sensational…a minstrel, yes minstrel, version of the famous 1931 Scottsboro case…One of the best, innovative, Mr. Marketer, shows we have  seen in many a year. If it comes to NC…haha(maybe… it IS 2012…run, don’t walk to see it.

(10) Natalie K. in PA: Saw a very good movie on Netflix I recommend:  Ridicule – it’s a French movie but very clever.  Check it out.  Also watched “The Sundowners” on TMC after taping it a while ago.  I remembered it and enjoyed it again.

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