BLAINESWORLD #826, Section 2, part 2

(1) Vilasi V. in NJ: Happy Anniversary Cynthia and Blaine!

I have another thing to thank Cynthia for…introduction to you and the newsletter.

I love all your missives and its reflection of your curious and thoughtful engagement with the world.

You are the kind stranger all of us should meet in life, at least once.

I am glad we are acquainted.

You are one of the coolest people I know.

May you both go from strength to strength.

(2) Barbara F. in PA: Exactly what do you do with this [computer tip in BLAINESWORLD 825]?

Scott T. in NC: Windows Seven users, I followed some of these tips and I’m here to tell you, my pc is kicking some serious bootie. This is some good info if you’re noticing your machine slowing down.

Note: I then asked Scott if there was similar information for Windows XP, and he graciously found me this link:

For Windows XP:

Answer: If you’re a Windows user, check out either of the above links–depending on what operating system you are using–for some great tips to make your computer run both better and quicker.

(3) Pat H. in PA: Is Vinnie’s a chain restuarant? There are a few restaurants up here called Vinne Ts…. Same one?

Answer: Alas, that’s not the case. Vinnie’s is an independent restaurant just in the Asheville. When in the mood for great Italian food, it is the place to go. For more information, please click:

(4) Donna G. in NJ: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! The both of you are like teenagers……’s soooo sweet!! Puts a smile on my face.

(5) Pat A. in PA: An exceptionally fun BW, Blaine! Happy Anniversary to you & Cynthia!

(6) Linda S. in NJ: Love the new header.  In fact, I got the new newsletter before I got the explanation.  Interesting.

Looks like it ‘s working from my point of view.  Thanks for keeping me on your list.  I never fail to read your newsletter.
(7) Ruth in NY: Received Issue 825 and starting to read it.  What a labor of love….thanks.
(8) Nevin T. in NC:  Thank you for the hard work, intelligence and  humor you put in BlainesWorld…the jokes were a riot …we are still laughing.
(9) Hillary Z. in NJ (with a REQUEST FOR HELP):  As you may know, this will be 5 years cancer free. Again, I will be walking in the Race for the Cure on Sunday, Sept. 30th. Please join me in the walk and help find a cure for breast cancer. Please go to and select Support a Race for the Cure Participant or Team. Enter my team name “Breast of Friends” and sign up. If you can’t make it and would like to donate, you can do it from the same website.Thanks again to everyone for their support and hope to see you at Great Adventure.
(10) Linda K. in PA (on her recent visit to Asheville):  Their names are Tag & Ginger Goslin, 828 236-9494,43 Watauga St.,
Their place is beautiful, they were warm & welcoming, and the breakfasts were wonderful! (and they catered to dietary restrictions!) I would highly recommend their inn!!
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